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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

spring/shock install with leveling kit spring/shock install with leveling kit

Had to replace my passenger side half shaft, and that required the removal of the spring/shock assembly. A few years back, I had installed a 2" front leveling kit, which is the blocks that go under the shock on the lower A-Arm. I had a bear of a time reinstalling them. Can't remember them being that difficult when I put them in. Spring needed to be compressed more. All I did was put that side ...
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Lifted 2500HD's lets see em' Lifted 2500HD's lets see em'

Hey guys,

I am looking for ideas and inspiration for my 2500 and was hoping you guys that own em' and have lifted them would share your photos and such. What kit did you use, are you happy with it, rims and tires what sizes did you go with, would you do anything differently ect. Thanks everyone....
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2.5 in. Level kit 2.5 in. Level kit

2010 Silverado LT 1500
I'm torn between the CCM 2.5 with a .75 rear lift (included rear blocks) and the TGC 2.5 level kit then buying 2 inch blocks on top of that.
Basically I would love some input to what kit is better in terms of height and not so hard on the truck.
Also largest tires on this kit.
I've been told 285/65/R18 which is good, just need some help on the - ...
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Installing RCX 5" Lift....Need Help!

Can someone take pics of their break line setup it tell me how you ran the ABS lines??? The instructions are crap on this part

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Jacking up with jack under the rear differential Jacking up with jack under the rear differential

Is there a problem with jacking the truck up with the jack under the rear differential? I read on another post that said it could damage the rear diff housing.
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wheel offset/backspacing with 7" lifted 2015

Friend of mine just ordered a 7" RCX lift for his 2015 1500
I've been set to the task of ordering the wheels and tires for him.
Going with 315/70 17 A/T's probably mastercraft AXT's or something similar
He told me which rims he wants but I'm trying to figure out which one to go with
Both are 17x9
one is
BS 5 and offset 1
other is
BS 4.5 and offset -12

He wants ...
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Rear shocks or springs

Truck is a 2014 Silverado 1500 5.3. I am looking for a more firm rear suspension. No Z/71 shocks, just standard ones(whatever that is). I have the big rubber things(forgot what they are called) in place of the stock stopper thingy underneath and they work good for ride height. But when not pulling, It seems like the truck bottoms out easily when you hit a dip or bump. I know with those bigger stoppers in ...
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Shocks Shocks

Looking to replace shocks on my truck and have been going back and forth between the Bilstein 4600's and 5100's, I know one is for stock and the other will handle up to a 3 inch lift I believe. I did have the question of the capabilities of each, are they basically the same, so I stopped by the local 4 wheel parts shop to look and talk. Talking to the sales person they steered ...
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Suspension Maxx..ever heard of them Suspension Maxx..ever heard of them

I had never heard of this company before, have any of you? Or anyone used their product? It's interesting in that they provide diff drop spacers in the kit to help with the angles along with the usual shock spacers. My buddy said he got this kit, he hasn't installed it yet but was pretty impressed with the quality, definitely pricey but what are your thoughts? This is the kit..

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Front end "clunk" '99 nbs stock height 4wd

I replaced the torsion bar mounts thinking that's where it was coming from. Fail.

Oddly, it clunks most often when its raining. It only clunks when I'm turning. It feels like it was coming from where the torsion bars mount is why I replaced those first. (And saw here in a forum)

Can't find anything loose by my inspection. Any ideas?
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