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keyless entry receiver location

keyless entry receiver location

Postby howie70 [OP] » Sep 27 2011, 3:38pm

Wonder if anyone can tell me where the location of the keyless entry receiver is on a 2005 extended cab Sierra. I have searched the forums and I am a little confused. Maybe I just misunderstood, but it seems a couple posts said it was located on the front drivers side pillar beside the windshield below the speaker. Another mentioned it was on the drivers side pillar where the seatbelt is located. (My seatbelt is integrated into the seat) Of course these were also different years than mine.
Regardless, my remote isn't working. Or I should say is working intermittently. I changed the battery, synchronized it, even tried to reprogram another remote. Not working. Hoping that maybe it could be a loose connection on the receiver?? But I need to locate it first.
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Re: keyless entry receiver location

Postby BuxCamper » Sep 28 2011, 2:50am

One thing I've noticed on my GM remotes is the unlock button gets finicky over time. The others not so much. I think the conductive rubber that closes the circuit to send unlock looses its conductivity over time from constant use. Cleaning it and the contacts on the little circuit board just don't help. If your lock and other buttons work fine I'd look at getting a brand new remote.
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