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Old building for New business by DRK4X4 on Mar 01 2012, 3:26am
I haven't been a very good member lately, but don't worry, I'm not driving a F@rd or anything insane like that... :D
My wife and I are on a new business venture that has been working my a$$ off... It's an old building that was built in 1946 and was most recently a Carquest in Louisville, MS. We've been cleaning it out and cleaned up to get it ready for new paint, etc... Still have a lot of work to do, but it's getting there.
Anyway, I'll be doing truck/ATV accessories on my side (left with bay doors) and my wife will be doing her gift store/artsy fartsy/jewelry stuff on her side (right)....
Anyway, I'll check back as much as possible, see you guys later... :D

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I must be lazy... by onlyhalfevil on Dec 08 2012, 8:58am
So...heres the deal. Im new here, but not really. Joined awhile ago...mainly to ask for help...but never really got into the site. Maybe cuz using the site on my phone was just so slow. But, I guess I should give as much as I received. I was born and bred on GM. Every set of wheels for as far back as I can remember have been GM products. Suburbans, K10s, K1500s, Camaros...never a Ford or anything else. Now, I cant say all Ive ever owned was GM...Id be lying if I did. Ive owned my fair share of imports...mostly cars...and even still think that the new Toyota Tundra is one bad-ass truck. But in my 30 years of life, Ive owned 17 GM products. Some of the highlights include a 57 Chevy Pick-up, 85 and 87 Monte SSs, 89 and 91 Camaros and an 89, 90, 91, 94 and a 97 K1500s. As of last month, I added a new chapter in my GM history...a 94 Sierra...which just happens to be almost identical to my last 94. Sadly, my last 94 is currently sitting in my yard...mostly in pieces. Brakes and the clutch went on the same day. Tore into it...had the best of intentions to do a total and proper rebuild...but then I got busy and started to harvest parts for other trucks. Eventually...I just gave up on my intentions...and saved up (by selling my Eclipse) to buy another. Lazy, huh? Now, shes a true parts truck. Gonna pull some more parts this weekend...then shes up for grabs on parts. If I cant part her out...to the boneyard she goes. Not really sure why Im typing all of this. Doubt anyone will read it. But...Im bored...and dont have a garage to be working on my latest Beast...whos yet to be named. But I do have a complaint. Why do they only allow you to list only 1 truck on here? I own several...and had to update to the lastest gem. Kinda lame...but oh well. (Take a hint from NitroRC...allowing the listing of as many trucks as you own.) I do have plans for my Sierra. Most of which wont take place til after Spring...and when I can afford it. Trying to rebuild into a monster on a tiny budget aint easy. Plans for this weekend...new cat, pipes and muffler (possibly duals if I can swing it), rip the bed off for a sending unit install, yank the rad from the Silverado to swap onto the Sierra, fix a brake line leak...yank more parts off the Silverado and maybe to a master cylinder swap. Depends on how smoothly everything goes. If you have read this...thanks for reading. I will update when I can on any progress I make.

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ideas for 99 ex. cab paint scheme by tattedncursed87 on May 22 2012, 11:53am
This is my first blog post and I am reaching out for ideas(which I rarely do)so I have a goldish silversdo 99 I plan for the street look(maybe not so low)its a 2wd so lifting is out of the question ...I have started to transform the interior to mainly black and about 1/4 red......I plan to do led tails and projector heads.....I'm pullong a 03-07 front clip and swaping out....want to do a cowl hood scoop also....no iv been planing black with red flakes....but been giving ideas to do two tone blk n white.....here's the deal my father in law paints and I can get custom work for little to no money at all....I want something airbrushed...iv only seen his true flames and they are good how ever I'm not a flame type of person ....I was thinking a racingflag some where some how but idk....need ideas and if two tone how to separate the 2 I have 3 colors I'm giving to use black white and red...which are my fav 3....altho I like silver with those colors.....now I am a tattoo artist so I can draw the design fairly easy I just need ideas!iv got this chance to get a expensive paint job but can not think of any thing lol....a little history to the truck....I got it a few days b4 my good friends daughter passed away!so her name is GABRIELLA AKA GABBY...like I saif I like street/sport...but still clean and not taking away from it being a Truck!!!!!btw my daughter was named after my first vehicle a 86 GMC Sierra classic....altho there is a long story behind that lol....so I'm very passionate about my trucks....ty for your time....Chris

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01 Sierra SLE rebirth by ilyes on Jul 16 2012, 2:44pm
Well, after changing the plugs, and seeing the passenger manifold is cracked, I thought it would be a good day, as I just located the exhaust leak.
I also hooked up the belt, as I didn't have any power steering when they dropped the truck to my garage.

So, I start it, and then I can see water spraying all over the place, and steering fluid too. Engine knocks but the worst is after a minute, one of the cylinders stops working and sounds like I removed the plug. After it cools down, starts fine and no real noise, but as soon as it heat up a bit, hell breaks loose.

That engine seems to be beyond repair :(
I'm gonna have to sell my Monte Carlo to get a used engine and all the parts I'm missing or need replacement

By ilyes77810

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Greetings to all by GMman on Sep 04 2010, 9:13am
Well, finally join the group this afternoon. Thought I would share some thoughts with you. Born in NE Arkansas and in my 50's. My first truck at age sixteen was 1970 GMC 2DR 2WD, 292 L6 motor. It would peg the speedometer out a will and could hold it there for a long time. Came with factory AC, AT, PS, PB, LWB. I drove that truck everywhere hunting, highway and all points in between. Changed tires to 16 inch with mud grips on back and highway tread tires on front. Had a camper that was home built out of wood on it, had two or three antennas for CB and scanner.

That old motor would run,but didn't get any fuel mileage. Sometimes 10 mpg! I put hei pack, dual point distributer, hei spark plug wires. I was happy with it, and back then gas was 50c a gallon or so. I finally years later plugged in a 350 V8 with competition cam, holley carb. It didn't tear up much, lets see a blow out,a dropped valve spring, ball joint. It towed so many different vehicles for others. Gun rack in back window for hunting and toolbox for all the other stuff. Would take it back, if I could find it again..

Like many of my vehicles, it was a great rig. Back in the good ole days I worked part time and most every weekend and still went to school, graduated, paid my vehicle insurance, and owned two vehicles "other was 68 Mercury Montego with 302 Boss and tunnel ram intake "that were paid for. Sure miss those days and know most of you have stories like this. I would love to read yours.

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