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New member in North Carolina

Hey all, life time Chevy owner and new Silverado owner. I started working in a different field recently and decided that I could use a truck to help with the job. So I had been researching and looking for a used truck for the last month or so. I had looked at a few and couldn't get the deal I wanted. Well, I was checking City Chevrolet's website last week when an offer popped up ...
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New guy from South Texas. I know a bit about motorcycles and trucks, but not so much about diagnosing.
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New siggy

Heres the pics.
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Hoagie90 signature

Text: "I Am My Brothers Keeper" (My company's motto from the first unit I served with and deployed with)
Font: No Preference
Style: Grunge
Theme: U.S. Flag, State of Jefferson flag, Don't Tread On Me flag (attached examples, you can use your own for easier editing)
Color: Dark, matching colors.
Border: No Preference
Size: 500x175

You can use whatever flag images work best for you while editing. I will attach an example photo of the ...
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New guy from Missouri

New to the site. Lots of info for my truck thanks for having me.
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Ahoy Mateys

Today, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! It really exists..

So be sure to annoy someone with some good pirate chatter...
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first post

New member here but have been lurking for a couple of months. I bought a 2009 Silverado 4 months ago, 1500 Crew Cab with 5.3. Last night I ordered a trinity from Diablew with the tune package. I'm currently weighing out options on cold air intakes & thinking about exhaust too. I've been learning a lot here& hopefully will be able to contribute too.
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New toy!!

Just picked this up for $500, 1987 Isuzu Trooper II, 5 speed 4 cylinder. It's literally the perfect mess around vehicle to keep miles off my truck with! I love it, it's so dang slow but I can tell it'll be unstoppable off road! The body is completely Rhino-Lined and all camo interior. Definitely have some plans for it :twisted:

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Not newbie but first time on in a year or so

So I've been busy with school and work and haven't had anytime to post anything on here but i would like to show all the mods I've done so far on my pickup. Its a 04 gmc with about 129k on it now i got it with 100k in feb 13'. In the time I've had it I have only had to change oil put 2 ignition switches in and a new pcm(super chips fried ...
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Another Updated SIG for Total Chaos

Had a little time on my hands, so I thought I'd update again....
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