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Mouse nest in the duct work - Questions!

05 Sierra 1500 with the dual climate sliders.

Ever since I got my truck I've had JUNK blowing out of the driver side dash and floor vents. Leaves, candy wrappers, fuzz, sound deadening, dirt, etc. Obviously signs of a mouse nest. I thought it was all out but last night I had a large clump exit the foot vents and some more pieces come out of the dash so it's still blowing out randomly as ...
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Disappointed in Auto Anything

I was looking on Auto Anything for some items for my new truck, every time I go on website a pop up comes up and says enter your e-mail for 20% off your order so I did it. After receiving the code I looked up some things I wanted and everything I put in my cart was uneligible for the discount what a ripoff. I read the fine print and just about everything they sell ...
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Headlights on all the time

2012 HD Silverado. Headlights stay on all the time when you start the truck. You can roll the switch to off and the headlights will go off until you either turn the truck off and back on or manipulate the switch again.
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Best months to buy

Looking for a 2016 Silverado LTZ 4x4 crew with 6.2. As you guys know the 6.2 is harder to find especially with the options Im looking for. My local dealer is pushing me to let him go get one 300 miles (closest one with my options) away but the deal needs to be done by 5/31 to get the $3000 chevy cash incentive. It gets me thinking, if I wait to find something that pops ...
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Transfer Case

Are the nv261 and np261 transfer cases the same?
I have seen them referred to interchangeably and separately in some of the same articles.

Could some one help clear this up?

Is the "New Version 261" designation in articles referring to the np263, and the "New Process " designation referring to the np261?
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RearVision Camera Harness (backup camera)

I have a 2010 silverado which I purchased from a used car dealership a few years ago that keeps surprising me in what was done with the truck before I bought it. After looking into replacing the rearview mirror in my truck to use the camera thats still mounted into my tailgate handle I discovered it is the factory mirror by holding a flashlight up to it which allowed me to see the small screen ...
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So I'm looking at a Silverado. It has the plain stock stereo, and I was wondering about replacing it with the nicer stock stereo with the big screen. Sorry I'm being vague I don't know much about them or what they're called. Thank you for your time
Read more : Stereo | Views : 84 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Mobile Electronics

AC Fan very intermittent

Hello all,

I have owned my truck for about 6 years and so far I have been able to do my own research to fix problems but I am stumped on this one. I searched the forums and the closest topic to the conditions I am seeing is this one. Strange A/C fan behavior

As a precursor- This just started happening today so I am not sure it it will keep doing it and I ...
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2014 Silverado LED door sills

Does anyone know of a company that makes LED lit door sills for the 2014 Silverado? looking for Z71 or Silverado. Ive searched and searched, all I can find was the ones that say chevrolet out of the yukon. Thanks for help in advance.
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Metal Mulisha exhaust on 5.3

How does everyone like this exhaust on their truck. I just got a 2016 Silverado and looking into getting this
Read more : Metal Mulisha exhaust on 5.3 | Views : 29 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Exhaust


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