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Service Air Bag Light

2007 4x4 Silverado 1500 not HD

Service Air Bag Light

Postby Rol Page [OP] » Sep 14 2012, 3:18am

My Service Air Bag light has been on for a couple of weeks and I got tired of ignoring it so I paid $71. for a private shop to diagnose code B0083. Then they estimated $208 for a new sensor plus $49 labor to install.. Plus tax.. I was warned about putting non GM parts in "We can't guarantee what that will do to your computer"..

I called a local GM dealer and they quoted $166.75 for the sensor, P/N 15297468 and I did not ask about labor. Found GM Parts center in Kansas and ordered the OEM part for $142.50 including shipping.

Can anyone tell me where this part is located and how to replace it? I hope that it just snaps into a connector when I find it. If all else fails I can take the new part back to the private shop and have them do it for the $49 plus tax..

Thanks in advance for any help. Rol
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Re: Service Air Bag Light

Postby ASTE25ASTE25 is online! » Sep 15 2012, 3:54am

According to the part description it is mounted on the front radiator support. Here is what I am basing my statement off of:

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