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New wheels and tires

Got my level and new wheels and tires on today. 285/65/18 BFG KO2 and Ballistic Jesters. No rub so far but haven't had much time to really inspect every angle.
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Abs, stablilatrack error after new tires?

So here I what happened.

Last Friday I put larger tires on I went from 265/70r17 to 285/70r17. Less than 100 km I get a warning light for abs, stablilatrack and trailer brakes. ( I was not towing at the time ) I had the transfecase in auto 4x4. When I went for lunch parked the truck no problems end of day used the factory command start. When I got in put my.key in and ...
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Tire size for 2015 gmc 2500 HD

Just wanting to know if 295/65r18 on a +20 mm offset rim would fit.
Looking at getting Goodyear duratracs on Fuel Kranks.
Thanks in advance
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2011 Silverado Headlights wont turn on

I drove my truck about 20 minutes ago and both of the headlights were working just as normal, I then go back out to my truck, start her up, and neither headlight works. I went through and checked all of the other exterior lighting to see if it might be the switch inside the cab and they all work (fog lights, parking lights, high beams, turn signals, all of the tail lights). So next I ...
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89 Silverado quad beam headlight??

I have a Silverado still equipped with quad closed beam. And I want to run h.i.d. And keep the quad beam setup I DO NOT want that ugly rectangle single. quad beam replacement. Does anyone know if there is any quad beam lamps with a replaceable element. Thank you guys
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Would my Sierra sell? Would my Sierra sell?

I'm shopping for a crew cab to replace my ext cab and am getting frustrated dealing with trade values in deals and such. Would prefer to just do a straight cash deal and sell my truck privately. Seems to me it would sell no problem - based on retail prices I'm seeing for not so nice trucks - but trying to get a better feeling so... yea or nay? Thanks.

Mid Atlantic Region
2009 Sierra ...
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4x4 sharp turning problem

my 4x4 has been acting up whenever i have had to make any kind of sharp turn (pulling in and out of drive way ext.) however it seems to work fine when i am driving in a straight line or a wide turn. It almost feels like is jaming or disengaging. could use some help any suggestions?
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Thumping on the brakes and i know its not the brakes..

Hey everyone!
I'm new to this forum site. I have a 2001 GMC sierra 4x4 with the 4.8L motor. Anyhow i have been dealing with a thumping (it feels like from the left front) while i am on the brakes. So far i have changed both front calipers, the rotors and pads 3 times, and both wheel bearings and also the left front CV joint and i still haven't found my problem. I have also ...
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4x4 indicator light.


I feel really stupid even asking this but i have a 2014 silverado and when i turn my 4x4 knob to engage it only the small light blinks then goes steady one the shift has occurred i can hear the shift but there is no indicator light on the dash. according to the manual there should be a light on the dash to indicate the wheel drive is on any one else notice this ...
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Disabling the Seat Belt chime

Does anyone know how to disable the seat belt chime?

Read more : Disabling the Seat Belt chime | Views : 75 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Mobile Electronics


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