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Hood release lever

Anyone ever replace one in a 99-2003 Silverado?

Hood release lever

Postby MrMega [OP] » Nov 11 2011, 12:48am

Wondered if anyone has had to replace the hood release lever in a 99-2003 Silverado (or similar) truck. Mine broke off and have to wedge it back in, just right, to get it to work and cannot easily see exactly how it is replaced (slipped discs in neck and lower back, so didn't slide all the way in with a flashlight and give it a really good look - I'd never get back out lol). I've looked up the replacement part - but the photos are at an angle where you can't see how the H they are installed. :evil:
Just wondering how hard it is to switch out with a new one, and if it takes very long; no stupid rivets needing drilled out or anything? (not going to attempt it for a few more weeks until feeling better, but thinking if very hard to do, I might be better off having a buddy switch it out rather than making my neck/back 10x worse).
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Re: Hood release lever

Postby chevyman427 » Nov 15 2011, 7:07pm

Did you try and look for a junk yard that is where I found mine for like 10 bucks?
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Re: Hood release lever

Postby waynesworld757 » Nov 25 2011, 11:24pm

I bought the handle with cable from Rockauto and I didnt feel like doing the whole cable replacement so I was able to slip the new cable out and just use the new handle. It was a 5 minute job. Costs about $20
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