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Replacing the Windshield Wiper Switch on a 1990 Silverado

Getting the electrical connector through the steering column

Replacing the Windshield Wiper Switch on a 1990 Silverado

Postby ckhodges [OP] » Jan 08 2013, 1:07am

Hello! I'm replacing the windshield wiper switch on my 1990 Silverado. I've got the steering wheel off, and have worked my way down to the turn signal switch. I have a Haines manual, but it is very vague on the subject of what's involved in getting the wiring through the steering column. It doesn't look possible to fit the electrical connector through the small pathway the wiring runs through, and it's in there with the turn signal switch wiring harness, too.

Anybody know what you have to do? Do you have to go so far as removing the main bolts holding the steering column up under the dash? I'd rather not do this, but I don't see any other way. Anyone done this before? Any information would be appreciated!
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