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P Metric Tires, Too Soft Ride?

This is going to seem really stupid perhaps, and forive me for askign this long winded question: But I dont get why my 2012 x-cab sierra 4x4 rides so soft other than the tires perhaps? It has the Z71 package, a big fat swaybar on the front, and the tow package. It ride so plush it bothers me-almost car like, starting to wonder if I should sucked it up for the 6.0 mpg and got ...
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Anyone running LED bulbs in your RV?

Just seein what people have done with their RV's interior lights. Would like to switch all my 1141 bulbs over to LED, not necessarily for the brightness, but for the amount of draw.

I know there's TONS of options out there, ebay bulbs, superbrightleds, etc. Even considering those led panel things with the bayonet base pigtail on it.

What do you guys have, and how do you like em?
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Mcgaughys 7" install...OH NO! problem

Hey guys new to the forum so I hope I'm in the right section. So long story short bought and installing a mgaughys lift on my 99 ecsb and got to installing NEW hubs on the new supplied spindles, got the axle in the wheel hub and tightened the nut down and now the hub is locked up and yes there is a washer on the nut but as soon as I unloosen the nut ...
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TSC and Stability control lights TSC and Stability control lights


I have a 2012 Sierra that has thrown the Engine light and my dealer said it has to do with an oil pressure misread due to old style oil filter. They tell me a oil change and new style oil filter as well as some type of sensor will fix it. My wife has it out of town and my brother in law put his scanner ...
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need help with weatherstripping

I'm trying to find a part number for the outer cab weatherstrip for a 2006 sierra 1500 sle extended cab. I'll I can find is the universal strip which is the for the inner seal. What I need is that strip that screws into the bottom of the a pillar, runs up, across the top and about halfway down the back of the cab. It's definatly not a universal piece and has a fat lip ...
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Dog Walking

Has anyone ever noticed a new Chevy or Gmc truck doing what I like to call dog walking? You know how a dog will kind of walk sideways. The trucks always seem to have the rearend headed to towards the passenger side as if the tail end is trying to pass the front. This bugs the heck out of me to see new trucks doing this. I don't know anything about the manufacturing process but ...
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Anyone know what this is for?

Anyone know what this plug and red wire is for? Found it right by the fuse box in the engine compartment. It's in a 2003 GMC Sierra
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About to do the Vette servo/transgo kit mod.

Hi guys, as the title says I'm about to do the servo and shift kit in my truck. It has the infamous 2-3 clunk, and the delayed reverse engagement. I''ll be ordering the stuff from oregon performance and my question is about the servo. There is another servo kit that comes with a different pin. The description states that the stock pin has too much clearance. Has anyone done this mod with the longer pin ...
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Need help with removal of port from trim piece Need help with removal of port from trim piece

Hello all,

I'm in need of some help. I'm considering getting some trim pieces dipped and I'd like to know how to remove the rear lighter plug from the upper trim piece that goes BEHIND the center console of a NNBS LTZ Crew Cab. I can get the trim piece out just fine and remove the plastic tray (4 phillips screws) but the lighter has me stumped, mainly because I'm afraid of breaking something. Not ...
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2012 1500 4x4 6.2 with 6'' pro-comp lift/shocks and m/t 35 atz rides like a champ nice and smoth .my 2015 1500 z71 same lift/shocks but bfg 35'' is bouncing all over the rd . at freeway speed
any ideas on how to get the same smoth ride as the 2012 .that rides like a dream on the freeway ?
Read more : HOW CAN I GET A BETTER RIDE | Views : 99 | Replies : 8 | Forum : Suspension


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