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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Sensor interchange on '92/'93 5 speed normal duty manual Sensor interchange on '92/'93 5 speed normal duty manual

I am working on a '92 c1500 with what I believe to be 5lm60 (I don't think nv3500 came out until '93). I need a reverse light switch and a vehicle speed sensor. Can I get these off a '93 with a normal duty manual? Transmission seems the same on the outside, but I do realize that the nv3500 and the 5lm60 look similar
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Rear diff

Update - changed the rear diff fluid. Easy peasy!

It took right at 3 quarts tho. I could stick my finger in and get a little on it so level is good but that's more fluid than I thought. I thought it was a little over 2. Test drive and new more noise from the ring and pinion. How does the wear pattern look?



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2006 1500 4WD Shifting

Hi, first time poster.

I have a basic 2006 Silverado 1500 4WD, with the Vortec V6, automatic transmission, and manual shift to 4H and 4L on the floor.

The issue I'm having is that while I can shift from 2D into 4H without issue (I typically do this at low speed due to snow or mud conditions), when I shift back to 2D it doesn't 'take' right away, and even though the shifter is in ...
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rear end problems

i have a 2005 silverado 1500 z71. it has the g80 differential. the other day i have issues with hoping the rear end i get some vibration going down the highway but it comes and goes. i think it only does it when its at operating temperature. i had a guy swap out gears from 3.42 to 4.10 it ran fine sense july cause i needed a little bit more pulling power to pull my ...
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09' Sierra Service 4x4

Just got my truck lifted and the new rims and tires on her. Truck felt great! Then today I started it and none of the gauges read. **** it off and started it again and it gave an ABS light and service 4x4. Truck wouldn't take the gas and shifted hard each time. Limped it to my shop to take a look and when I started it up again all was fine. Shifting was fine ...
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Is my 4x4 working?

I have a 1991 gmc serria 4x4. When Im driving I can feel the power going to the front wheels however when I get it stuck in snow only one back tire will spin yet the front prop shaft is still spinning. Is this how the truck is meant to work or is there something wrong with my front diff?? Thanks for the help.
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3:73 rear differential

Hey guys, so my rear end complete locked up the other day doing about 60 km. Truck did a 360 and came to a complete stop. The only way I could get it off to the side of the road was to put it in 4 low and 2nd gear. My question is could this have damaged my transmission. As the truck will only try to move in 4low 2nd and reverse. Thanks
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tow/haul issues any ideas

A little off topic but 2008 3500 dually with 6.0 & allison 6 speed. In tow/haul mood it shifts perfect up to sometimes 2nd other times 3rd & all of a sudden around 45-55 while pulling it suddenly shift back down for no reason & wont shift back up. It doesn't do it all the time but more so than not. Rpm's will jump to 5500 0r so if ya dont let up or hit ...
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Anyone get this message on the diablo?

Retuned my truck this morning after switching back to regular gas from e85 and this message came up after trying to go to adjustable parameters. I was able to install the 87 tune for the ecu but it skipped the tcm tune. I haven't done anything with the truck yet, just wanted to see if anyone has a solution. Image

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A solution for shifting issues related to P0961

So recently I've been experiencing an issue with my 4L60E transmission.

Thought I'd post my symptoms, diagnostic and solution to my issues for future assistance to others who may have a similar situatio, because I've found some info on the symptoms I was having but without a clear solution.

First off I have a 2008 Sierra 4.8 4L60E, issues were the truck becoming sluggish off a stop, and very slow shifting into all gears and ...
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