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Wiring for halos and off-road lights

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was ok to hook my off-road lights and my halo headlights up to the terminal in the picture below. It's where the red cable is connected. Thanks guys!
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GMT900 Blend door actuator

Have a question for you all.

I have a 2007 Silverado 1500, new model (GMT900) LT.

My Heat/AC gets stuck on hot when I switch it to hot, and will not go into cool mode, (even with A/C on), until I shut down the truck, set dial for cold, then restart it.

From my research here and on the web, it seems likely to be a blend door actuator, but the only references I have ...
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EFI Live for 5.3-Advice Needed EFI Live for 5.3-Advice Needed

Okay so need to know if it is worth it. I have a 2012 Sierra with 5.3 and I'm currently getting about 16 mpg. This is what my 2004 got, so I would like to improve this. I know someone that will do it for $250-300 depending how many guys i can get to do it with. I know there is other info on it, and I've read it! Guess I'm looking for someone that'll ...
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loud clunk heard from t case when put into drive or reverse loud clunk heard from t case when put into drive or reverse

So we had our first cold snap last week and my truck wasn't having it. Hit a patch of ice and got a little sideways. Heard a pop and clunk from underneath me. Now every time I go into gear reverse or drive I hear a loud clunk coming from the front half of the t case. 4 wheel drive low high and auto work. Driving down the road she is smooth and the trans ...


Sorry if this question has been asked before, I'm new here. I am thinking of putting some headers and a catless y pipe on my truck. I'm leaning towards pacesetter lt's because they're cheap and I've heard good things about them. How difficult is it to put them on?
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Suspension Lift Suspension Lift

I'm looking to buy a lift kit for my 09 Sierra. Just curious to see what people recommend and what ya'll have put to the test.
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need advice on removing theese rusted screws

How should I remove theese ceased screws. I tried pb blaster but it wont soak in. Tried a 2ft screwdriver. And also one of those punches you hammer and it turns it. And there just starting to strip. Thanks
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Knock sensor issues = misfires and scraping noise?

Ok so my truck has been sitting for the past 2 weeks after I cracked the drive shaft and bent the Y-pipe from getting high centered.

My truck WAS sitting in 2 feet of water when it was high centered...anyways now I don't know if water damage is causing these issues. I am getting codes PO300(generic misfire), PO131, PO327, and PO332. The day I recovered the truck I ran my scanner and only got PO131, ...
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Center console

I'm wondering about getting a Ltz center console does anybody know people who have done it or have done it themselves. I'm wondering how it fits I have a 09 Lt. Model.

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02 1500 needs shocks its z83 any ideas on a hd upgrade

I just bought this truck 4.8l extended cab 2wd with 148k .....The truck has some newer parts 17 inch chevy wheels with 265 70 17s , fender flares, and a air dam with round fog lights.( which may all be aftermarket except for the wheels) Im buying new tires friday. im also going to put shocks on it have the z83 suspension i also have a 18x7 car hauler im going to be towing with ...
Read more : 02 1500 needs shocks its z83 any ideas on a hd upgrade | Views : 46 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Suspension


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