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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Two Wheel Burnout With Open Differntial? Two Wheel Burnout With Open Differntial?

I was wondering if a Open differential Silverado with 3.42 gear (if the gears matter) can do a two wheel burnout? I was researching this and found that it's possible as long as you are going in a straight line with equal traction you can do a two wheel burnout.
I've seen videos and it seems true. Can both spin doing a burnout in a straight line or a brake stand? Can it burn both ...
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4 trans later still same problem pls help 4 trans later still same problem pls help

i have put 4 transmissions in my truck its 99 1500 with the 5.3 in it i have put 3 different torque converters in it. No matter what gear i put it in the driveshaft will only spin counter clockwise. When i start it in neutral the driveshaft immediately spins counter clockwise.
For some reason I think i am not getting pressure , I have checked the lines, fluid levels are fine but can't figure ...
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Do I have a leaking seal?

I changed my brake fluid this past weekend and saw that the rear of my drive shaft is coated in something and it is all over the differential. It looks like it is leaking where a seal might be. The truck is a 2016 with 48,000 miles and I just had the drive train fluids flushed about 5000 miles ago. Could the flush of done this?
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rear axle bearing failed- what axle to use?

Hi! new to the site and had a quick question. So my passenger side rear axel bearing failed on my 2008 silverado 5.3 z71 with the 8.625 differential. Got all new bearings and seals for both sides, figured I'd do brakes shoes while I'm at it. So my dilemma is, it scored all hell out of my axel and I'm looking to order one but they range in size. I'd like to go with a ...
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Rear main seal oil leak Rear main seal oil leak

Hey yall, first time posting here but just wanted to get an opinion on something. So I started to see drops of oil under my car where ever I parked so I checked it out and it looks like I have a rear main seal oil leak. I have a 2004 GMC Sierra, with 197,000 miles. Runs really well still and rebuilt the transmission about 2 years ago. Since my last oil change about 2,500 ...
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bigger trans cooler pics

hi i just finished installing a trans cooler with a fan. i got some pics before i covered everything back up.


the kit cane with almost everything i needed. just had to buy some steel for brackets, extra hose clamps and 3/8 hose barbs.


thats my factory cooler


i messed around building brackets for half ...
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Junk it or fix it?

Hoping for some advice on my GMC truck with an engine problem. Cylinder #5 has a miss fire when idling and only 98 compression. Truck runs fine, does not burn oil but won't smog.

I've done everything short of pulling and rebuilding the heads..... plugs, plug wires, coil, injector, intake cleaner, etc. Leak down test that was not much help. Value covers were pulled and springs look ok, no broken springs I could see. Two ...
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4.3 silverado trans blown

I have a 2003 silverado with a 4.3 v6 and the trans is toast. I need to know if I can use one from an s10. I know they're the same transmission but I don't know if the input shafts are the same. Any clarification would be helpful.
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3.73 regear when? 33's? 34's? 35's?

I've been reading and can't seem to find a definitive answer for my setup.

I've got an 11 NHT with the 6.2L and 3.73 gears. I will tow my car occasionally and will not be doing any offroading.

I'll be getting new rims and tires in the 33" to 35" range. My question is at what size tire do I need to regear with my setup?
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4L60e tranny swap

My '05 Silvy has almost 170K miles on it and I am getting ready to swap out the oem NV3500 manual 5 speed and put in a "built" 4L60e automatic (along with swapping the oem 4.3 for a 5.3). I will be keeping my manual shifted T-case, which has been upgraded.
This won't be cheap, but I'm thinking it will make my truck into a much better daily driver and more capable off-road machine. I ...
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