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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

lift and tire size

i have an 08 silverado z71 with a 2in leveling kit. what is the smallest suspension lift i can get with none or minor trimming to fit 35/12.50/20?
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4.5" lift or 6.5" lift?!?! 4.5" lift or 6.5" lift?!?!

hey guys! i need some inspiration from some of your pics for what lift i should get for my truck! i have a 2012 gmc 1500 and im stuck between going with the 4.5" zone lift or the 6.5" lift! Need to see some pics of trucks with 4" lift on 33's and some pics of trucks with 6" on 35's! the rims i am running are a fuel Hostage 22x10 with a 0 offset. ...
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How to do a 19" SAS in a 2004 Silverado 2500?

I want to do a 19" SAS and run 46" tires but what all would i need to do to achieve 19" of lift? Is there a type of kit or would i have to find all the peices myself? Also what would be the best axles for those size tires?
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Aggravating Rattle/jingle in rear found!

ImageUploadedByAG Free1427671463.015749.jpg
ImageUploadedByAG Free1427671474.154951.jpg

Can I just take this off? I can't see any good that it does and it is making a constant Rattle with every bump or shake of the truck.

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What's this mysterious squeaking?!

So I've had a small problem with squeaking in the back end for awhile. I always thought it was the toolbox lock because it was always random and not loud at all. After I put the new wheels on a couple weeks ago, the sound has gotten louder and more frequent. I got a video of it in hopes to share and maybe someone can help me figure it out. I also cranked the stock ...
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RCX 3.5" lift doesn't level my truck

So I just got the 3.5" lift with the upper control arms from rough country, and I love the lift and the way it makes my truck look, but it doesn't sit quite level, it has about 1"-1 1/4" of rake... Is this normal? I'm just wondering because the kit says it will level the truck.
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alignment with new tires

I'm gonna get a level kit soon and understand you need an alignment. I'm curious shold I wait till I get new tires with the alignment or will this have no effect? I wanna put my level kit on soon, but it's gonna be a while before I need new tires. I don't wanna wait unless it is more beneficial. Thanks
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2002 1500 2WD Suspension Swap

Hello to everyone here on the silveradosierra forum, this is my first topic here; hoping to get some advice on my truck as a 19yo - working part time and attending college here in Florida. I've been recently putting a lot of attention into my beloved hand-me-down gmc regular cab truck, gradually taking it over more interesting off road terrain here in central FL. Many additions and some maintenance come easy while working 35hrs/wk and ...
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Lifting truck

I have a 2007 chevy silverado 1500 classic that i want to lift. It wont be for off roading or bigger tires. I just want to lift it so it would be easier working on it from underneath. Would yall recommend a 2inch front levering kit or body lift kit or something else?
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Rear shock over extension with 1" lift blocks

Hi, i have a 2014 dublecab 4wd, i installed rancho quicklifts on the front and ready lift 2,25" blocks that replace the oems 1,25", lifting 1".
I installed rancho 9000xl on the rear, and realized that they are too short, i had the truck suspended on stands and had to lowered it to be able to pass the bolts on the shocks, the distance between the axle shock mounts and the eye of the shocks ...
Read more : Rear shock over extension with 1" lift blocks | Views : 126 | Replies : 4


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