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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Dashes for trans temp in cluster

I have a 2010 1500 4x4 4.8 and have noticed that this summer the trans temp worked good but now that's it's cold outside I have 3 dashes for the trans temp I just bought this truck in middle November and temps was still in the 80s now temps are in the teens and I don't have a reading is this normal or is something going on I also don't have any check engine lights ...
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poor mileage after transfer case reprogramming

I bought my 2015 silverado 1500 in Dec of 2014. I had the transfer case reprogram recall done in December of 2015. My mileage was as good and sometimes better than advertised for a year, but since the reprogramming of the transfer case my mpg has dropped by 30%. The local dealer says the mpg drop is from the winter blend of gas and the cold dense air. It's funny that the winter blend and ...
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Just want to vent!

I have a 2012 Silverado 1500 LTZ that I purchased new with 45,000 miles on it. I have a 72 month 72,000 mile GMPP warranty. Lately when in 4WD Auto or 4HI there is a whine or sound like a tire hum that gets worse under load. I brought it to my local dealership (that has sold since buying the truck) Monday 2/1. Fearing I was going to get the they all do that I ...
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Transmission(?) help

After it snowed last night I started my tuck and had trouble backing out of the driveway (I'm getting the 4wd serviced next week, and I figured the trouble was due to the snow). However, on the way to work the whole thing was bucking and having trouble getting past 35 mph. When I put it in park it was making some strange sounds like grinding gears and smelled like rotten eggs.

Any help or ...
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08 1500 Rear Diff Capacity 08 1500 Rear Diff Capacity

Anyone know the capacity of rear diff on a 2008 1500 2WD?

Our owners manual is a complete joke.

Will be changing it over to redline gear oil 75W-90 at 60K. Trans fluid is next.
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Trailer Towing using cruise Trailer Towing using cruise

I have recently bought a 2005 Silverado Z71 Crew Cab 5.3L, 4 Speed with 3:42 gears. When I am towing either my utility trailer or my TT using Cruise, the rpm's run 4k. I am not using tow haul, but instead running it in 3rd. But when I do not use cruise, running at 70mph the tach is reading about 2800 rpm. Am I doing something wrong or is it something with the truck??

Thanks ...
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6 speed manual shift

Hi All, new to forum. Have a 2015 Silverado with v6. Is there a chip that will allow me to actually chose the gears on the collumn shifter +- switch rather than merely suggesting a shift.

Thanks, Dave
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Tow/haul mode

2004 Silverado transmission acts like the tow/haul mode is stuck on, when cruising down the road at 55mph it runs 2k rpms and that seems to high. Stock size tires. Any thoughts??
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Slight Ticking Noise

Within the past few weeks, anytime I drive past a concrete wall or a building I hear a ticking noise echoing from my truck. I didn't think much of it until this week, mainly because my radio is being weird and driving in silence brings out the most of problems :x

Anyway, I have had a lifter tick and I originally thought it was that getting worse. ...
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Confused about which u joint to get

I went on rockauto.com and didnt expect to see 20 different kinds of ujoints there with different kinds of measurements. I want to get the original replacement part for both ends of the driveshaft. I have a 04 silverado crewcab short bed
Read more : Confused about which u joint to get | Views : 117 | Replies : 3


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