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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Down shift shock second to first

I've noticed lately that when my 6spd *sometimes* shifts from second to first it's a bit rough/jolt. It almost feel like it sits in neutral for a split second before dropping.
Tranny fluid level and colour look fine, only has 73000km/45000mi, doesn't throw any codes.
I'm an idiot and always have music playing so I'm not sure if there is any noise associated with the gear change. I will have to remember to keep the ...
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2015 8 Speed transmission noises

Hey all, question for anyone with the 8 speed in their 14-15 6.2 Sierra or Silverado...

I've got two noises driving me crazy... Just went in to the dealership who told me they're normal, but wanted to post here for anyone else who might have the same... Or not...

This is a 2015 Sierra with the 6.2 and 8 speed. One noise is a high pitched whine, which you can hear as I shift between ...
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Driving in soft sand Driving in soft sand

Hi there, does anyone have any tips for driving in soft, dry, loose sand?
I am driving a 2015 Silverado HD 2500, 6.0 V8 auto. As I live in Abu Dhabi, there is often a need to drive across loose, dry sand. I got stuck a few weeks back, and could not get it out, ended up calling a tow truck to pull me out (I was just a 10 meters from the highway!).

No ...
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shifting issues

I have an 07 Silverado automatic LTZ. Sometimes when pulling out of some where, the transmission seems as if its starting out in a higher gear and has little power for pulling the truck, I pat the gas and at that point have no throttle response at all. I have to pull over, put it back in park and start all over again, vehicle shifting like normal. no certain time or place it does it, ...
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Quote from a dealer to re-gear from 3.08 to 3.42

I have been reading some post about the 3.08 being a dog when it comes to towing and it does really lower the tow rating for my 2015 Crew Cab with the 5.3. I decided to get a price from my dealer to change my truck to 3.42 thinking if the dealer does it my warranty will be protected. Here is the breakdown of the quote.

Ring and Pinion $659.47
Bearings $201.60
Gasket $29.68
Fluid ...
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Electrical Short question 4x4...somebody! please!

AFter a second trip to the Chevy garage because I have no 4x4 lights/4x4, I was told today that I have a short somewhere in the dash from the TCCM to the fuse box....

They said it could be difficult to track down.... I'm not sure if they were saying that I couldn't do it and they needed to do it to make money off of me or what...

There's a ton of wires back ...
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Swapping up to a 4.10 Gear

So after a year of owning and towing my 27ft TT with my 6.2, I think its time to give her some help. I've noticed a pretty significant loss in torque with the 2.5" Level and 285's, so a swap to some 4.10's is in my future.

Having read around a bit, and checking out Randy's Ring&Pinion - am I correct in assuming that my 2009 has the 14 Bolt 9.5" Rear, and 8.25 IFS ...
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Transmission delayed shift?

Hi guys

Ive been lurking around since i bought my 01 1500hd 6l(265000km) 4x4 4l80e 4:10 gear and appreciate any help.

Shift from 1st - 2nd seems almost delayed(length of delay depends on amount of throttle) and when it shifts it feels like a slap in the diff?

It seems to be more frequent now as before it was once and a while.

Transmission was serviced- oil was black but did not notice metal shavings. ...
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Gear ratio rpms and mpgs Gear ratio rpms and mpgs

Here comes another of many gear ratio questions that are already on here. I do not want this to turn into a debate on which gear is better. I've searched hours on different boards to find the answer i am looking for but have not come up with anything. Everyone seems to beat around the bush when someone is trying to find what rpms would be for certain gear ratios at 60mph, 75mph etc. I ...
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rattle noise bell housing area

Good morning folks,
I've got an odd one here. 2000 Silverado 2500 6.0 4l80. Ive got a almost tinny rattle seemingly from the bell housing area of the transmission. When cold you can hear it in park, in drive or reverse, worst on cold start. Will get quieter after driven. Is gone after 20 minutes of driving. Not a wrist pin or exhaust shield noise. I cannot center noise while listening through a screw driver. ...
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