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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

2003 Sierra 5.3 Transmission Whine

I have recently bought a 2003 Sierra 5.3 with 122k miles. I test drove the truck before buying (when it was cold) and did not notice any unusual noises. I have put just over 1000k miles on it since I bought it and the transmission makes a definite whine, especially when cold. It is possible I just didn't hear it when I test drove it but I doubt it. I see there are some other ...
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Rear end

Wondering what my rear end would be on my 05 quadrasteer 5.3 tried looking in the glove box and the owners manual cant figure it out read something online about it being Dana 60 but i dont know much about rear ends really any help would be great
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need help ! regearing or tuning need help ! regearing or tuning

I need help with figuring out what I need to regearing my truck and what tuner I need or how to tune it? I currently have a 2013 1500 Silverado a 5.3L 4x4 z71 with 3.08 gearing. And have a full throttle 7"lift with 35"wheels on 18" method rims . I need to change the gears cause I'm towing a new boat that's 5k dry and the trailer is around 1500 I think , plus ...
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2500HD 4X4 LS 6.0L auto

OK... so while driving home at 65mph I had ABS and Brake light on dash go off with some loud noise. After slowing down there was an audible noise and nothing I could see was wrong.
I have inspected rotors, pads, lines, etc. and the rotors and pads are essentially new. I replaced CV axles because I noticed noise was worse when turning, especially in 4wd.
I have replaced the output vehicle speed sensor (located ...
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noise like a howing

howing noise front end i was thinking it was my front 4wd drive shaft u-joint so i took out the 4wd shaft took it for a ride no noise.i left it out all summer no noise all. order the u-joint repalce and put 4wd drive shaft in got the same noise tried 4wd works great the same noise so i was thinking it was stuck in 4wd nope not the caes and change the fluid ...
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auto to manny swap gone wrong????? auto to manny swap gone wrong?????

so i havent been on much since i sold my truck and havent gotten another one till recently. so i got this 4wd 2500 off my cousin for $500 because he couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. he swapped out the auto tranny for a 2wd 5 speed and now the truck is a dog up hill or towing with it or general 3rd gear and up. it ran great when it was ...
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Transmission cooler

What after market trans coolers are you folks running? I'm curious to manufacturer & size. Also what advantages have you seen temp & longevity wise on fluid changes?
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Audible clunk when slowing down from higher speeds

I've noticed that many times, when slowing down from higher speeds (45MPH+) that as I'm slowing down, when the transmission is downshifting, either the transmission or driveshaft makes a clunking noise as it's downshift into one of the lower gears. It doesn't happen so much at lower speeds (20-40MPH), and happens whether I'm stopping quickly or even just coasting to a stop. The truck drives fine, other than this issue. I'm more concerned because the ...
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Possible Transmission Slippage?

So I was driving tonight and had the music turned up loud so I couldn't hear the engine, but while accelerating, all of a sudden it felt like the truck kicked into overdrive around 55-60 mph. Felt just like it and I was accelerating normally on solid ground, and then it stopped when I got over 60 mph. Does this sound like a transmission slippage? I was wearing boots so then again it could have ...
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Speedometer recalibration

I have an 08 Silverado 1500 with 6" lift 35" tires, I installed a Hypertech speedometer calibrator now ABS/Brake lights on.
Programed it for 34.5" the actual tire size, lights came on after. Changed tire size 6 times down to 32" lights still come on,put it back to stock no lights.Does anybody know if the ABS module can be flashed to accept 34.5" tire size?
Contacted Hypertech they said it should work if new tire ...
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