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Embroidered Head Rest Embroidered Head Rest

I've been looking on here for a company that does Embroidered headrest for my 2015 Silverado 2500 HD. Does anyone have any recommendation's on a company. Also has anyone had this done and if so can you post pic?
Read more : Embroidered Head Rest | Views : 44 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Interior

New sub

Mmm blt with all the extra toppings.... Lol finally got my sub and amp installed and working. Had amp issues so it had to replace the old one. Good to go know. Nnothing fancy. 400w rockford fosgate 10" paired with 500w alpine amp. Just trying to dial it in now.
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03 Silverado Blower Motor Resistor Plug

I did a little google searching last night, and it seems there is a common problem with this 7 wire harness. However, I figured I would post up pictures and ask opinions of you guys since this is not something I have ever experienced on a Silverado. This plug is obviously toast. So my question is, should I replace the entire pigtail, or the resistor pack as well? Also, is it just 2 bolts and ...
Read more : 03 Silverado Blower Motor Resistor Plug | Views : 63 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Electrical

Beating a dead horse

So I've got a brand new 2014 Silverado WT.

And I got a RC 3.5" lift with UCA, and all that (the premium kit I believe)

Anywho, I've heard the bad angles cause the LCA's to fail prematurely. Not knowing what that meant I googled LCA failure. Those pictures are horrifying!!

I'm wondering

1) Are the new kits as bad as the older kits when it comes to bad angles
2) How many miles/years will ...
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Stebel Nautilus Compact Truck Horn Install Stebel Nautilus Compact Truck Horn Install


I recently installed a Stebel horn into my 09 Silverado. Stock horn sucked, sounded like crap! I dont have pictures of final assembly but can post if anyones interested. Easy to install and sounds awesome!
Read more : Stebel Nautilus Compact Truck Horn Install | Views : 144 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Mobile Electronics

Picture Wanted

I am researching for information on Z71 trucks. I am looking for a picture of a 2002 Z71 Silverado. If you have one please post a picture of it here. Secondary of interest is pictures of GMC Z71s.

On a related note, I have been viewing many pages of pictures on this site. I have found that while there is GMC trucks pictured there is far more Silverados. I would say 5-6 to one. I ...
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09 Denali AWD Adjustable Shocks?

Hi there I want to level my 09 denali but was told that even a leveling kit would cause vibration because the cv's don't like angle's. Just wondering would I still get this vibration using Bilstein 5100 height adjustable shocks to level the front. Thanks
Read more : 09 Denali AWD Adjustable Shocks? | Views : 77 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Suspension

4.3 Exhaust? 4.3 Exhaust?


I have a 2009 Silverado with the 4.3L V6. I currently have the stock exhaust and am looking to get a little more rumble and hopefully a little more MPGs. My question is: how feasible is getting good loud sound out of the V6? The stock exhaust actually has a nice sounding rumble but its not very loud. I've heard if you just get a good high flow muffler it would help as opposed ...
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Need suggestion on rear Shocks Need suggestion on rear Shocks

I need a suggestion on rear shocks for my 2009 Silverado, its lowered 2/4 only rear I need to replace is because stock driver side shock is making a creaking noise.
Been looking at different ones , just like to get opinions on replacements. Thanks
Read more : Need suggestion on rear Shocks | Views : 78 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Suspension

Stock 2011 LML 2500....33's fit?

I'm looking for some feedback for what size tire I can fit on my STOCK 2011 2500 LML 4x4. I'm hoping to run a 0 offset 18 with 33's (275 70 18, or a 285 65 18). Can this be done without major hacking? I do have my torsion bars cranked just 3 turns right now, and know I could probably go another 3....but until I can afford a cognito kit, I would rather keep ...
Read more : Stock 2011 LML 2500....33's fit? | Views : 53 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Wheels/Tires


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