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Studded Duratrac's

Bought some new Duratrac's & had them studded on the original wheels. Going to have them mounted on the truck on the 30th. Then my current wheels & tires will be broken down to have the wheels stripped of all chrome & nickel. After that they will get powder coated in steel gray pearlescent. I can add photos of the peeling chrome/nickel also
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I HAVE A 2014 GMC SIERRA 4X4 SLE 4.3L i want a deep tone prefer dual exhaust i heard the turbo exhaust is the best but looking for guidance from guys with some knowledge on the matter ive only had v8 prior want the same kinda sound but out of my new v6
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Completely Lost Brakes after dealer service doing 70mph! Completely Lost Brakes after dealer service doing 70mph!

The title gives it all away, but this is scary event #2 where I could have been killed by a negligent tech (last time it was loose lug nuts and a rogue rear wheel flying off).

Backstory: Took the truck in to my local GMC dealer on Thursday for new rotors and pads. Caliper boots were all torn so I had them replace too (whole caliper assembly). Basically completely brand new front brakes (all GM ...
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Install of FX-R projectors stage 3 on 2014 Silverado 1500LTZ

Was quite disappointed with the factory projectors (even with HID's) for quite some time now. They were ok, but hard to see at night.

What i bought: Bi-Xenon FX-R stage 3 projector kit with XB35 5500k bulbs and their HD relay harness with capacitor link from http://www.theretrofitsource.com , also bought some extra male and female ends for the headlight bulbs (came in super handy after all)

For example:
Image ...
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New tint and blacked out exhaust tips

Finally went and got a tint exemption and new tint. It's 5% on the sides and back 15% on the windshield.
ImageUploadedByAG Free1414290156.054130.jpg

My exhaust tips where looking a little beat so I hit them with some gloss black.
ImageUploadedByAG Free1414290427.395506.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1414290472.049928.jpg
ImageUploadedByAG Free1414290510.519188.jpg

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What can I do with the 20" LTZ rims

I have these LTZ 20" rims on my '08 LTZ and what to put some off road tires with a more aggressive look however I don't really like the chrome look on a white truck. What's your opinion???
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Rewiring steering wheel volume controls Rewiring steering wheel volume controls

I installed an aftermarket receiver (Kenwood DDX471HD) in my truck (Silverado, 1500 Z71 2013) and I am trying to wire the volume controls that are on the steering wheel (see attached) to work with the new radio. Has anyone done this, or is it even worth the effort?

Also the USB port on my dash now doesn't function, which reading the other threads it seems to be caused by the micro USB port inside the ...
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Fiberglass vs steel bedside panels

Hey guys,

I just bought a 2007 chevy silverado 1500 LS 4x4. Got it in a trade so only paid 2 grand for it. It's got a lot of dents so my question is thinking about doing bedsides fiberglass panels vs the steel. It's cheaper and lighter what u guys think? I will need doors, front fenders and rocker panels. Let me know what u think?
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2014 bed tie downs or bed anchors

My new 2014 Sierra came with these tie down installed in the bed. The salesman told me to bring the truck in if I wanted to move them. Thinking that was a stupid idea I did a little searching on the web. These are not well designed but a little modification can eliminate some potential problems. Take these out with great care.
There's nothing to prevent if from falling apart as you remove it and ...
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Flipped my 2014 Sierra

Well last month I was sitting at a red light and a guy decided to cut through the gas station to my right, and avoid the very light I was sitting at. He came speeding out of the gas station and I seen him and gunned it trying to avoid the contact. Long story short, I didn't react fast enough and the guy hit me between my pack passenger tire and back door. His Chevy ...
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