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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

Need some information on Lift Kits? please help Need some information on Lift Kits? please help

Hey Everyone,
So I'm about ready to purchase a lift kit for my 2011 Silverado. And as I'm going through kit components and reading web pages a question arose.

Currently I'm trying to decide between the Rough Country 3.5" Lift with UCA or the ReadyLift SST 4"

But I noticed something interesting in the strut spacer department.

The ReadyLift some with 4" spacers which make since on a 4" lift
The Rough Country only comes ...
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Tire Cupping and Suspension Drift

I bought a 2013 Silverado 4x4 w/53K last March. I had the dealer realign the front suspension because it pulled to the right consistently. They brought it within spec but it still drifted right though not nearly as badly. I brought it back and they rechecked it and claimed still within spec so must be the tires which they estimated had about 15K miles left on them. The problem has gradually gotten worse with 56,500 ...
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Does a body lift ruin the ride?

I was at the Local 4 wheel parts looking at wheels and tires. I got to talking to the sales guy about my plans with the 2" level and 1.5" body lift, He told me that the way the truck is setup, if I run a body lift it would kill the factory ride. He explained that the factory body mounts are a rubber material and the body lift would replace with a harder material ...
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Installed RC 2" level last night

I got my RC 2" level in like two weeks ago and just haven't had much time to install it. After dinner last night I decided I would toss it in, figuring it would only take 1-2 hrs doing it solo based on what I was seeing online. I started with the Driver's side and I followed the directions from RC. It took almost 2.5 hrs to do the one side. It was ridiculous. The ...
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Steering "clicking" on 2014 +

First off I am linking to a previous post, but updating and clarifying the topic title...you will understand why in a second.
Steering issue

My truck has been in the shop going on 4 days now for the same reoccurring problem...5th visit to be exact. Now, let me first say that my dealership is fantastic.. They are not giving me the run around in any way and really want to fix the problem.

So whats ...
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electronic suspension on my 04 Silverado?

Can anyone explain to me how I can tell the difference between if I have a regular front and rear suspension or an electronic one? It's a matter of 30 bucks a shock or 248 bucks. Oh please let me have the first. Thanks.
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2016 Sierra w/ Stamped Steel Control Arms - What Lift?

So I just bought a 2016 Sierra SLT Z71 and was wanting to put a RC 2.5" leveling kit on it so I can run bigger tires. I just got done talking to RC about this and they said I cannot run the 2.5" kit because the top .5" strut spacer would make the strut rub on the upper control arm.

Does anyone know a leveling kit that will raise it 2.5" in the front ...
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2004 Silverado new shocks

I'm shopping for new shocks for my truck and i don't really know what to look for. For a non lifted truck what lengths (compressed and extended) should I look for for front and rear shocks?
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Need some help. What will work best?

So, I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 ltz z71 4wd with a 2" RC leveling kit. I have 33x12.5R18 toyo open country m/t's. Rims are 18x9 with 0 offset. I have very minimal rub as sits and it's only on the wheel well liner at almost full crank. I just ordered and got in some Gatorback Mud flaps and noticed they will not fit at all because it will be almost constant rub at all ...
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Tie rod end boot

So I haven't greased my tie rod ends for years. Put in about 5 squeezes of grease which ruptured the boot. Is this something to be concerned with? Where can I go to find a replacement boot? Checked autozone and oriely's the universal boots don't seem to be the same size.
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