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Step Bars weight limit Step Bars weight limit

Does anybody know the weight limit for oem 2014 6" rectangular chrome step bar for extended cab? I think part # is 22805440.
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Fastest 1/4 mile times

what would be the best way to race a 1/4 mile. what i mean what gear do you leave in , manual or drive adn if you do manual what rpm do you shift up in?
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Fuel sending unit (fuel gauge)

For 2001 1500 Z71
Any suggestions? Sending unit works sometimes and then stops working randomly. Have changed sending unit in tank and cleaned all grounds. Still only works sometimes.
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1994 Silverado, few problems, steering column first. 1994 Silverado, few problems, steering column first.

I just bought a 1994 Silverado C1500 from my cousin. The engine is in great shape save one freeze plug leak (I can handle that), but the interior has a ton of problems. Instead of loading them all in one topic, I'll just get to the steering wheel first.

He said about a year ago he replaced the steering column. Now, the shift indicator and the turn signals/emergency flashers don't work, the windshield wipers turn ...
Read more : 1994 Silverado, few problems, steering column first. | Views : 27 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Interior

Speaker Install help 2006 1500HD Crew Cab


I am looking for some help in installing my new speakers. I have a 2006 1500hd Crew cab and haven't started anything yet, other than I have bought four new speakers, all matching the size of the stock ones.

Does anyone have a write up on how to do this? I am not putting anything in that the stock stereo can't handle, just some better quality speakers since the previous owner blew these ones ...
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2004 Silverado - No crank. Will BCM prevent cranking?

Will problems in the BCM prevent the truck from cranking?
My truck won't crank or start. I've checked numerous parts, relays, connections, grounds, etc.. It's not showing any codes either, it just won't crank. It has to be something electrical or electronic.
Read more : 2004 Silverado - No crank. Will BCM prevent cranking? | Views : 47 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Electrical

Looking for my first truck advice Looking for my first truck advice

Looking to buy my first truck. Looked at dodge but would like something that is lower in 4X4 and easier to get in and out of. Which years of Chevy/GMC trucks were most reliable after 2007?
Looking to see what fits in my garage better so what is the total length of the whole truck in crew cab vs ext. cab?
And can you remove seat bottom and seat back from the truck to make ...
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AVS AeroSkin Deflector? Opinions?

The other day I was driving my 2010 GMC SIerra at night and my windshield got covered with bugs. I'm wondering if the AVS Aeroskin deflects bugs because it's
just listed as a good protector. Reviews? I like how it's low profile unlike any other big big deflector.
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2010 sierra, relearning tpms sensors

Here's what i done to relearn the sensors, goin from the owner's manual step by step procedure.

First i got the truck in relearning mode for tpms,

I started from front left tire, waited for a chirp sound, got that, then moved to next one, they all chirped including last sensor two chirps to say relearn is done.Then I shut the ignition off, set desired air pressure(33psi), restarted truck and now the dic tells me ...
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New 2013 2500 HD Diesel New 2013 2500 HD Diesel

Ever have this type of thing happen to you? I was sitting there cruising around on Auto-Trader.com just looking and find myself 3 hours later finalizing a deal. If you asked me when I woke up in the Am if I was buying a new truck today, I would have said you are insane, but that's what I did. :)

I found a good deal on a ...
Read more : New 2013 2500 HD Diesel | Views : 121 | Replies : 6 | Forum : Uncategorized Truck Topics


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