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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.


http://www.torklift.com/index.php/produ ... bleload#f3
Hello all...
Just wondering if anyone has used the torklift upper bump stops on their 3500HD overload springs?
We tow a 4000kg caravan and it has about 400kg down weight on the hitch.
Cheers Danny
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Adding Rake to 6 Inch Lift

I have a 2015 4WD Silverado 1500 with a Rough Country 6" knuckle lift kit. I want to add some rake back to the truck so I'm considering purchasing the rear blocks from Rough Country's 7.5" kit. Does anyone know if the 7.5" lift uses bigger blocks than the 6" kit? Or do the two kits use the same blocks with different rear shocks?
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Help diagnosing brake shudder

I have been replacing parts on my truck trying to get rid of my brake shudder and decided to stop and get some advice.

I have a 2000 Silverado 2wd EXT cab 5.3 with 235K miles and 22 inch wheels. Here are my symptoms - brake shuddering.

So far I have replaced pads, rotors, wheel bearings (both sides), upper control arms, shocks (front and rear), had the tires balanced and truck aligned and bled my ...
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Hey all, I'm seeking advice on a couple of lift kits I'm looking to purchase. I have a 2002 Silverado HD 2500 4 wheel drive. I'm looking to lift it 4- 6 inches. I've researched fabtec, rancho, and pro comp. I'm down to Rancho and Fabtec. Any advice from experienced folks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Vr, pcpisano
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Shock Replacement

Hello all,

What are yalls opinions on this shock set? https://www.1aauto.com/shock-absorber/i ... 363&y=2010

I want to replace all 4 shocks as part of my 100,000 maintenance but I am also on a budget. I haven't had any trouble with my factory shocks, that I know of, and I am not that interested in getting any kind of performance shock (I'm sure i dont know what I'm missing out on ...
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Mechanic doesnt understand Bilstein adjustable front strut

talked to my mechanic today about changing up my front end, remove spacer block and extend strut. he said all its doing is extending the travel and that the spring is what provides the lift....

so how or what can i do to explain to him that setting the struts to 1.77" or whatever will actually lift the front end of the vehicle? not just increase the travel length

before anyone says anything, i know ...
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firestone airbags in action

Installed firestone airbags a couple of weeks ago. Today I had my first chance to put them to the test. I bought a ton of pellets at the lowes today and watched as the truck sunk down but this time I put 80 psi in the bags and up it went. Right back where it started from. It rode great. It worked great.
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Does this 2015 1500 SLT Z71 have a lift??

Just picked up this 2015 Sierra 1500 SLT Z71 4x4 to replace my totaled 2014 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 2WD.

How can I tell if this truck sits like this factory or if there is a lift on it or leveling kit?

It sits up a lot higher than my last one. This 2015 has 20" rims with 285/55/r20 BFG All Terrain tires. My last truck had 18" rims with stock tires. It feels like ...
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Thinking of the 6.5" zone lift

Hey guys,thinking of removing my 3/2 level lift and going with the zone 6.5 lift.Mine is a 2wd..I figured the lift knuckles would be better also than the 3" spacer on the front.Just wanting some feedback and if anyone has 07-13 with a 6.5 please post some pics.Also is there anything I should watch for or be aware of..I'll be running my 20x10 -24 Moto Metals with 33x12.5s..thanks in advance..this is ...
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common signs wheel bearings are bad/ going bad common signs wheel bearings are bad/ going bad

a weird noise started on my truck today and I have no clue what it is....sounds like its coming from front right tire it does it non stop but when I turn to left it really gets going...I can feel it in floor board some times, the wheel has a lot of play in it when its jacked but my tie rod is pretty bad off... was just wanting to know some things that might ...
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