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Well, it finally happened

Not exactly sure when it happened, but yesterday I noticed someone had clipped me, likely in a parking lot. And I am that guy that parks 3 slots back from the last vehicle in the Walmart or other parking lot. I have had this truck for about 18 months (25,000 miles) and until this week, it still didn't even have a door ding or rock chip that I could see. But then I find this. ...
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2014 Sierra - Lazy Park?

There've been a couple occasions now where I put my truck in park, turn off the engine and let my foot off the brake to get out only to have the truck start rolling away. I start the truck, put it in drive, then reverse, then park and that mostly put it back in park again. It's been a couple/few weeks since the last incident but today before it would go in park I had ...
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Dome Light

I have a 2001 2500HD 6.0, when the doors are shut the dome light stays on and doesn't go out unless i unhook the fuse. I am at a complete loss with what is making it stay on, whether its a simple thing like a relay, or something a little more complicated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Retro Cabin Air Filter Kit Retro Cabin Air Filter Kit


I found and installed a RetroFit Carbon Air Filter kit in my 2011 Sierra today.
Dorman sells a kit (259-201) for our trucks that includes a carbon filter and the plastic lid to seal the housing. Just use a putty knife to remove the plastic blank covering the filter chamber. The kit sells for $49 at PartsGeek. I got it shipped to my house for $58 total. This was the cheapest price that I ...
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Possible to add USB to current setup?

Currently have a 2013 SLE Sierra 2500HD with bucket seats option added. Stock radio has no USB connection on rear of unit. There is a blank spot above the 12 volt connection in the console where the USB would normally be. If I get a radio like mine but with the USB connection on the back, could I run a connection to the console?
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Putco Pure Halogen bulbs??

I was looking over autoanything.com at their Black Friday sales and these caught my eye...
http://www.autoanything.com/lights/putc ... Id=3196364

I was wondering if anyone on here is using them, and opinions. They are cheap at $22/pr today, and I thought I may give them a try.....let me know your reviews of them. Thinking of the mirror white ones.

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Wiring Harness

Hey guys,

I've been wanting to upgrade my audio lately, my factory radio has been going to crap (doesn't read CD's anymore) and I've been getting a fuzzy noise from my passenger door speaker. I have a 2005 with the Bose system, and steering wheel controls. I would like to install everything myself since it's ridiculous what auto shops charge, but would appreciate a point in the right direction for what wiring harnesses to get. ...
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Quick Offset and Backspacing question

So I've read the stickied post and it helped out a lot. I've decided to run a 285/55R20 tire with my 2.5 RC level. When it comes to offset I understand the concept but here in MA we have a stupid law that says tires cannot push out farther than the wheel well. The rim I've been looking at comes in a +1 offset and a +20 offset. Would like the +1 but don't want ...
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Is my pump or TQ converter out? Is my pump or TQ converter out?

I have a 1997 Chevy Silverado with a 4.3 vortec and 4l60E trans. I blew a tranny line and all the fluid blew out before I even knew it happened. I didnt know until it started slipping. It was slipping really bad. I had about a quart of tranny fluid on me so I dumped that in. I had to limp it home in 4x4 low and 1st gear barely moving. (wasnt the smartest thing ...
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taco owner jumped ship...help me out

hey everyone! just sold an 09 tacoma they i really enjoyed modifying. spent alot of time on tacoma world...but, i just purchased a 2014 gmc sierra DC standard box. its the carbon edition with factory 6 spoke 20's and its coming with a 2" rough country level kit in the front. it has 275 55 20....been searching and reading here a bit and just wanna know whats the general concensus with the best all around ...
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