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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

2014 5.3L not shifting into 6th in the cold

Anybody else having issues of the truck not going into sixth gear in the cold? Mine works fine in the daytime, but at night I have to bump the cruise down a couple MPH to get it to drop into sixth once I get up to speed. Only difference is the temp I can see.????
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Transmission upgrade

I've got an 03 Sierra Regular cab Shortbed Z71 with a 6.0 swap in it. I've always been a little afraid of all the power it had with a stock 4l60e. I want to add some Ls1 heads and a z06 cam and know I'll definitely need some type of transmission upgrade to hold the horsepower after that. It is EFI Live tuned and the shift points have been notched up and it shifts firmer ...
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Help !

Alrighty so my 2005 4x4 z71 will shift out of gear and into NEUTRAL. At highway speeds or any general speed my truck will act like it lost the tranny but doesn't. I can then pull over and switch to 4auto or 4hand then back to 2hi and continue on then a few moments or minutes later it will do it again. It has the NP8 transfer case . If anyone has had this problem ...
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Trannsmission FLuid Change

Hello Everybody.

Quick question a recently just had a transmission flush done on my truck. Its a 2008 GMC Sierra 4.8 with a 4L60E. I know that GM recommends Dextron VI be put in the tranny but the shop that did the flush did it with Maxlife ATF. my question is will this cause any issues, and it Maxlife a suitable replacment.

Thank you.
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Manual Transmission in a new sierra Manual Transmission in a new sierra

I've got a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, but it's time for a new truck. Is there anyway to get a NEW (2014-2015) sierra or Silverado in a manual Transmission? Not just the manual setting, but a proper manual. I could get the new Canyon but a manual is only available in the 2wd 4 cylinder engine. The only truck i know of is the Tacoma, and that is a damn nice truck.

Is there ...
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Weird Vibrating noise coming from...? Please Read!

Hey guys hope your having a good day, just have a quick question. So I recently noticed this weird vibration/noise when im hitting 1400 RPM, and I cannot pinpoint it. I have been told it might be the tranny but it shifts great and ONLY has the vibration at 1400 RPM. If I am accelerating , you still just barely notice it as the tach passes 1400 RPMs. If I am just cruising with very ...
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Transfer case module

08 silverado . Has any one used a used transfer case module do the need programming mine is shot thinking of buying one from junk yard thanks..
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yet another gear question

i have bone stock 2013 4.3L v6 4 speed auto rcsb with 275/55/20 which is right at at 32" tire with 20x9 wheels that id say were medium heavy. i definitely felt a weight increase after changing from stock 17s. tow light loads pretty often. 70% city driving, 30% hwy driving. stock gears are 3.23.

question: 3.73 or 3.90 or 4.10.

ive honestly been leaning toward 4.10 but dont want screaming highway rpms and even ...
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Differential Leak Differential Leak

I've noticed some saturation around the driver side front axle in my 99 silverado z71. However i paid little attention until now. I recently changed all my differential fluid and have noticed a somewhat severe leak on the driver side front. I Plan on crawling under it later today and removing the skidplate to look for the leak. Any tips of determining if the the leak is coming from the differential seal or the actual ...
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Tcase neutral question

transfer case gurus,
I am having a problem with my t case. make a long story short, i pulled t case, rebuild and while i had it out i replaced the shift motor as mine wasn't working(4wd service message-it was as it since Ive bought the car). t case back in car, shift motor from bone yard. now: i didn't put t case in neutral when installed(i didn't know to do that). for the first ...
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