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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

Lift tire ?

I've searched but haven't really found exactly what I'm looking for. I have a brand new set of 275/70r18 tires in my garage that I wanna put on my 14 Silverado but trying to decide lift. I planned on the rc 3.5 but the angles are turning me away. So I'm thinking about going with the rc 5". My question is would the tires look too small with that set up. If someone has similar ...
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Rough country leveling kits.

Has anybody living in Canada bought a leveling kit from rough country. I'm in manatoba and was wondering if anyone knows what there ups brokerage fees came to. It looks like I can buy the kit at the local parts shops but they want 130 to 180 for the 2" kits. But they are selling them from rough country for 60 bucks and 15 bucks for shipping.
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So I just installed a rough country 2 inch lift on my 08 silverado but after I got done and measured it says iv only gained half an inch?? .....
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grinding noise from left wheel when stopped and turning whee


I am new here. My Sierra has 90000. I notice a rubbing/grinding noise from the left wheel when stopped, but turning the steering wheel. Any thoughts on likely cause? thanks in advance

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adding RCX UCAs to a 2.5 level kit

after installing my bilsteins im finding that my UCAs are much closer to the bump stops than im comfortable with. so i was thinking about adding the RCX ucas or cutting the bump stops to get a little more clearance.
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Steel or Aluminum

Dumb question! How do I know if I have Steel or Aluminum Control Arms? Going to order a lift but need to know if it has Steel or Aluminum Control Arms. Is there a place I can enter my vin# to see what I have?
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slight grinding or bumping noise on take off

I have a 2014 chevy 1500 z71. I installed a mcgaughys 7-9 lift. Shorty after I got it installed I can hear like a grinding or bumping noise coming from the front end at low speeds going over small bumps. Now I can hear it at slow speeds on flat ground. It seems to only do it when I first get in the truck after its been sitting for couple hrs. After I drive it ...
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Help me kill my 2015 rake. Level kit question.

Ok so I got a 2015 1500 Rado a couple months ago and want to kill the front factory rake.

I've been scouring web pages, pictures and site specs on leveling kits.

Nothing helps. I am trying to match my front fender with the rear. Aka level it out...

But in pictures the 2" and 2.5 kits all look like they still have a rake and some look flush. No 2 trucks look the same ...
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Level Kit Question

Sorry if this question has been asked, I'm on my phone and can't search very much. I installed a 2.5 RC level kit. The night I did the install, I only had time to put the front components on. I'm getting new tires put on and aligned as I type this. My question is will I have to get it realigned once I put the back block on that came with the RC kit?
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ReadyLift 2.25" level getting installed

just dropped the truck off to have the ReadyLift level installed! pictures to follow later this afternoon. have an appointment for alignment with Firestone this evening.
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