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Chevy 6.0 oil pump replacement without dropping the pan

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Chevy 6.0 oil pump replacement without dropping the pan

Postby WrensLawnCare [OP] » Mar 13 2013, 5:55pm

Ok this is mainly for the 4x4 trucks that require a whole lot of work just to drop the pan. On the 6.0 motors you have to do all the same work regardless. This way you just don't drop the pan. From what I have gathered you only drop the pan to access one bolt and if you wanted to remove the pickup tube.

To start you need to remove the flowing parts

-fan aground
- fan
- water pump
- harmonic balancer
- air intake tube
- battery
- timing chain cover

To get the pickup tube off it has a bolt on the inside of the pan. Yes it is a pain to get to. I used a wrench and broke it loose then when I thought I was at the last few threads I used needle nose pliers to work it out. I ended up dropping it in the pan but I got it out easily with a magnet. The front side of the pan is shallow to begin with. Once you have the bolt loose and the bolts holding the pump on removed you then have to wiggle it around to get the pump off.

With the pump off notice the flange that mounts to the pump.


That tab prevents the flange from rotating. On the pump itself it has another bolt hole on the opposite side. So what you do is grab a dremel with a cutting disk and grind that tab off enough where you can turn the flange around.

This is after you get it turned around.

Now you are ready to put it all back together.

I would like to thank Draysshop on YouTube for the video and info to get this done.
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Re: Chevy 6.0 oil pump replacement without dropping the pan

Postby codeykx08 » Nov 19 2014, 2:52am

Thanks for the info and pics! I have to do this to my truck this weekend. However I'm just trying to figure out what all pulleys I need to remove? Also if there is a special puller for the harmonic balancer? From a couple of the videos on YouTube its looked like almost all pulleys were off? Just haven't seen a good image on it. Thank you!
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