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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

Level for 295/70/17?? Level for 295/70/17??

Just a quick question:

I'm gonna be pulling the trigger on a lift at some point this week. I've got 295/70/17 (approx. 33.6X11.3 or something similar) Nitto Terra's

and I have XD misfit rims 0mm offset (17X9 w/ either 5.05" or 5.5" backspace)

2014 Silverado crew cab 2wd

What level/lift would you guys recommend?

I was thinking the RC 2.5" due to cost effectiveness

I'm having a reputable 4X4 shop install it all, so asking ...
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2010 Silverado Rack and pinion 'Bushings" 2010 Silverado Rack and pinion 'Bushings"

I have a 2010 Silverado 1500 with a 3.5 RC lift. I do not have any alignment problems while driving . I was told today by a local shop that my power steering rack has to much play so I would need to change the Rack and Pinion because you can't just change just the bushings. The mechanic showed me the movement in the bushing while turning the wheel and there was some small movement ...
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Opinions on truck leveling Opinions on truck leveling

Any info on what leveling option works best for keeping the factory ride the same?
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99 Sierra Extended Cab 4x4: Suspension

I am new to the site and NOT a gear head. I have read some of the forums and you folks just amaze me with what you know about mechanics. I have the old sierra with 89k. The truck physically is in great shape. Motor and transmission run and work great. Everything works with the exception of the outside power mirrors. The big issue is the truck is real stiff riding. I feel practically every ...
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Need help deciding on new leafs or new lift kit Need help deciding on new leafs or new lift kit

Hi everyone, my truck is in desperate need of new rear leafs to the point where they are almost straight. I have no idea what this truck was used for before i bought it used a little over a year ago. I desperately need new leafs but i also want to invest in getting a new lift kit. I know that BDS sells a lift that you can get leaf springs with. Would it be ...
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4" lift pics please

Ok guys I need help. i can't find any good pictures of a 4 inch suspension lift for the NBS (2003-2007) silverado anywhere. Anything helps, lets see those pics!
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2" zone level with front valance removed

Just got done putting a zone 2" level on the truck added hankook 275/60/r20's AT m's (and no one can tell me what the "m" means) and removed the front valance and my mud flaps. Here are some pics.

I would not recommend this level unless u have all the tools for a front end job. You can't just loosen some bolts and slide it in like the rc leveling kit. EVERYTHING around the front ...
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Superlift 6"-7.5" Suspension Lift

Hi, I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 6.0L 4x4 and I have been recently looking at lifts,wheels, and tires for my truck.
My question: is Superlift a good quality lift and how easy is it to install?
I want to run 20x12 Fuel Maverick wheels that have a -44 offset with 35" tires. Will these wheels work with this lift or would a 6" lift be just fine to use these wheels?

Thanks, I ...
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Elastomeric Spring

My truck is lifted in the front about 1/4" higher than the rear. I have the 2.25" torsion keys with extended shocks. Truck obviously rides very rough. I was under the truck when I noticed the Elastomeric Springs are about 1/2" from the LCA. I know they are suppose to be touching and act as a damper. Do they make replacement ones for trucks with lifted front ends? The truck is extremely bouncy in the ...
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Stiff Steering Stiff Steering

Was doing donuts in my vehicle. Right after steering has been SUPER STIFF, vehicle has had a new PS pump installed but the problem remains.
Read more : Stiff Steering | Views : 205 | Replies : 6


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