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2011 silverado service traction control/stabillity control

2011 silverado service traction control/stabillity control

Postby ryans01z28 [OP] » Feb 27 2012, 4:10am

i have a 7month old truck that the service traction control/stabillity control light comes on when im going down the hwy when its windy, this has happened about 5 time in the past 4-5 months at least. some times if i shut it off (like tonight) the light goes out other times it takes a few start up to go away. anyone else have this happen?
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Re: 2011 silverado service traction control/stabillity contr

Postby rodcheapo » Feb 27 2012, 4:55pm

Try turning the traction control on/off while the truck is running. If it clears it might be an issue with the system itself, otherwise you might want to run for codes. I had this come up on my 2010 and eventually developed a rough idle...it was the throttle-body positioning sensor going bad....

You should still be under warranty so you might want to have the dealership take a look. This is a known issue with the NNBS trucks.
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Re: 2011 silverado service traction control/stabillity contr

Postby JRKingston » Aug 16 2013, 2:32am

Hello, had the same service warning come on today on 2011 2500 HD. Service traction control, service stability control, and also service trailer brake controller (towing package option). Couldn't get it to reset, in any way. Snooped around underneath the axles to check out the ABS sensors. Apparently some road debris had damaged the right rear ABS sensor cable near the axle. It had been partially sliced and the 2 wires were exposed. The black wire was severed once I opened up the cable. I removed the sensor from the brake plate, all connector tabs from the frame so I could access it make a temporary rewiring / taping repair. Are few circles around the block and the alarms disappeared. So you either have bad communications with an ABS sensor or a failed sensor. It would be my guess and when you drive in the wind the cable is flopping around losing communications because it may be damaged with partially broken wires. The cables on the rear axle are not very well protected and front tires can easily throw something back and damage them. Joel
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