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Jump Seat To Full Center Console

So, someone bought a full center console only to find out it wasn't what they needed. He bought it for $80 and sold it to me for $50. I've got the jump seat and here's the problem:

The full center console, I think, only comes with the Bose enhanced audio setup. Also, the glove box assembly on the non-Bose goes all the way over to meet up with the knee knocker on the driver's side. ...
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Brush Guard installation problem

So I've been having a long day and must be losing my mind. I've been working 12 days in a row 12 hours a day and today I decide to install the brush guard. First problem I encountered was my truck not having the holes that the tow hooks go through. I have never handled so many 10mm bolts at one time lol. OK so I cut out the squares and put the bumper back ...
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Help with LEDs

Hey guys.. I got a 2010 Silverado and I was ordering LEDs for my reverse lights. After finding what I thought was the correct size (921) I go to install and only one fits. My right reverse light is a 921 my left is a 3047 (3157 led bulb... Can these be converted somehow so they are the same size bulbs?
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2014 sierra headlight upgrade

I brought my 2014 sierra to dealership because I was not pleased with the brightness of my lights. There is actually a bulletin out on this and GMC will agree to upgrade the bulbs, and reprogram the computer to accept these new replacement bulbs. It has taken 3 weeks to get the back ordered bulbs because they are obviously being replaced all over the country.
Has anybody got this upgrade? Has it helped. No charge ...
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Key fob interference

I recently installed a new Android radio. It comes with what seems like a hundred different functions. I noticed that since installing it that my key fob doesn't work for about 40 seconds after the key is off. Last year I bought a Diablo Trinity and the fob won't work if I have it plugged into the OBD II port. I asked Diablo support and they're aware of the problem and said the Trinity puts ...
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Tonneau Cover for 2014 Silverado - Bak G2 Vs Roll-X Tonneau Cover for 2014 Silverado - Bak G2 Vs Roll-X

Hello. I purchased a 2014 Silverado roughly 8 months ago. I don't have any real reason to own a truck (towing, hauling, job, etc...) I've just always liked and wanted a Silverado. I've been looking at Tonneau covers and just looking for some feedback from other Silverado owners. The last truck I had was a 2000 Chevy S10/Extreme but I never had a bed cover so I don't really have any experience with them.

I'd ...
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2007 nnbs silverado wont start PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Read more : 2007 nnbs silverado wont start PLEASE PLEASE HELP | Views : 73 | Replies : 4 | Forum : Electrical

Fender Flares Fender Flares

I have a 2012 silverado ccsb in white diamond tri-coat and am thinking about building it with an arctic theme. There wont be a lot done to the exterior in general but I want to add bushwhacker pocket style fender flares coated in a paint matched linex but I want to have like a stripe of blue in the crease on top of the fender flare between the flare and the body. My question is ...
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Tire pressure sytem

I read some topics on this but got no straight answers, I put aftermarket rims and tires on my 2500 and now it says to service the tire pressure system and wont read what pressure the tires are at. My stock tires were at 60-70 and these new ones read in at 45.
I use the stock set set for the winter so any sort of way to re adjust the system to think that ...
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Shock advice for 4 inch block

Hey guys, I currently am running the 4 inch sst ready lift kit that comes with a 3" replacement rear block in the rear. Every time I see my truck I feel as if it's just a little bit too low in the rear, so I ordered a 4" block to swap out the 3". Currently I still have the stock rear shocks and am using the shock extenders that came from readylift. Now I'm ...
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