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Anything to do with the outer exterior of your truck. Discuss all body modifications and repairs including fenders and bumpers, truck beds and bed-liners, hoods and grilles, or doors and windows. All bed and body related things like bedliners, bed caps and bed rails, or campers and toppers.

NBS Front Hood Swap Questions

1) Are Genuine GM NBS Hoods a direct bolt on swap by simply removing the hood bolts at the hinge ?
2) Do they require adjusting or shims for fit ?

I'm considering buying a perfect condition hood off a 02 Burb that's the same exact color as the hood on my 99 Silverado 1500 that has a bad clear coat peeling issue. I've already confirmed that it's Genuine GM and the same as the ...
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Building A Custom Trailer Hitch Cover

I wanted to make something custom for the truck so I started this little project. I thought maybe a lighted custom flag hitch cover. My wife is from England and I was born in Mississippi so I mixed the 2 flags together and then matched the theme to the truck. I just bought some acrylic sheets and painted the back side the colors I wanted and cut out the shapes. Then I took some gold ...
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Black trim dressing that wont run

I'm using Mothers Back to Black on all the black trim on my LTZ and it makes it look just fine but when it rains it runs on the paint and chrome on the bumpers. What is everyone using that will stay on the trim and still give good results
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Chemical guys MTM foam cannon review

Last week I purchased a few items from the chemical guys. I got the MTM foam cannon kit with the gallon of their honey dew soap, a large drying towel, wash mit, natural shine dressing, and a tire applicator. I got to pick from a few different free products since the order was over $125. I picked the green clean all purpose cleaner.

Now for the review. The foam cannon is of very high quality, ...
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My New Bed Rug

I was going to do a how-to post, but the included instructions are self-explanatory. So here it is, my tonneau cover will be ready for pickup next weekend. I'm hoping some warmer weather will help with the folding material on the sides.
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Fitting a base model 2002 silverado with oem fender flares.

Hey guys, I'm working on fixing up my ol grandads truck. The bed was rusted and had a big dent in the corner. I found a bed in excellent condition but it has factory fender flares on it. I was wondering if I get the bed can i fit a set of factory front fender flares on the front off of my 02 silverado that came without the flares?
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Moon visor vs light bar

Ok, so I have been working on my truck over the past year, changing the look and upgrading the performance. I think the front roof / upper windshield area needs "something". I'm not sure what to go with. I like the look of the moon visors, but I don't know if that might be a little too old school. My truck is an 06 Z71 crew cab in white. I like the look of the ...
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factory running boards factory running boards

so who has these factory steps boards,,,,, my truck is a 2016 1500 ,came with boards,,,,only 5000 miles on it and the chrome is lifting ,rolling right off ,I went to the dealer yesterday and they told me the wouldn't warrenty them because they are an accessory and the salt was going to damage them anyway,,,,i am lost for words I just think they would last 5000 miles what do you think???? ...
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2017 silverado crew cab running boards

I was hoping someone could help me out. I've got a 2017 silverado crew cab. I like the running boards that Chevrolet calls Assist steps - Off road. they're black tubular 3" pipe with two separate steps on each side for each door. I'm getting conflecting part numbers. Has anyone purchase a set of these and if so, can you provide me with the correct part number.
Thank in advance Jonnerock
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Dealership Decal Removal

Hey everyone. I've looked around for how to remove the dealership advertising decal on the tailgate of my truck but haven't found anything useful. The decal is neither vinyl nor plastic chrome. It's more like a mix of the two. Like a metallic decal. I can't get under it to even start pulling it off. I've heated it up and also tried goo gone. Any other tips would be appreciated.
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