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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.


I'm a newbie to this forum so bear with me, I traded my Tacoma off for a 2013 Silverado 1500 when I took a new job 5 months ago. I work on the road and haul my camper wherever we go. I made sure to get a truck that could handle my camper, dry weight is 7500 lbs. I've hauled it quite a few times, over wolf creek pass twice. It's never had a problem. ...
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Did some work on my pick up ,needed some rear axle bearings and seals. Looking at seals from the aftermarket Name Brand specializing sealing products a to z (5 different supply parts services) no one had the seal sealing surface area and design of the original. most were 1/8 inch at most (seal width), some slightly larger .The factory seals that got at the dealership were a little more $ than aftermarket,far superior in design.Some ...
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Clutch Issues....

Hey folks,

I recently picked up a 1990 1500 with the V6. Since I bought it I noticed that the only way to shift from 1st to 2nd without it grinding is to double-clutch it. Also, it will not downshift into 2nd without grinding unless stopped. All other gears shift just fine and when I double-clutch it even 1st to 2nd is fine every time. But coming up to a stoplight I can only engine ...
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Creaking noise coming from the front

I recently had to have my transmission rebuilt. I took it to a buddy who would drop it and reinstall it for cheap. I got it back and on the way home I noticed a strange errgghhh sound when i would put a load on the engine and take the load off. I have a video link below so you can hear the sound. I cannot figure out what it could be. Any help is ...
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transmission not going in to park but shift lever does

Shift lever goes in the park position but tranny marker will not go in to R. I start it in neutral then shift to desired gear when ready to park the truck shifter in park position but indicator on dash and transmission will not go pass R. :?:
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HELP! Changed Trans Fluid, and now having issues

Dropped the pan and Changed the trans fluid and filter last week in my 2011 5.3 Z71 Crew Cab 6L80E. Truck had 105k miles on it when I changed it, and ran just fine.

Refilled it with 6 quarts of Dexron VI, and checked the level in both park and neutral with the engine warm and running and its within the level.

Fluid didn't smell, and didn't really seem overly burnt. I compared the new ...
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1999 Sierra 4wd problem

I have a Sierra 1500, it's a 99 and I'm having 4wd issues. 4lo, auto 4wd both work but 4hi does not. The actuator on the front diff works fine, and I can hear the t-case engage in 4lo and auto 4wd. I was thinking encoder motor but before I go spend a bunch of money on one I wanted to get some advice. Push button switch seems to work fine. When I push the ...
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frustrating noise

Noise happens intermittently, and i haven't been able to reproduce it when I have time to try and inspect. Only once on my way into work was I able to Get under and get an idea of where it's coming from.

2003 1500 z71 4x4

Here it goes

I only have noticed it when I shift from park to drive, if it does it in reverse i haven't noticed it. But when the truck is ...
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Sudden hard shifting from first to second gear Sudden hard shifting from first to second gear

2007 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 LT 5.3 V8

So drove my truck out in campground to do some shooting this weekend. Drove through some tractor trails to get back there (pretty flat and only one spot that was slightly washed out). Top speed may have been 10mph there and back. I noticed on way back I heard something dragging. When I got back to the house I got busy with other things and forgot about ...
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700r to 4l60e swap

I have a 94 k1500. Trany is bad i thought it was a 4l60e so i bought a used one after i cralled under i realized they look different. I belive my tranny is a 700r. Can i just swap them out or will additional parts be needed?
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