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Adding Cruise to a 6.6 2002

I have 2002 Silverado 6.6 automatic 4X4 RCLB & would like to install cruise control.
Is this possible? has anybody done it?
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Need some LED help

Sorry if this has already been posted but I'm looking to replace a bunch of burned out lights in my dash and steering wheel controls on my 06 silverado and having trouble finding the kits I need. I need a kit for my steering wheel, dash lights, cluster and since I'm doing all that may as well do all the other interior lights. I can find a kit for inside cab lights but nothing for ...
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Do I need a tuner immediately after a lift and 35's?

Hello ALL,

I am getting ready to do a McGaughy's 7" Lift and install BFG KO2's (35x12.50R18), K&N CAI and Flowmaster FORCE II Catback exhaust. I have most of the parts already, just need the time to do it myself.

I have a 2009 GMC Sierra, 5.3l, 4x4, 4L60E and 3.73 gear ratio.

I guess what I am asking is will this thing even be driveable after the mods without the speedo/tire size corrections etc ...
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I put a set of 2012 Tahoe stock rims on a 2008 silverado, will the sensors in the tires work on the 2008 or will I have to change them.
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Switching from HID to LED, what do I need to prep for?

Hey guys,
I bought my truck used with HID low beams in them with the factory headlight assembly.
I just bought some Spyder LED halo black/smoke headlights, which comes with H1 and L1 included.
I'm curious to know if this is just going to be as easy as removing the factory headlight assembly and putting in the new assembly, then plug and play from there? Or will I have to cut wiring and remove my ...
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Do I have a leaking seal?

I changed my brake fluid this past weekend and saw that the rear of my drive shaft is coated in something and it is all over the differential. It looks like it is leaking where a seal might be. The truck is a 2016 with 48,000 miles and I just had the drive train fluids flushed about 5000 miles ago. Could the flush of done this?
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Door Locks Aren't Working

I have a 2002 Silverado 2500HD - the key fob only locks the drivers door. If I manually lock all the doors, the key fob will unlock all the doors.

The controls in the car - driver side unlocks all, but only locks driver door. Passenger side unlocks all, but only locks driver door as well.

I took the doors apart, figured maybe it was an actuator, swapped the back, driver side actuator, with drivers ...
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2014 Sierra - AC condenser backordered

So, I just bought a 2014 Sierra SLE Crew Cab with 44,000 miles on it about a month ago. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the AC didn't seem to be blowing icy cold air so I brought it in. They found that the AC condenser needed to be replaced (I have extended warranty) but the part is on backorder, apparently. They said they don't have a ETA on the part and it's been in ...
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For those of you who have made the switch, which would you choose: HID or LED? I have factory projector headlights. I keep hearing the HIDs get too hot to be in the projector headlights but I have no clue or experience in this field.
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rear axle bearing failed- what axle to use?

Hi! new to the site and had a quick question. So my passenger side rear axel bearing failed on my 2008 silverado 5.3 z71 with the 8.625 differential. Got all new bearings and seals for both sides, figured I'd do brakes shoes while I'm at it. So my dilemma is, it scored all hell out of my axel and I'm looking to order one but they range in size. I'd like to go with a ...
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