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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

no 4th gear or overdrive

hey guys, so i have an 01 sierra 1500 with the 5.3 and 4l60e. i recently cracked the adapter in between the transfer case and transmission that mounts to the crossmember. got it all back together now and i have no 4th gear or overdrive. i have to keep it in 2nd and cant really go over 50mph. what i think happened was when it cracked, my friend that was driving it at the time ...
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Cv axle assembly good brand

Looking at buying new cv axles. I have been chasing this problem for awhile and Ive already changed the hub bearings with Timkin bearings. The hubs were bad, but noise is still there. So advanced auto has two different brands of cv axles tough one and USA industries. Rock auto has sure track and cardone. Which ones are good brands don't want to buy junk. Thanks for your help guys.
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Shift into reverse from about 35mph

Anybody ever do it?

In a severe dyslexic moment i did. I'm assuming there is some sort of safety so the entire truck shuts down and stays in Neutral? Kinda freaked me out at the time. When I pulled over almost couldn't stop in time to not hit the parked car since I wasn't expecting the no power brakes..LOL.
Sure as sh!t won't be doing that again!
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Keep breaking the front right driveshaft in my 08 z71

I keep breaking the front right driveshaft on my 08z71 excab. Any one have any ideas why this is happening ? It happens only while 4x4 is engaged of course.
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Another Diff Question Another Diff Question

Hey everyone, so I have another differential question. I have already changed out my rear gearing to 4.10 and just recently, it seems as though I have ruined my pumpkin, AGAIN. So I've been too busy crying (not literally) to actually take apart the pumpkin and see what's going on, but I can pretty much assume what's happening. This month I have also been extremely tapped out, financially, so this just isn't my month. My ...
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4-wheel drive transfer case leak

Hey guys,

So every year I have to put some gear oil in my front wheel drive case because of a leak somewhere. I was wondering if anyone had this problem and where to start looking for the leak. I thought it was my oil pan first, then I noticed that it was dry around that area. took it to a mechanic and he said it may be the 4x4 tranfer case.

I want to ...
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Gear swap!

Well I finally decided to swap gears from my 3.73s to 4.56s with a Detroit trutrac. I will be starting this adventure tomorrow morning and will try to take pictures and keep you all updated.

Also I ordered a G2 diff cover from 4wheelparts. the one I ordered did not have the bearing cap supports. They sent me the one with them. A $50 mistake on their part. I did call them and tell them ...
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Cruise Control Cruise Control

So last winter was real bad here in MI, long and cold as hell. I started having issues with the cruise control, after one bitter cold night it wouldn't work if it was below 40 degrees out. It's progressively gotten worse until now when we are starting to hit fall again it won't work if it's below 55 degrees out. So every morning on my way to work I have no CC but on the ...
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Best time for Tranny fluid change

OK, here is the situation. Next year in August, we will be taking a trip from Wisconsin to San Antonio Texas. I plan to pull our 19' travel trailer which is about 2700 lbs dry. I currently have about 21,000 on my truck. The specs can be seen in the info at the right.
It has:
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Can I change a 3:42 to 3:73 just by changing gears or do I need to change the whole rear end?
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