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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Gear Swap In A 4.8

I've got a 4.8 silverado with 3.42 gears in the rear diff. I work this truck alot with trailors and different loads. It's got a CAI and a cat back exhaust;no muffler ran to dala out tthe rear. I want to swap my 3.42 gear for a 3.73 ring and pinion. Can someone tell me some pros and cons other than more towing? has anyone done this swap and was it worth it? Don't attack ...
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At the risk of sounding stupid.....

Got my new 2015 1500 WT. ne of the things it came with is a locking rear end. I have had trucks for decades, but never had a locking rear end. What does it do? Will it have better traction while in 2wd in the snow? Does it realy matter if I never tow? Please be merciful....lol
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HELP!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

So, a day or two ago i went to get in my truck and it had a puddle of fluid under it which i assumed was oil since it was so slick. I checked the oil and it was low so i added a quart just until i could actually change it this week end. i went to work and back and then took my girlfriend to dinner and it started making a rattling noise.... ...
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Loud squealing noise

Hello everyone I have a 2000 gmc sierra1500 and it set for a little while because I had to rebuild the tranny I had the tranny rebuilt and drove it about a month and It started squealing real loud when u let off of gas but not when it was in a strain I checked transfer case fluid and it was bone dry so I thought that was the problem I went to a junkyard ...
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rear locker damage

Recent blowout on dirt road had me replace my left rear tire with the spare.after about a week of driving I notice that the spare is a 265x70x17 and the manuf. put optional 265x65x18 on. Could this have caused damage to my auto locking rear?Looking for opinions before I pick a battle.Should I ask for an 18 inch spare? or more.
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New trans, NO 3rd when cold

Hi guys I have a 1990 gmc sierra k2500 700r4 trans 5.0 v8, old tranny slipped real bad, put in a new rebuilt 700r4 yesterday, now today I noticed I don't shift out of my 2nd gear till my engine temp gauge is reading around 180-190ish, if it matters, old tranny did similar things, it wouldn't LOCK into 3rd until 160-170 and would have no OD till 180-, any advice on where I messed up ...
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Transfer case Transfer case

I am new to this site so if I goof up just let me know.
I have a 2000 Z71 with the auto part time system, the front yoke/out put shaft has a lot of play in it, last winter in 4Hi it worked just fine, no sensible noises or vibrations, this summer Iwe ( my wife and I ) went down to the river where my son was testing his quad, while there I ...
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2009 Silverado hard shift

I'll try to make this as brief as possible. First it's a 2009 4.8 2wd Silverado. Stock has 105k on it. Back in July I was working 7-12s and driving to work one morning when I got off freeway and stopped my truck shift hard into second and continued to do so till I got to work. Since i was so busy I had my coworker take it to his buddys tranny shop that day ...
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Did you get dash lights after regearing? Did you get dash lights after regearing?

I was looking forward to lifting my truck soon, was going to drive with 35's and 3.42's for a couple months until I have the money to regear, but come to find out some people get things such as ABS lights, brake lights, etc, just looking for some answers, was going to get 4.56's if that makes a difference, this is for and nnbs sierra (2011) with the 6 speed tranny, thanks for the help.
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Nv4500 clutch issues Nv4500 clutch issues

Hey guys, new to the site. I have a halftone Silverado with a 350, and nv4500 tranny. I just put a reman Trans in it, and with it a new clutch kit, master cylinder, slave cylinder, and fluid line on the hydraulic clutch. Not even 500 miles on any of it. Recently I went to back out of a parking lot and the truck wouldn't come out of reverse. I eased off the clutch a ...
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