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Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3]
Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3]
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Camaro ZL1 vs. Shelby GT500 (VIDEO!)

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Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Jun 28 2012, 11:35am

Motor Trend does an awesome job breaking down the new pony car wars. Let's just say, it's a good day to wear a bow-tie :D.

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I need a bigger truck and trailer

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Jun 08 2012, 8:24pm

Tomorrow's job requires about 20,000 lbs worth of materials. The first load I'm getting is about 8500 pounds of dirt, with some misc. shrubs and poly sheeting. After we get the dirt installed, we'll throw on some 1.5" River Rock, about 11,000 pounds worth. Just got the trailer a few weeks ago, and I'm already wishing I had a bigger one (or at least one with bigger axles) :D! Pics are sure to follow...

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Miniature hill climb (with video)!

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on May 27 2012, 2:12am

We had a customer who needed some brush piles they wanted removed. They told me just to drive up the side of the of their property. We had just received 4.5" of rain the day before, so things were a bit soft, but not as bad as I thought. I popped the truck into 4x4, and set the new employee at the top of the hill to catch all the action. Of course, this being a GM truck, there wasn't any action- we powered through the weeds, 20' trailer and all :D! After we got it loaded- that's when the fun started. I had to back up, and turn the whole rig around (watch out for all those apple trees, Jon!). The load was quite heavy, and I had to spin the engine up the 3000 RPM just to get the thing moving in the soft ground. Tranny and engine temps climbed rapidly, but we made it out of there just fine. The truck did struggle a little to keep up with freeway traffic, especially on the hills. I think maybe it's time for Duramax swap, or maybe a Lew tune, or maybe both :twisted: . Oh well... that's something to save up for.
Check it out (and check out the load we had after it was all done):

Last edited by starspangled6.0 on May 27 2012, 2:16am, edited 1 time in total.

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Lingenfelter Camaro ZL1 tries for 200 MPH!

1 out of 52 out of 53 out of 54 out of 55 out of 5

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on May 07 2012, 1:01am

Found this fun video from Motor Trend: Lingenfelter tuned a Camaro ZL1 to about 720HP at the tires :D, and sent the car to a track to see if it could top 200 MPH. Find out if they did it here (oh, and get a load of that supercharger sound :shock: :shock: ):

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It's fixed! (And other updates)

Permanent Linkby starspangled6.0starspangled6.0 is online! on Apr 26 2012, 1:35am

The guys at B&A Repair in Oakdale, MN, got my misfire fixed! For those of you that don't know, I've had a slight misfire on cylinders #1 and #6 since October of last year, and no one has been able to correctly diagnose it. Thanks to some advice I received on this site, I was able to tell B&A that it needed a crankshaft position sensor re-learn procedure done. After they did that, it runs as good as new! Heck, they only charged me $25 for it, too. Also using the shop that day was my good buddy EKinMN. He's now got AMSOIL all throughout the transmission, just like me :).

Also new in Starspangled6.0's world: a fresh coat of Hurculiner for the rocker panels (I missed too many spots last year, and it was bugging me), as well as Hurculiner on the tube steps.
Hey look- It's EKinMN's Sierra, in for a transmission fluid\filter replacement!

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It is currently Apr 24 2014, 3:11am

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