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Replacement Cat-Back exhaust system

Looking for advice on the who and how to go forward with this project

Replacement Cat-Back exhaust system

Postby Killain [OP] » Mar 17 2013, 11:51pm

Hi, I've got a 1990 1500 Silverado that I've restored. It's a regular cab and a 8 foot bed. It got a small cast iron 3.5 ci. or 5.0 liter V8. I had an oil leak I was lucky, so we had to put new Head gaskets and did a complete tune-up. I also replaced the TBI fuel Injectors with a new rebuilt matched set. And we did the entire body taking the bed off and two guys working on the can and two working on the bed. It had one corner of the lower passengers cab rusted, so it was cut out and a new one welded in. A lot of work & a lot of money. continuing, I replaced the air cleaner with a N&N series 57 air-charger cold air intake. Truck runs great. I even replaced all of the springs front & back and installed Monroe 'Sensi Trac' shocks as well. So It run and feels great out on the open road and around town.

I'd like to replace the stock exhaust system, I first went to Gibson exhaust as they make a nice system for a same year truck and is exit at the same location. But of course, their sounds are not able to listen to. Dyno max sound a little too loud for me. I'm looking for a high flowing system with low exhaust noise. And I read most of them have a drone when on a long starch of straight road like the turnpike. And I'm wondering if I shouldn't replace the stock Cat converter as well ? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you ! 31849
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Re: Replacement Cat-Back exhaust system

Postby silverado88 » Mar 22 2013, 12:10am

i wouldnt replace the catalytic converter unless you have a problem with it i have a magnaflow straight through style exhaust on a 4.8 and its not horribly loud i had some drone but threw on a dump 6 in off the muffler and it went away plus it sounds great might be a little too loud for your taste but magnaflow makes good stuff and drone usually comes from the post muffler pipes not the muffler itself
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