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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

How often for a front end alignment? How often for a front end alignment?

Hey all,

I was just at the dealer for another free oil change on my 2013 Silverado 1500. They were trying to say that the truck needs an alignment every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. Anyone know if this holds any merit? I was always under the impression that alignments were only needed if the steering wheel pulls, suspension components were changed, or if new tires are installed...

They also claimed at 15,000 miles every truck ...
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Need a 3.5-4" lift kit under 1k.

The RC website has a 4" kit but it's 1k. Amazon usually has older kits for less, but I'm having a hard time finding one that fits.

I'm looking for 3.5-4.5. I figured these lifts would be cheaper than the 6".
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replaceable upper ball joints

2008 4wd silverado. i have a lift and its wipping out my upper ball joints every 9-12 months. yes truck is aligned properly. im tired of having to align my truck every time i replace the upper control arm assembly. autozone and similar stores sell upper ball joints that get pressed in. where do i find control arms that have pressed in ball joints?
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Just want some IDEAS!

Hey guys, I am new to this forum. Just looking for some opinions on what to do to my truck to make it look great. What size lift should I get? I want it in the air but I don't want a monster truck you know? I have a 2014 Silverado LT Z71. Al so what size tires or what kind of rims? If anyone can send me pics of their z71 maybe I can ...
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Help for leveling a 2wd truck

I have a 2000 Chevy 1500 2wd v6. It has a 3 inch Rough Country suspension lift kit. It came with 3 inch spindle on the front and 2 inch block for the rear. Then of course all of the RC shocks. Can I possibly fit a 2 inch coil spring spacers in the front. I know I have to get it a aliment. Will this work though. Appreciate the responses ...
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2.5 RC level kit install - 2014 GMC Sierra

I've had the kit since I bought the truck in November, but wanted to get some warranty issues worked through before I installed. Got a couple of estimates to install -- $200 (no align) and $325 (w/ align). I've been reading posts and watching the YouTubes on the install and I though both prices were high and really didn't want it installed incorrectly, so I tackled the job myself yesterday.

The front is relatively easy ...
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Ground force vs rough country

soo what's the pros and cons of the ground force 2 inch leveling keys and the rough country keys? This Will be on a 04 silverado Z71
I apologize in advance if there's already a thread about this.
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Lift for K2500 6 Lug


New to the forums and a search returned not info, I have a 1992 K2500 4x4 6 Lug and looking to lift it. Will the K1500 kits work or do I need a K2500.

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Replacement shocks for 3.5 RC lift Replacement shocks for 3.5 RC lift

I installed the RC 3.5 lift a while back and the rear shocks are going bad, I just ordered some rear bilstein 5100"s and got a good price on them off Car ID. ($137- shipped/pair and they have over 50 in stock)
Does anyone have any idea what I should do for the front end? Shock replacement only or the adjustable Bilstein's or ??? If you have the part numbers that would be great. I ...
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2 inch leveling kit 2 inch leveling kit

I have a 2014 GMC sierra 1500 and I was wondering what you recommend for a 2 inch leveling kit.

Thanks' Steve
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