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Transmission and drivetrain related components. Discuss automatic and manual trans repairs and performance or talk about driveshafts or rear-ends and differentials. Diagnostics of 4-speed, 5-speed, or even 6-speed transmissions.

2014 Silverado on 35's and regear... HELP

ok so I have a 2014 chevy Silverado with the 5.3, 4.42's ad its 4x4. I bough/t the truck from the dealer with the lift and tires so I could keep the warranty. I really want to get 4.56(maybe 4.10 I haven't decided)gears but I keep hearing and reading how it will void warranty.When I called the dealer that sold me the truck and mention putting in gears he immediately said NO! and that it ...
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2014 transmission shift problem 2014 transmission shift problem

I dont know if a previous thread has addressed this, but my 2014 Sierra V6 4X4 with the 6 speed trans is shifting poorly from first into second.
The shift takes a long time to complete and often feels like it is slipping before it engages second gear.
This happens pretty frequently but is more pronounced when the engine / trans is cold. 4500 on the clock.
Anyone else have this situation?
Thanks in advance!
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Normal Tranny Temperature Normal Tranny Temperature

Hi, I have been recently checking my tranny temp and I have seen it is always between 180 - 220 degrees. IM NOT TOWING ANYTHING I have a new transmision installed last september at the dealer, I know that normal temps should be 180-200 but 225-230? I know outside temp is 75-80 degrees, what should i do, should i be concearned? I drive 60 miles everyday, and do about an hour border wait everyday.

Thanks ...
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NP8 transfer case and 4speed automatic trans issues NP8 transfer case and 4speed automatic trans issues

I have a 2007 silverado 1500 LT new body 4.8L 4x4 with the np8 transfer case and 4 speed automatic trans with 161,xxx miles.
I have been experiencing many issues with my drivetrain, only on the transfercase and transmission. About 2 weeks ago I was having issues with the VSS which I replaced within 2 days of the issue. That issues has been resolved as of then. Another issue is that I put the truck ...
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Exhaust Valve...Really? Exhaust Valve...Really?

Purchased '14 Silverado 1500 5.3 4x4 dbl cab ... has "chirp" from somewhere( I believe trans). Took to dealership(had over a week) stated there is an exhaust valve that opens & closes causing this "chirp" issue. I had an identical loaner truck(4500 miles on it) with not a single abnormal noise. Really?? An exhaust valve!!

Does anyone know of this "exhaust valve"? Has anyone come across this issue?

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Shift changes after transmission service Shift changes after transmission service

I have an 08 1500 Ext Cab 4wd, 5.3 w/4L60 transmission. I've owned it since new, pull a bass boat throughout the year but nothing really heavy. I always service/maintain my own vehicles and do all the work on my own that I can. Truck is coming up on 90k miles so I decided to service the transmission (filter and fluid). The old fluid did not smell burnt and actually looked a lot better than ...
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Clunk in rear end

I have a clunking sound when shifting to reverse from forward it comes from rear end but appears to be at axle ends not 100% sure of that though. It had it not as loud at 125,000 miles when I bought truck. Now at 196,000 miles is getting very loud is there an adjustment between pinion and ring gears that can be made easy without expensive tools. The fluid has been changed and old fluid ...
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Allison Transmission Service Allison Transmission Service

Hello All,

I posted a question about Allison transmission service maybe a month or two ago. After searching the state for someone who could sell me some Transynd transmission fluid, I found a shop here that specializes in diesel engines, specifically Detroit Diesels, and Allison Transmissions. When I inquired about purchasing fluid, and an external filter for my Allison 1000, they quoted me a price for parts. They then asked me some questions about how ...
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Gear swap?

I'm looking into swapping gears in my 2014 Duramax. Looking into bumping up the tire size to a 37 and am wanting to swap gears at the same time. My question is for the Okie boys around here, any one know of a good shop that does gear work? OKC area? I am willing to travel a little for a good job
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Greasing the u-joints?

i can't find any grease fitting on my u-joint

i washed truck & engine cold (not sensors). use spray-nine then braked cleaner on ujoints (a little). used a bright flashlight. and an inspection mirror. zippo no zerk seen.

i saw one comment (i'll say rumor) by someone GM stopped using them due to leak problems

i know personally replacing ujoint on previous vehicle i had a choice (fitting, or sealed) (i chose sealed)

ANYONE have ...
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