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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

Best leveling kit for 2002 Silverado z71 Best leveling kit for 2002 Silverado z71

I'm looking to purchase a leveling kit for my 02 Silverado, to clear 305/55r20 tires, I'm aware I will have to trim the fenders a bit. Anyways, I have heard bad things about rough country kits, I just don't want my truck to ride like a tractor after I level it. Any info helps!
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Should I lift the front more?

I'm planning on putting in new front strut assemblies on my truck in the next month or two. I currently have a RC 2" front level but I also put on an AAL in the rear so the truck still has the same rake, it's just 2 inches higher all the way around. I'm thinking about adding an .5" top spacer on to level it out a little more when I change the struts. I'm ...
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RC 3.5 Lift on 2012 Sierra

Sorry if this isn't allowed as a separate topic. I just wanted to add some pics of my truck after putting on a 3.5" lift on my 2012 Sierra SLE Z71 for anyone wondering about my specific setup. Here is the before:

Here are pics after the lift and tires:

I put on the Rough Country 3 1/2" lift without UCAs. The tires are Nitto Terra Grappler G2 285/70 R17s on the ...
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Saginaw steering gear box

Hey there. I wanna rebuild my steering gearbox, but i cant figure out what to buy. There is a number on my gearbox "26001483" but i cant look it up anywhere. My local parts dealer says that the Edelmann 8523 seal rebuild kit fits my steering, but amazon and edelmann´s homepage says it doesnt. Does anyone know a place to lookup the part number? Or can someone tell me what the difference is between the ...
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Rough country kit question

The "2.5in GM Leveling Lift Kit (07-17 1500 PU)" will provide 2.5 " of lift in the front, and 1 extra inch in the back (due to the swap from 1 inch stock to 2 inch block. This will give the truck 1 inch of rake from the front to back?

Will running an aftermarket wheel with a negative offset allow me to fit bigger or smaller tires, than the stock wheels would (with the ...
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Improving ride quality

Hey guys I have an 11 1500 z71 LT with the rough country 2.5" leveling kit in it. And while I love the look of it, it rides like crap. Which is to be expected with a cheap lift. But after 25k miles with the lift I'm either tired of the ride or its gotten worse. I'd like to take the lift out and put in the height adjustable Bilstein 5100s in hopes of helping ...
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Heavy Duty Suspension Package

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71, and after look at the RPO codes I saw that I have the heavy duty suspension. What exactly does that package change about the suspension?

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Lift kit! Bad handling?

Hi, i just got a 2.5 lift kit the front of my sierra 2016. For the rear i put an extra blade to reinforce the suspension( lift 2.25 inch) really happy of the look, but the handling on the highway is bad!! Is it normal? When i go from right to left fast its like if the body is not attached to the frame... dont know how to explain it! I could get used to ...
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Is this right on shocks...

Bilsteins can give me 2 inches of front level, or if I add back shocks 2 extra inches of back lift , giving a 2 inch lift OR a combination of say 2 inch front and 1 inch back decreasing rake by an inch , and giving 1 inch total lift.

Ranchos will not give be total lift but will add 2 inches of level to the front?
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Actual accounts of front end wear from Bilstein 5100s ?

I would like to level my truck and add 33s 33.5s or 34s

From what I understand the risk of premature wear with the leveling shocks is less than adding spacers. Correct?

Are there any accounts of this or is this theoretical?

Im probably going to buy extended warranty so worst care scenario if I had to do a full front end rebuild and my warranty was voided I would pay how much?

A more ...
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