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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

2011 denali clunking?

Hey guys i have a 2011 denali that has 40k on the clock and intermittently clunks when turning the wheel and especially when in reverse turning the wheel in and out of drive ways (or decent sized bumps)..

Had a "knowledgeable" friend in the car and he said "dont worry about it... its just the AWD system."

so... is that knowledgeable friend full of crap? If so, how should I diagnose the problem?

Thanks guys!
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What can I do to lift the truck off the bump stops?

Noticed that my front end is sitting on the black rubber bump stops. I don't think this is normal because the 3500 has quite of bit of space between the bump stops and the bottom. Can I adjust my torsion keys to lift it back up? I am planning on doing leveling kit with rear blocks in the future but right now have other things that are coming first. So can I do this, get ...
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Torsion bar adjustment bolt length

So I noticed my truck seemed to be leaning to the passenger side. I measured both sides and sure enough the front passenger side sits about 1/2" lower than the driver side. I decided to take a look at the torsion bar adjustment bolts for any signs that the previous owner may have messed with them. The passenger side bolt is back out a good 3 or 4 threads further than the driver side. Does ...
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lifted with stock 22's? anyone

I'm wanting to lift my truck and thinking about keeping the stock 22's was hoping someone had some pics.
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Bilstein 5100's

Ok, so I have a 2012 Z71 Crew Cab. I want to, well, kind of level it out up front. From what it sounds like, the 5100's will put me almost level up front? What setting do they need to be at? My truck is a Z71, but I don't think I have any special shocks, they look plain (Not Bilstein, etc). How much is it typically to install? I will probably upgrade the front ...
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Identify my Shocks

Hi I fairly recently bought a 2006 Silverado with a 6 inch fabtech lift, 35's, 20's, traction bars, k&n, Magnaflow and a bunch of other stuff. I'm coming from a Dakota which had front Struts (just leveled) and before that I had a lifted Wrangler..

The underbody of the truck has been coated in lining which is nice but at the same time I can't see the brand or anything on the suspension parts. I ...
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2011 Silverado front suspension noise

So a few months ago I was planning on changing my front struts because I kept hearing a clunking noise over certain bumps. To my surprise I had a broken sway bar link. Easy fix. Replaced with heavy duty moog links. That fixed the clunking noise. But then there was another hollow sounding noise when hitting small bumps or certain cracks in the road. Especially in the city around my house. So to me it ...
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Noises Noises

When making a turn with the brake applied and going over a bump at the same time I heard a knocking noise from the front driver side. I can't really pin point what it is. Has anyone else had this problem? I can't tell if it's something to do with the brake or the strut because there is no obvious sign of the strut leaking or being bad and when going over a bump in ...
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Wheel Spacer needs and sizing (zone lift)

I just placed my order for a zone 6.5" lift this morning for my 2011 silverado. Going with 35x12.5x18 Mastercraft MXT's (was going with nitto trail grapplers but got the mxt's for 550 cheaper!). I guess zone recently changed their knuckle and the factory 18" rims can possibly rub. I was recommended to get a 3/4" spacer but don't want to be dealing with cutting my studs. So does anyone have experience with this lift ...
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What part of alignment is off after 2" level?

After a 2" level what should I have the alignment shop correct? The toe or camber or both? Or just not tell them what I did and hope they get it right. Thanks
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