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ABS Warning Light

My ABS warning lights come on periodically.

ABS Warning Light

Postby WME [OP] » Jul 24 2010, 5:05pm

My truck has 200K miles on the original brakes, pads still have plenty of thickness and the ABS system seems to be functioning normally. Seems to be constant if I have my foot on the brake as the computer cycles through boot up and intermittent if I do not apply any brake until boot up is complete. Any thoughts on what may be causing this?
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Re: ABS Warning Light

Postby lzn197 » Sep 01 2010, 11:50am

Hmmm. Your write up is very confusing. I'll try to answer it based on what I think you are asking.

If your ABS light is coming on then some fault codes are being set. You will need to find a local mechanic who can pull the codes for you. I'm told Autozone does it for free.

Heads up. GM had a recall on many full size trucks for abs issues because of rust on reluctor wheels (toothed wheels on your wheel bearing) I hope this helps.
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Re: ABS Warning Light

Postby mbreener » Sep 23 2010, 12:45am

Auto Zone cannot pull ABS codes, however if I had to guess you may have a poor connection at the wheel speed sensors. I would un-plug them and see if there is corrosion. Also, by original brakes, were you refering to the pads as well?
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