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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

4X4 Front Differential Bearing Going Bad

I have been hearing a grinding sound over the last month or so from the front end of my truck which is a 2007 new body style Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 4x4 extended cab. I had my front driver's side axle replaced about 6 months ago when a u-joint broke inside the boot. I also replaced both front wheel hubs and upper control arms w/ ball joints about 6 months ago when one of my ...
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please help. just bought, tranny shifts hard.

Hi, I have a 2007 sierra with 53,000 miles. I recently just bought it from an individual. When I start to drive it shifts kinda hard from 1st-2nd gear . 2nd-3rd not as bad and the rest are fine. If I go slow from 1st-2nd it doesn't do it. Just when u take off regular. My trasmission light also just came on. He installed a K&N air intake and said it was tuned. He said ...
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2000 Silverado Z71

Manual transmission- 5speed, is there anything I can put in the transmission fluid (like Lucas stop slip for automatics) that is good for the tranny? Aren't manual transmissions longer lasting than automatics?
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2009 won't get out of park! 2009 won't get out of park!

So I have a 2009 1500 with the 6 speed auto. 94Xxx miles. Drive to a friends house yesterday and when I go to leave it won't go into gear. I have had no transmission problems prior. What happens is I pull on lever to drop into drive or reverse and the lever slides with zero effort, less than it would normally, but it's smooth all the way down. Not catching like it would at ...
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What should be done on my 01' 4l60e?

Okay so my truck is due for an oil change and I realized I don't know the last time the truck had a trans fluid change or flush since I owned it. The truck has 233k miles and I am not sure what I have to do to complete the job for changing out my fluid on my transmission and filter on this truck. I am only a young buck so dumbing the process down ...
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rear end problems

so I own a 97 k3500 crew cab with the 7.4 back in her prime( back before I bought her) she use to be a pullin truck. so I know she has been drove hard pullin sleds and other trucks. well today the rear end shattered. every time I turned the rear end would slam and the outer wheel would start to skip hop and chirp. then I would get straight and it would slam ...
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I replaced both axles and wheel bearings and wheel seals,rebuilt the diff and bought a new ( used) drive shaft...i have a vibration at 50-60mph it vibrated so much my transfer case is loose and I had to replace the gasket again. So I am lost of what to do next? Help pleases
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towing advice

Hears my delema, I am moving from south Louisiana to southern California. My first plan was for my wife and I to take two separate vehicles, her in the tahoe towing the 4runner and me in the Silverado towing the other Silverado. Well, she doesn't feel comfortable towing something. So now I have a delema, we decided to just drive one vehicle towing another, and ship or sell the other two. I wanna take the ...
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2014 silverado trans jerking/kicking

Truck is a 4.3 LT with 5k miles all stock.

Went for short drive to pickup food and noticed truck rpms were bouncing around when off the gas like it was trying to find a gear. This could be felt thru the truck as the trans was jerking/kicking. I was going from 15-50 mph thru town stop and go traffic. Did it in v6 and v4 mode no change that I noticed.

Anybody had this ...
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New Member here need help! New Member here need help!

hey guys im needing help and more knowledge about ugrading differentials. I have a 2001 GMC Sierra Z71 and it has a leveling kit and 31s. Truck feels like it has no power and wont even burn out. A buddy drove it and said I had 3.73 gears. Im planning on lifting it to 8 inch lift with 35s. Thanks guys
Read more : New Member here need help! | Views : 237 | Replies : 4


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