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New guy here

Thought I'd introduce myself...

I live up in Northern Ontario, and recently upgraded from my old '92 bush hawg to an almost brand new '13 Sierra. Both trucks are extended cab long box and I'm not sure I could go back to the shorty :P

The old girl...an absolute beast with a 3" lift and 5.7 tbi, but it wasn't cutting it as a daily driver
Image ...
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New Gm owner, new forum user

Hey, i just recently joined the GM family with my 2002 Sierra after being on the dark side with a Mustang for 5 years! Im not new to GM as my family all own Tahoes, but have never owned one myself. Hoping for as great of memories with this truck and to get involved in the Gm Truck community.
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Hello! Hello!

Hi! I'm Adam, a long time looker, but I am just now joining. I have already found lots of good information and gotten many good ideas over the past several months. I have been driving my Silverado for a few years now and it may have hit its mid-life crisis at 150k miles. I've posted over in the photochop section if you want to check it out (also the 1500 topic icon)!

Thanks so much ...
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new to the site new to the site

hi. im robby. I own a 89 chevy Silverado 1500 custom truck. it has a custom paint, rims and exhaust
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New to this forum

Hey guys, new to this forum.

Have a 2005 Sierra and also a 1970 C10 as well.

Currently putting the '05 back to stock and so I have some items I would like to post up to see if anyone else could use them.

Glad to be here!

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Any Gas & Oil workers in our forum?

Well, I'm retiring from the USAF at the end of Oct 2014 (will be available or work 8 Sept 2014). I was looking to get into the oil and gas industry and had a few questions. My home is in SC, but I was hoping there might be a company that lets you live in one place and work in another. I was also open to the week on, week off... or a 2, or ...
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Need help please on rv camper

Hello gang

My mom wants to buy a rv. It's a class B just mom and her small yorkie dog. She is looking at the Road Trek 190 it's a Chevy 2500 van with a 4.8 v8 and 6 speed trans. The year is a 2014. These go for like $80k.

I feel a 2500 chassis with a 4.8 v8 is too small engine for a large vech. I have 11 sierra cc and it's ...
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Does a bearing change require an alignment?

Hoping you guys can give me some advice here on a Chevy Cobalt. I don't want to have to dig up a Cobalt forum to ask this question so I hope posting it in the Tailgate Talk section is OK. But, seems my daughter's 2007 cobalt requires new bearings. Shop says an alignment after is "recommended". I don't see how new bearings would throw it out of alignment but I am not a mechanic. Also, ...
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Kinda new kinda old guy here

Its beenn over a year since I've been on that site last year I sold my 2000 2500 and last Tuesday I picked up a 2014 Silverado 1500 v8 of course. So far I'm pretty happy with it except for radio I like the big screen and it features it has but the sound quality is really really lacking. I really hate the fact that I am already looking for ways to upgrade theradio
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Some Pretty Easy Photochop work Some Pretty Easy Photochop work

I have been considering plasti-dipping my bowtie and front bumper cover white (the top currently black part) and then the lower valence and chrome bar black. It would be great to see these before I put the time into plasti-dipping and whatnot.

You can do one or both images below (preferably both).
Thank you for your time and consideration!

189018 188970
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