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How to easily removal plasti dip from wheels

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How to easily removal plasti dip from wheels

Postby Mtz2013rw [OP] » Aug 11 2013, 2:28pm

I decided to jump on the plasti dip wagon about a month ago and sprayed my wheels. After a month of having them black I really wasn't happy with the finished product and decided to remove them. We all know you can peal the plasti dip off by hand but it takes a good bit of time and proved to be very difficult to peal off of my wheels. I ended up pealing 2 wheels by hand and then when I reached the drivers side I noticed I had a few light spots and knew I was in trouble. So here is how I easily removed the plasti dip from my other 2 wheels and got the residual dip off of my other wheels as well. I did not have my phone with me so I did not get a chance to snap any pictures but I will attach a before and after picture later. Hope somebody finds this useful.

Skill level: Anyone
Time needed: 30 minutes -1 hour (depending on your tools)
Tools needed are: 1 can of WD40, a mircrofiber rag/or wheel cleaning brush (medium bristle)/or a pressure washer if you have one.

Step 1- Apply a very heavy coat of WD40 everywhere the plasti dip is present on the wheels

Step2- Let the WD40 sit for about 3-5 minutes

Step3- If you do not have a pressure washer and are using a microfiber rag or medium bristle brush you will begin simply scrubbing the wheels at this point. You will immediately notice that the plasti dip is rubbing off almost immediately. If you have a pressure washer you will simply begin spraying the wheels and watching the plasti dip wash off. (I used a pressure washer after testing with a rag and brush so I know any of the 3 will work, but I would suggest using a rag/brush combination if you do it manually)

Step4- If there are any stubborn spots left that did not come off the first time simply apply more WD40 to the spot and wipe away

Step5- Wash/ Rinse the wheels and be glad you didn't sit there for an hour pealing the plasti dip out of every nook in your wheels!

Step6- Use time saved to grille a steak and drink a cold beer!
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