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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

Cognito Stage 1 Leveling Kit Cognito Stage 1 Leveling Kit

Does anyone have any pics of 03-07 classic trucks with the Cognito leveling kit? Thanks
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drivers side leaf spring

So I got my arse kicked by the front bolt all afternoon, there has to be a better way otor an easy way to get that dang bolt out. I went to a self pull yard and found a totaled 07 nnbs Z71 and got the springs for 15 a side, yes one five dollars. I was going to go with an add a leaf but 30 for a set. Anyway that Damn bolt, with ...
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BDS 6" regular lift kit coilover conversion?

i basically want to get the 6inch regular lift now and hopefully be able to add coilovers later on, is that doable? for a 2014 4x4 with aluminum knuckles. thanks.
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separate upper aluminium control arm from spindle.

Purchased and began install of 2.5" leveling/lift kit on my Silverado. But I was unable to separate upper control arm from the spindle. Both parts are aluminum. Has anyone else experience d this issue? Other than taking a pickle fork to the ball joint does anyone have any ideas?
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Converting to 4x4

Tomorrow I'm going to be taking a road trip to Houston. In search of "U-Pull it" locations, hoping to find everything needed to convert my 08 2wd to a 4wd....wish me luck. Of course I'll have pictures in my build thread

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2006 stock front coils question

I'm returning my 2006 silverado crew cab 5.3 2 wheel drive to stock height. I was about to order new front coil springs when I encountered a problem on two websites. Both have two different sets listed. one is normal and the other set states "for use if driver side leans down 1/2 - 1" lower than passenger side" my truck was lowered when I bought new and is not leaning now with the front ...
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Doing a 4.5 inch lift on a 2015, have some wheel questions

I am doing a 4.5 lift in my 2015. I am looking at putting in 18's but I can seem to choos the best tire size. My installed says to do a 295/70/18 Toyo mt, but I am not sure what's the best size....35x12.5?. I really want the tire to ride good that's why I am not going with a 20 inch, I don't want it to look stupid like the tire is so jammed ...
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Installing 2.5 level kit

I just received my 2.5 level kit and I was wondering if after replacing the rear blocks with the 2'' blocks will I have to replace the shocks or get extenders?

Also ive installed the front spacers before but never the rear. Is there any guides on here or youtube to do this? The rough country guide doesnt fully explain everything id like to know.
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Alignment NEED HELP!

So im getting new tires tomorrow (YAY!) my old ones are bald and the front are worn on the inside a little more than the outside and the back the same i know the front is most likely an alignment since i live on a Maine dirt road! But i do have quadrasteer and have read before that the rear tires "self" align i didn't know if this was true and since im getting new ...
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RC 3.5 Lift with Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks RC 3.5 Lift with Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks

Hey guys, new to the forum so I thought I'd post my idea for lifting my truck. I've done quite a bit of reading and thought I'd share to get some feedback. Basically my goal is to be somewhere between a typical lift and a mid-travel kit. Here is the idea:

Rough Country 3.5" lift kit with UCA (PN: 277.20)
Fox 2.0 Performance Series Coil-over (PN: 983-02-086)

So why go with the Fox shocks as ...
Read more : RC 3.5 Lift with Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks | Views : 61 | Replies : 1


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