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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

Would you risk keeping the G80 with a new gear install?

Just bought a 2006 Silverado crew 2wd with 167K on the clock. Kinda high miles but that doesn't really bother me as I'm lucky to put 3-4K miles a year on my truck and it's also a one owner prior to me. The truck currently has the 3.23 rear gear with the G80. At least that's what the build sheet and RPO codes say...I haven't popped the cover. In what little I've driven it, it ...
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8 SPD issues and the valve body

I just got back home with my truck and it's new valve body. It's way too early to tell if it will make a difference but I will make sure to update this post after some driving around. Meanwhile this is the invoice from my appointment. There was no TSB or recall and when pressed the service advisor did not know why either.
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Rear end leak

I notice my rear end was leaking last week so i changed my pinion seal and now i noticed that its still leaking from the same spot. I can not figure out what this may be. Its a 02 2500hd. Thanks
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No 4High but 4Low and 2High work fine

Hi Guys,

Hoping for a diagnosis with a 4WD issue. The vehicle is a '95 Chevy K1500 with a 4L60e Tranny which I recently replaced. It has the manual 4WD shift lever on the floor for engaging the 4WD. The tranny works perfectly, but now I have an issue with the transfer case.

Normal 2High works as it should, and i can shift into both 4Low and 4High. When I shift into 4Low the 4WD ...
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Silverado with Busted Front Differential Stuck in 4wd Silverado with Busted Front Differential Stuck in 4wd

So my diff bracket that came with my lift broke, my diff dropped, put everything at an angle/bind and destroyed my front CV's as well as my differential. I pulled my differential out of the truck , and axles so that I can drive it in 2wd to the shop to have it repaired. The issue is now the front drive shaft is continuing to turn and so I can't drive it. I thought just ...
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2014 Silverado stuck in 4wd

Hi all -

I have a 14 Silverado crew cab...last year it got stuck in 4wd and it was reflashed (recall) and has been good ever since. Last night I went to goto work and I got the "service 4wd" message again...it's def stuck in auto.

Dealer said it's not covered under warranty anymore (46k miles)...so hopefully it's just a quick reflash...but, is there anything else I should be looking at? I remember something about ...
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4L60e won't shift

My dad has transplanted a 5.3 with a a 4L60e in to a 71 two wheel drive the engine and ecm are from a 03 the tranny is 04 the transmission only has 2nd and reverse. We have replaced the shift solinoids and the vss. He does not have a speedometer in it yet the wiring harnesses have been made to retro fit.
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Transmission issues? 6.2L 8speed

2015 Sierra with the 6.2L 8sp combo.

I've taken the truck in several times for harsh shifting after it sits a while. They pushed software updates each time, and the most recent has induced a weird shudder when the truck is in high gear (RPMs ~1500). It feels like the truck is trying to shift but the torque converter isn't cooperating? It feels exactly like driving over the reflector strips that mark the edge of ...
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Missing plug

Just bought a truck. I was looking it over and a plug appears to be missing. Can't figure out what it is. Anyone know?
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4wd issues

Hello, the other day I got my recall done for t-case on my 2014 silverado 5.3 z71 for the 4wd not disengaging in winter. Now yesterday I went to try my 4wd for the he'll of it and when it engaged I moved forward like 5ft and then it wouldn't move, like the brakes were being applied but I wasn't touching them. Very hard to turn the wheel as well. Anyone have any help or ...
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