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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

2wd conversion to 4wd 2wd conversion to 4wd

Hi im new here and I just had a question can you convert a 2wd into a 4x4 and about how much work it would take and how long to it would take to convert
I have a 2008 gmc 1500 5.3 v8 2wd, and I found a 2012 gmc 1500 5.3 4x4 on a salvage site for parts, it was a roll over the front end looks decent the truck starts, but what exactly ...
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do full synthetics in the drive line help 2014 mpg? do full synthetics in the drive line help 2014 mpg?

I thave a 2014 silverado, 40k km on it and I love the truck. I do a lot of extremely cold winter driving up in northern Canada. I was wondering if anyone has changed all their drive line fluids to full synthetic and if so did you notice an mpg improvement. I noticed with my truck that when its -20°c my truck has to work much harder to maintain speed, and my mpg goes down ...
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I think I may have a rear end or transmission leak.

I went out to my garage this morning and just happened to look underneath my 2014 Silverado with only 500 miles and I noticed 3 drops of some sort of red fluid that is very oily underneath the rear end of my new truck.

I didnt crawl underneath it to see if I could find where its coming from but from where the oil spots are it seems its coming from the rear end.

Is ...
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Feeling of a "thud" followed by slight rev @ end of 2nd gear

Hey guys.

By flare I mean revs up a couple hundred RPMS.

Driving in "D" this isn't as noticeable but it's hard to replicate problems in "D" so I'm doing this in "3", so no overdrive activation.

When accelerating through gears at any pace really about 60-80 percent of the way through 2nd gear I'll feel a little thud, sometimes followed by a slipping-like rev up by a few hundred RPMS then right back into ...
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Driveline lock up

05 1500 Silverado. Having some weird issues with the driveline in my truck and assuming it is the trans. Everyone once in awhile over the last couple days if the truck sits for a few hours and I put it in gear to move it the truck locks up. This does not feel like a brake hanging up. The truck revs and is sometimes completely locked and others it will crawl. This happens in in ...
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Transmission Shot or Not Transmission Shot or Not

Hi All,
Being female and without a trusted mechanic, I am reaching out for advice so that I can make an informed decision regarding my 89 Chevy CK2500 4x4!

I purchased this truck a couple of years ago (May 2012) and my roommate has been driving it since! Due to an obvious lack of communication, neither one of us had ever checked the transmission fluid before now, now that it will no longer shift into ...
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NP 246 transfer case

Hello all-
I had the very common pump rub issue and I got my parts in the mail today to fix it. (New rear half of the t-case, merchant auto pump upgrade) I got it all put back together and the t-case works fine, 4HI, 4LOW, 2HI all work. However, while driving at varying speeds, there is a whining, almost metalic scraping noise coming from the t-case now. It's not loud enough to hear in ...
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06 4wd problem

My dad's 06 work truck hasn't had working 4wd for several months. He's taken it to a mechanic friend a few times and they've thrown a few parts at it. But it's still not fixed.

That's really all I know at the moment, I'll try to figure out what they did and post it in a bit.

So my question is, what could be the problem? I'm sure there's multiple things. It's got the 4.8, ...
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what gear front diff

I have a 2007 2500 hd 4+4 need to know do I have a 3.75 or do I have 4.10 in front diff thanks
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What RPO codes define HD Towing options

New to the pickup truck world
I see in my RPO's I have
G80: which is some sort of Posi differencial
Z82- HD trailering package (Trans cooler, Hi flow air filter ?) I replaced the factory air filter with K&N drop in anyways, and the Airraid MIT is arriving at my house today.
Z85: suspension package, handling/trailering heavy duty
for gears I have 3.08's as I can see it in my Calibration using Hptuners.

If ...
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