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New guy from WI New guy from WI

Hey guys I'm Cody from southeastern Wisconsin.
I have a 1988 GMC K1500 with a 4.3 V6, 4x4 and a 5speed that i picked up in early January for $800.
Not really sure what to say in this but i just thought i would take a minute to introduce myself.
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New member- Alberta Canada New member- Alberta Canada

Hey everyone, just wanted to get the proper intro, been peepin this forum since I first bought my 2001 chevy back in January of this year. I got a wiked deal on it, only paid 2 grand for it an its really good condition... plans are just to get the basic bolt-on. long tubes, 410 gears, blackbear tune, and a mild 2/4-3/5 drop an some rims...

The mods so far I put on so far ...
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New Duramax New Duramax

Hey guys, not a new member but I have a new truck! Picked up a leftover 2014 Duramax. Was going to go for a new body style 1500 Z71 but the deal on a duramax was too good to pass up. Mods will be forthcoming!
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Chris from Chicagoland - 95 Silverado

Hey all, my name is Chris, I'm a marketing consultant from Naperville, IL and I have a 1995 Chevy C1500. I also have had an 82 K5 Blazer and a 95 Tahoe in the past. I love Chevy's.

I joined the forum because I need some advice on a steering column swap, how to get the ignition lock cylinder overall assembly out, not just the internal cylinder... and how to wire up the trans shift ...
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texan with new truck!! texan with new truck!!

hey guys, names timm and im from texas. no im not a cowboy nor do I work on a ranch. lol. im from san Antonio where we bbq, drink, and watch the spurs game on the 80" hd tv. so ive gotten my hands on a 4x4 Silverado 1500 LT 5.3l v8. its my first truck and im such a noob when it comes to the specs about motor series, tranny series, interchangeable parts and ...
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New guy from Mid Michigan New guy from Mid Michigan

Hey everyone.

I've been looking on your forum for a couple years. Then it dawned on me that I was only torturing myself, considering I didn't even own a truck yet! I would come on here and read all the great posts about EVERYTHING, then go jump in my car. Well, I finally got my truck! It's a 2011 Z71 LT. So now I guess the only torture will be what project to do first! ...
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Photochop request.

Okay. I would love to see what my truck would look like WITHOUT the body molding on the door. And if possible, I was thinking about changing the color of the bumper up. I would want the piece on TOP of the chrome to be color matched, and the piece on the BOTTOM of the bumper black.

Remove body molding on driver door
Color match the top piece of the bumper red
Black the ...
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What have YOU been pulled over for?

So today on my way home from work, I had the red and blues light up behind me. I pulled over and was wondering what I was doing wrong, as I was going the speed limit, using proper signals and all that other good stuff. Turns out, the Trooper pulled me over for not having a front licenses plate. I informed the LEO that I had literally just bought the truck and just had it ...
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Hello From Minnesota

New to this site, but I've been a forum lurker for many years now. I own a 1998 Chevy Silverado that is stock right now except for electric fans and soon to be 0411 PCM upgrade. Next stage will be putting a 2002 L59 5.3L into it, and then who knows!
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New member questions

Hi all. My wife and I just got a 2013 Silverado 1500 in February. Had some transmission issues at 800 miles but nothing some warranty work can't fix. I have been looking everywhere for the forum rules about posting to the "For Sale" and "Wanted to Buy" sections plus the general rules like how many posts I have to make before I can PM people. I cannot find these rules in the FAQs, initial Admin ...
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