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Cluster problems

Cluster problems

Postby Cuck07 [OP] » Mar 31 2013, 8:18pm

Hey guys I'm new here so nice to meet y'all. I did do a search and couldn't really find the same problem as to what I'm havin. I just bought my truck yesterday, it's an 08 2500HD 4x4 extended cab 53000 miles 8" lift. My problem is that yesterday the info center and the PRNDM1 weren't lit up, now today the temp. and battery gauge aren't working but the info center is and the PRNDM1 are. When I turn the key on the needles move but only a little. And I put $30 bucks if gas in it today and gave me half tank, went down the road 7 miles, turned the truck off, got back in, turned the truck on and it reads less than quarter? Is this something I can fix or does it need to go to a dealership?
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Re: Cluster problems

Postby ASTE25 » Apr 01 2013, 3:19am

It sounds like a problem with the cluster, possibly a bad circuit board since it seems to be affecting all the gauges and not just one.
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