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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Fastest 1/4 mile times

what would be the best way to race a 1/4 mile. what i mean what gear do you leave in , manual or drive adn if you do manual what rpm do you shift up in?
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Gear ratio for 35s Gear ratio for 35s

I'm new to the forum and I'm trying to find out what gear ratio would be best for me.I have a 2008 chevy silverado lt with a 6in bds lift kit nitto 35s and a 5.3l v8 4speed tranny 3.73 gears. I tow a lot around town every thing from a 6-12 land scalping trailer with 2 mowers and other small equipment etc. And once or twice a year I tow the car trailer with ...
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Adding E-Brake to Transmission Tailshaft

I want to put the E-Brake on the end of my transmisson like the medium duty commercial rigs. Is there an Allision that I can use to directly replace my transmission or is there a kit I can buy to add it to my current transmission?

2008 GMC Sierra 3500HD 4x2 6.6L Going to be a real HD someday...
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Which transmission do I have? Which transmission do I have?

I have a 2007 GMC Sierra Classic 1500 2whl drive. Has the SL trim package. I bought this truck used an it didnt come with no manuals or booklets on anything about the truck. It has a V6 4.3L vortec motor.with an automatic 4 spsd I am wondering what kind of tranny does this truck have in it. I was driving along the freeway today at about 65-70mph an it felt like it got put ...
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Go figure, tranny issues

09 sierra slt, 65000 miles, second owner, 4spd 4l60e piece of garbage. Ok so it started 3 weeks ago or so, it was working fine when I drove home from work on a Friday night and had to run to the store. Noticed it seemed to be dogging pretty bad and then when it hit 2nd it was worse and seemed to shutter. Next day drove fine and then did the same thing. The following ...
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Tow Mode tearing up the G80?

2008 2500HD 6.0L gas 4.10 G80 Allison 6 spd
Do most of my driving around town but when I tow for recreation it is with a fifth wheel configuration and have a total load of 10,000lbs not counting the truck. The first time I had the diff. worked on was at 45k (bearings replaced), the second time was at 54k (replaced both gears, bearings, basically everything). Now at 86k it has gone out again.

I ...
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4WD Not engaging

Just bought 00 sierra w/ 4wd. If push the 4Hi button and turn tight it wont chirp the tires. Also if you gun it rear end breaks loose. There is no 4wd maintenance light on. Also the push button lights up but does not blink. If i listen closely i can hear something clunk under the truck when the button is pushed but not everytime. Is this the actuator thats bad?

Sent from AutoGuide.com Free ...
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Growling when slowing down

Hey guys I am having an issue, and was wondering in someone else has experienced any issues that may relate. In my 2012 GMC 5.3 Z71 when slowing down to turn into somewhere without applying brakes when I roll down to 10 to 12 MPH I can hear and feel this growl. Its almost like when it shifts down into first gear it starts a light growl. Its not overbearing but just enough to aggravate ...
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hypertech shift firmness. yes? no? hypertech shift firmness. yes? no?

i have a 99 sierra z71 5.3 4l60e combo. when i bought the truck the kid gave me a hypertech tuner with it. i have it tuned for 93 octane, the gear ratio and tire size. but i waned to know if anyone knew if changing the shift setting to firm shifts is good or bad for the tranny. its set on right now but it seems pretty harsh. i dont want to replace the ...
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Hard Shift 1-2 and 2-3

OK I tried a search and there were many that started with this topic but zero were resolved - I bought a used Silverado 99 with ~150K and I have been bringing it back from the dead (new water pump, ball joints, wheel brgs etc..) and I was driving home from the campground stopped at the 4 way and when I took off 1,2 was a serious firm bang then 2,3 as well. I took ...
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