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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Transmission oil cooler replacement Transmission oil cooler replacement

My 2004 GMC Sierra Z71 5.3 has had a slight leak on the transmission side of the auxiliary transmission fluid cooler. I've been watching it carefully and planning the replacement for a few weeks. Just needed time and the parts. After an inspection I found corrosion the corrosion to only be right around the coupling where the hose hooks into it to return to the transmission. Now the question was. Do I replace with stock ...
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Now 3 weeks into my truck repair... Now 3 weeks into my truck repair...

Hey everyone. I'm Joe (new to the site). I have a 92 Silverado C1500 4.3L side step truck thats well, awesome!
Around 3 weeks ago my truck decided it no longer wanted to go into gear. I had never worked on a transmission before but low on cash I thought, I can do this. So I replaced the slave and hydraulic line that had a leak. Then after bleeding the brakes it became extremely difficult ...
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Which transmission????

Hey guys. Been looking into the 2009-2013 Sierra Denali's. I'm sure you all know they have the 6.2l and AWD. Just curious what transmission it has? Is it the 6L80?? If it is that, does anyone know how much power those can hold?
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New rebuilt transmission installed AND

when I put it on reverse it makes a metal noise..

I had to change my transmission when I was in holiday away from home. The work has been done by a shop specialized with transmission. they installed a first one but a road test failed as oil was dripping by the tranny. then they installed a second one.

There`s a two years warranty on that transmission. I begin to wonder if it was really ...
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I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado crew cab lt truck that has the service 4wd light on. It has the 4 bottom 4wd with -auto 4wd, 2hi, 4hi,4low

Symptoms are-
-Turn the truck on and all the 4wd buttons flash then go off. And do not light up or flash when you press them.

-stuck in 4wd low.

-the lights were all out and they suddenly came back on showing it was in 4wd low. ...
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ok. i bought a used 4l60e out of a 99 ws6. Has 90k on it. i picked it up for cheap. the guy said it was pushing 700whp on turbo lq9. He said it wont shift in 3rd at WOT. Is this trans safe to run as long as im easy on it for at least a month until my trans gets warrantied?
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Help locating squeak w/ video

Trying to track down a squeak. Noticeable only at operating temp. Not present in reverse. Independent of RPMs. Squeak dissapears above 25/30 mph, turns to a thump at highway speeds.

The squeak was present before the repairs listed below, and is still present:
In the past few weeks I have replaced:
Serp belt with new pullies/tensioner
New total front end including hubs/joints/bushings (stock centerlink)
New shocks all the way around
New SS
Hydroboost flush
New ...
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converter causing idle issues?

03 silverado 5.3l 4l60e been having rough idle issues ever since the truck sat in some deep water.. (kept running) i finally got rid of all the codes that would pop up but i still have a random idle.. it has its own rythem to it if you want to call it that.. and i can make it more noticable when holding the idle at 2500rpms.. when doing that about every 30 seconds on and ...
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Some more 4l60e questions.

I recently picked up a mint 95 Sierra k1500 5.7 auto with 152k miles. Orig owner up till 146k miles was a fanatic mechanic and replaced all known problems (brake system, fuel system, charging system) posi rear, dexcool and tranny flush every 50k miles plus more. Second owner barely drove it and also too good care of it. Never towed or beat on. Yesterday I was driving and in 1st gear I could hear a ...
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Transfer Case

Are the nv261 and np261 transfer cases the same?
I have seen them referred to interchangeably and separately in some of the same articles.

Could some one help clear this up?

Is the "New Version 261" designation in articles referring to the np263, and the "New Process " designation referring to the np261?
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