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Anything to do with the outer exterior of your truck. Discuss all body modifications and repairs including fenders and bumpers, truck beds and bed-liners, hoods and grilles, or doors and windows. All bed and body related things like bedliners, bed caps and bed rails, or campers and toppers.

Better gas mileage with a tonneau cover.

As I was driving to work the other day, after installing my new tonneau cover, I was wondering about whether or not it was helping the gas mileage.

I am sure it will not be an immediate notice, if any at all, but has anybody experienced mpg gains from using a tonneau cover? How about a loss of mpg?
Read more : Better gas mileage with a tonneau cover. | Views : 2 | Replies : 0

Switching front bumper for air intake bumper

I have a 2009 silverado ltz. My front bumper doesn't have the center air intake hole that everybody is mounting light bars in. I was curious what year silverado or trim model came with the air intake hole?
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Wheel well mod.

With the addition of a little extra lift on the front of my truck my front tires are actually rubbing now. At full lock left or right the inside rear portion of my front wheels are rubbing a bit on the inside rear of the wheel well. I know I can trim it or I've heard you can tie it back somehow with a zip tie but I haven't been able to find exactly how ...
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Pin striped NBS

Trying to get an idea of what my truck would look like charcoal grey with orange pinstripes or two toned.
Any one got a NBS with pinstripes?
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Has anyone done this to their headlights?

I saw these on eBay and was thinking about buying them and new halo headlights... Just wondering everyone's opinions on them
Read more : Has anyone done this to their headlights? | Views : 250 | Replies : 9

Woodland Green Silvy

Read more : Woodland Green Silvy | Views : 73 | Replies : 2

2004 silverado 1500 rusty under hood

bought a 2004 Silverado ext cab 1500 z71 a few weeks ago, is has a lot of rust under the hood, on bolts a lot of the black painted parts. headlight retainer metal arm, is this a common thing for this year ?
Read more : 2004 silverado 1500 rusty under hood | Views : 143 | Replies : 11

Trouble with in-channel visors?

I just priced out some window visors for my 2016 Double Cab Silverado.
The outfitter mentioned that a lot of customers were experiencing an issue with the in-channel style where the window wouldn't close fully becuase it sensed an obstruction in the opening...
I've had the outside mount style before and enjoyed their functionality, but found they are prone to breakage and look kind of tacky.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue ...
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Windshield wiper problem

I noticed the other day that when I used my windshield wipers, the drivers side one didn't go all the way back down and was flapping passed the edge of the windshield when they were on. I pushed it back down to its normal position and now it goes about 3/4 of the way up and goes back down. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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Suggestions for painting fender flares

Just got myself a cheap ($300) set of knockoff Bushwacker flares that have the rivet style in them.

My truck is black (Jet Black, I believe it's called), and don't like the offtone black that the flares are currently.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to either match the paint, or make the flares look a little better than the factory plastic color.

I was thinking of using that textured rockguard spray and then using ...
Read more : Suggestions for painting fender flares | Views : 107 | Replies : 7


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