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Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3]
Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3]
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New Shoes, business anniversary, and other random musings

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Oct 01 2013, 12:48am

Ah, where to begin?

Tomorrow marks the 3rd year anniversary of my business! I don't really have time to celebrate... too much work to do! We're busy prepping for plowing season, which means getting some new Michelins for the Silverado, as well as fixing the salt spreader we have for the Sierra ($*%#@ wiring!!!!). Last year at this point, it was just myself and one employee. This year, we expanded to 4 employees at the height of the summer, and now we're back down to 3 employees. If this rate of growth continues, we'll be looking at a 1-ton with a dump box next year, or possibly a beastly medium-duty truck. I do have a feeling that our 4th year will be one of many, many new beginnings ;).
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Silverado at the gun range

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Jul 21 2013, 3:19am

Today was our monthly trip to my uncle's gun range. We took about 8 people from our church, as well as Cody (Obsession11). With 15-20 guns on hand, as well as 2.5 lbs of explosives, we had a blast- literally :lol: . As usual, the Duramax did great. Can't beat getting in the low 20's for MPG, while pumping out 800 lb-ft of torque ;). Check out the pics and video:

2013-07-20 17.22.35.jpg
2013-07-20 17.53.17.jpg
2013-07-20 15.45.12.jpg

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Tales from an Ex-Wonder-Mod

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Jul 01 2013, 12:31am

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Time for a short, random update from your friendly neighborhood ex-Wonder-Mod.

Both trucks are running great. I'm having a slight brake problem with the Sierra, but other then that, they've been problem-free. We're averaging 2-400 miles a week in both trucks, and as usual, they continue to impress. Business has been quite insane since February, hence the workload for the trucks. February was the last month in which I had a day off, and since then, we've doubled the company size (just hired my 4th employee last week :D). I'm not sure when we'll be adding to the company fleet, but hopefully we can make a special announcement within the next 16 months.

I welcomed my first ever nephew to the world this month, too. Ronan Alexander Sullivan is a healthy baby boy, and it's fun to finally be an uncle (pics below). We celebrated by giving his dad a handgun :D.

Overall, life is grand. Extremely busy, but it's awesome to see my business take flight. Keep on trucking!
2013-06-29 15.15.41.jpg
Our most recent project
2013-06-20 19.19.24.jpg
Retaining wall
2013-06-22 12.06.02.jpg
Uncle Jon and baby Ronan

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Wonder-mod goes shooting...

1 out of 52 out of 53 out of 54 out of 55 out of 5

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Feb 06 2013, 3:02am

Nothing better then taking a day off and going shooting with friends! We went up to my uncle's outdoor range and spent a few hours shooting 8 different guns. I haven't had that much fun in a long time :D! Obsession11 (Cody) came along, too, to give his brand new Stag AR-15 a trial run. Gotta say, that's a freakingly awesome gun to shoot. Also in the pictures are my employee, Mike, and his dad. We found some cheap Tannerite at Gander Mountain, and ended the day with a bang :lol: . My truck still has plenty of .22, .223, 9mm, and .40 S&W casings on the dash. It was really, really nice to have a day off... we're on pace to have 4 snow storms within 7 days :shock: . Check out the plowing and shooting pics, and the video of Cody nailing the Tannerite----

2013-02-04 07.22.08.jpg
Just another day at the office...
2013-02-03 14.09.30.jpg
Watching Cody test out the AR-15
2013-02-04 11.42.58.jpg
Always a sign of good times!

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Crazy cold start smoke show!

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Jan 21 2013, 7:08pm

The temps were at -10F this morning, and the windchill was a balmy -35F. Not a problem for the ol' Duramax! Check out the cold start video, as well as the ensuing smoke show put on by the high idle :D. One of my neighbors does own a Nissan Leaf... they probably hate my guts right now :P.

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