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GM Key Programming GM Key Programming

2011 Silverado.

Anyone know how many keys can be programmed to the truck at any given time? Reason I ask is because I have three programmed now, however I also have two original GM uncut keys that I might program depending on how many can be programmed to the onboard system.

Mods: Sorry if this is in the wrong category... please move if necessary.
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Front end sag

Have 2013 silverado 1500 with a 6in rc lift. Jus added rs12000 winch and hidden mount. Roughly id say 80 to 90lbs of weight with those two components. Never took any before and after measurements but was wondering if thats enough weight to sag the front and roughly how much. Any info or experience with a similar issue would be greatly appreciated.
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275/70r18 on 2'' level 08 z71 fitment with a 18mm offset?

Ill try to make this as easy as possible to answer.
After hours of searching and reading and using all the resources ive seen i cant find a solid answer.

Looking to run a 18x9 +18mm with a 275/70r18 BFG KO2

on my: 2008 Sierra z714x4, with a 2in RC level.

i know they fit on stock offsets and ive seen people say no rubbing on a 2.5'' level, so will a 1/2 inch less ...
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2012 3500 Diesel Truck from Canada in California?

Searching gives me conflicting answers to this, so maybe someone can help me out.
Can a USA Made GMC Diesel Pickup Truck that was originally sold in Canada be registered in California?

I've been on the hunt for a 2012~2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD Diesel and occasionally come across USA Made trucks from Canada that have been sold at auction to dealers in the USA (mostly in Utah and Nevada and Montana)

I can ask at ...
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New Catalytic Converter Throwing off O2 Sensor?

Hi all,

Just had a new catalytic converter put on my 02 Silverado (driver's side) yesterday and I am now running into a low voltage issue with the B1S2 O2 sensor, with it reading anywhere between .145 and .015 volts at idle. Swapped both downstream O2 sensors and the readings didn't change, and there is nothing wrong with the wiring that I can see. There was a hole in the welding (a respectable local shop ...
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all tail lights

pulled truck bed back 2ft to change fuel pump. when finished put bed back and bolted it down. checked lights and had nothing at tail lights.all front lights operational. Not sure how to trace and or repair the damage i have done. Any help,advice as where to start and what to look for would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
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Question about holes in Ranch Hand Grille Guard

Does anyone know what these hole are for on my ranch hand grille guard? Is this to mount lights or a light bar or something? On a 2016 Silverado.

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4L60E Trouble 4L60E Trouble

I recently bought a 2005 Sierra and noticed the trans not acting the way it should.

To start, when shifted to drive, 90% of the time the truck will not roll forward without giving it gas. Also it seems to take a little bit before it will start moving. If I don't ease into the throttle it will slam fairly hard. This happens constantly, every time.

Then when it shifts into second gear anywhere under ...
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2010 Silverado ac problems

My Silverado ac switch's to defrost. I will be driving and it starts blowing out defrosted move knob to defrost and back to dash it then goes to dash but will go back to defrost. Sometime it goes to defrost (without moving knob) immediately, other times its twenty minutes later. Mode actuator moves to every position. I have tried resetting it by doing reset I found online. The problem seem like its fixed then comes ...
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2003 GMC Sierra 1500 Engine Misfire

Hello I have a 2003 sierra 5.3 that threw a random cylinder misfire code awhile ago. I took it to a shop and they told me I need new catalytic converters and o2 sensors. This being very expensive I looked for an alternative way to fix my truck. I heard that if a punch out my cats and get a tune on my truck that will allow me to run no cats and could by-pass ...
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