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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

ADVICE: Installing RC 2.5" on 14

As the title says, I'm installing the RC 2.5" on my 14 Silverado this week. Before I drive to the auto hobby shop on base I was wondering if anyone could offer any helpful advice/lessons learned from installing this kit on their trucks. Thanks!
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2016 RC 3.5in

Creeping on a 2016 at work. Local 4x4 shop loves selling this set up to the gas field workers. It is a RC3.5in kit with UCAs and 295/60/20s. (33.9x11.6) With a close to 0 offset wheel. As you can see it indeed rubs the UCA, and rubs front and rear inner fenders. Plus the obvious lack of down travel, and lovely CV angles (which already has a torn CV boot on a brand new truck). ...
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08 NNBS Front Suspension Diagram

I searched for diagrams of my 08 Silverado 2wd front suspension components. I can't seem to find anything helpful. If anyone knows of a diagram or can point me towards the right direction of a diagram. Trying to see what parts I need to look up and replace.
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Trucks making sounds again..

Recently I noticed the front end of my truck started making a squeaking sound. Does it whenever I turn left or right and also do it sometimes when driving straight and going down the highway. I don't believe its my brakes, they were done recently but I have a suspicion they could be the wear indicators, but haven't looked yet Ill do that tomorrow.

I have also just noticed when I turn, a popping sound, ...
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Low Speed ABS Lock-Up Low Speed ABS Lock-Up

Hey all, new here, but not too new to forums. I have been digging around on an issue that has me stumped a bit, so I thought I would reach out here.

Working on my dad's 2003 Silverado 1500 with the 4.8, ABS, manual everything. When slowing down around 2-3 mph the left front tire will start acting like ABS is engaging. I know it's this tire because it's beginning to wear on the outside ...
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Help Diagnose Which Leveling Kit

Bought this truck a month ago. I'm guessing it has a leveling kit by the way it sits. I want to take it off because I'm not a fan of leveled trucks but not sure what kind of kit it has. I don't believe it has a bottom strut spacer but I can't tell if there is any kind of spacer on top either. ImageImageImage

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Read more : Help Diagnose Which Leveling Kit | Views : 177 | Replies : 16

need help finding a 4-6 inch suspension lift kit need help finding a 4-6 inch suspension lift kit

Well whats up everyone..need ur guys help ive been searching online for a while..and i havent been able to find a kit for my truck..its an 06 silverado 1500 2wd..
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Coil spring swap

Hi I'm putting a custom steel bumper on my 86 1/2 ton Silverado and was wondering if I could swap the coil springs to 3/4 ton springs without changing anything
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2000 Z85 Shock Opinions

Need to replace the shocks on the truck, I suspect it still has the original shocks after 200k miles! Digging around, the truck came with the Z85 package, and I'd like to restore to the "original" suspension, if not upgrade a bit. I will not be lowering or lifting, so I'm looking for a good replacement.

Right now, I'm looking on Rock Auto, and they have the Gabriel Max Control, KYB Monomax, and AC Delco ...
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Front end overhaul


So this is what I'm replacing on my truck: UCAs, LCAs, inner and outer tie rods, coil springs/seats and a 1.5" RC spacer. So far today I've gotten the driver side completely disassembled.


However I've run into a couple problems that I could really use some advice about. 1st, I can't get the inner tie rod loose, it looks like PO tightened it with a ...
Read more : Front end overhaul | Views : 162 | Replies : 7


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