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Haunted Truck Haunted Truck

I think my Grandsons truck is haunted. Here is a list of things that suddenly went out. The HVAC, Fuel Gauge, Cruise Control, 4WD, Heated Seats, Odometer, Oil and Temperature Gauges all went out. He said one day he accidently hit the washer switch and everything came back on, but went out again a short time later. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, just trying to fully describe ...
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Driveline angle school

Read more : Driveline angle school | Views : 36 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Transmission/Drivetrain

Lift kit! Bad handling?

Hi, i just got a 2.5 lift kit the front of my sierra 2016. For the rear i put an extra blade to reinforce the suspension( lift 2.25 inch) really happy of the look, but the handling on the highway is bad!! Is it normal? When i go from right to left fast its like if the body is not attached to the frame... dont know how to explain it! I could get used to ...
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Fuse size

I need a fuse adaptor, but not sure what size fuse (physical size not amps). The choices are mini and medium.

It's just a regular 15 amp fuse for 2007 chevy pickup but not sure if it's the mini or medium.

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Adding an amp to Kicker CS65's Adding an amp to Kicker CS65's

In my 2010 Chevy Silverado LT I replaced my 4 stock door speaks with some Kicker 6-1/2 300W peak, 4 Ohm speakers. They are some good sounding speakers but im looking for an amp to make them sound that much better and louder. I need some suggestions on an amp I can buy to power these puppies. Im getting the amp installed at my local audio shop. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated! I'm not ...
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HyperTech in-line speedometer calibrator malfunction

I just got the in-line speedometer calibrator installed yesterday on my 2017 Sierra. I had to go in-line for now, because that is the only thing available for a 2017 at this time.

Now the cruise control skips over certain speeds. So if I set to 74 it will go to 76 on the next click. It does this throughout the entire range, just randomly.

Anyone else experience this?
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Front wheel drivers side doesn't spin while in 4 wheel drive

While I had the truck on blocks for brake work,I decided to test the 4 wheel drive. I noticed that the front passenger side spins but the drivers side don't. This is even on Automatic 4 wheel,4 hi and 4 low. Is this normal or a sign something is wrong? I already know the rear divers side is not spinning due to the rear diff going bad. Just wondering if the front is too.....

Rotors Warped

My 2012 5.3 CC 4WD SLE has 62,000 miles on it and I can feel pulsing when slowing....classic rotor problem. A bit confusing because I'm the easiest driver there ever was with breaking - gentle. Anyway, is it cheaper just to get new rotors or have these turned?

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Some oil information.

Pretty good simplified video about oil


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which trans do i have?

I've got a 2009 silverado that needs trans service and im under impression there were a few diff trans in this year model. how do i identify which one i have?
Read more : which trans do i have? | Views : 144 | Replies : 11 | Forum : Transmission/Drivetrain


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