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Discuss the system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects your truck to it's wheels. The suspension is the the system contributing to the trucks handling, and keeps vehicle occupants comfortable and isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.


OK I have a 2011 2wd cc.It does have blocks in the back,size im not sure.I do have the HD suspension on my build sheet if that means anything when doing this.Im going with the MOTOFAB spacer that sits on top of strut,either 2" or 2.5"..my front and rear from center of center cap to fender are saying 2.5" different.Im reading alot online ,some people have the 2.5" and said it sits slightly higher and ...
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Installed a 2.5" level, thinking about dropping to a 2"

Hey so I just installed a Motofab 2.5" front spacer level kit and had my new tires put on. I also have a 1" block to add to the rear to bring it up to match the front, but I'm thinking the front has a little too much air between the tire and the top of the fender. As it sits now there's no rubbing but from looking at it it'd likely only rub on ...
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Bolt size and length for bottom leveling spacer

Hey guys. Anyone measured their leveling kit bolts that use a bottom spacer? Needs to buy me some and it's raining. So, naturally, I'm going the lazy route and asking the interwebs first. Haha.

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Control arm suggestions

Hey all new here, but already loving how much info you guys have. Time for me to pick your brains.

I just picked up a "high mileage" (176k) 2005 silverado 1500 Z71 4x4 that is in great shape but needs some love.

The previous owner at some point put a block lift of undetermined size, either 3" or 5", I can't tell. It looks to me like there are 2 blocks, one 3" and one ...
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leveling 92 gmc k1500

Ok so I have a 92 gmc k1500 I'm trying to level it. The front end is very low it's a Z71 so i dont know if that matters. I've been told torsion keys but I've seen the problems they have. I was told to get lift spindles then torsion lift I'm lost on what to do. I was always a F**d guy but always liked 90's Chevy trucks so here I am plz help.
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Pitman arm issue

On my 2004 Silverado 4x4 it has a 6" suspension lift made by trail master. The pitman arm is in contact with the front differential and I cannot figure out my issue. I don't know much of the history on the truck I just purchased it.
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Is $1200.00 too much for an additional 1/2" of lift?

My current tires are down to the wear bars and the new BFG All-Terrains have a 1/2" of tread depth, so I will be lifting the truck that 1/2" with the new tires.
I know... you read the topic and figured "Who is this idiot?"
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Has anyone removed a leaf and added air bags?

I had this great idea. Not all of my great ideas are actually all that great, and I am trying to see where this one sits.

The rear of my truck sits about three inches higher than the front, and that makes it kind of high for getting in and out, and unloading.
I do haul and tow occasionally, which is why I want the air bags: to maintain the height when loaded.

I would ...
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Bump in suspension

Gentlemen, I am having an issue that I had before on a 1992 Explorer. I just can't remember what was causing it. Feels exactly the same. Maybe someone here can help jog my memory. When I put my truck (1996 k1500, 5.7, automatic) in gear, I can feel a bump, almost like the front axle doesn't quite start moving at the same time the rest of the truck does. If I pull into a parking ...
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New member looking for advice New member looking for advice

Hello, looking for input on good durable heavy duty shock absorbers for my 2500HD. I would appreciate your feedback, thanks!
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