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Help fix my paint

Ok, i got cursed with the horrid GM clear coat on my truck. Not a single scratch or dent just the clear separating from the paint and the paint from the primer. I have some rust on my roof, just surface, no pitting yet. I cant justify a $2500 full repaint. 150,000 miles on my 4.8 and couldnt be happier beside the paint. Thinking about buying a 3/4 ton when i finish the police academy ...
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Interior lights

Here is my issue. This just started yesterday. The interior lights will not go off while the truck is running or the key in the on position. They will go off after 15 minutes once the key is turned off.. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
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Aftermarket or modify grill??

I don't like the large openings in the front grill of my 2013 that don't provide any protection for the radiator from bugs and rocks. Yet I don't really want to change the appearance of the grill too much or just add inserts that reduce air flow. Anyone have a suggestion for a replacement grill that looks fairly stock yet offers more protection?

One other possible option is to remove the grill and cut out ...
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Window Switch Window Switch

Hello everyone, I have an issue with my driver's side window switch panel just the one for the passenger side not working all the time...if I press hard it will sometimes bring the passenger side down, but will always bring it up when it does come down...? All other switches work for all other windows? Am I going to have to get a whole new cluster of switches or is there an easy fix? Thanks ...
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Looking to get a used Silverado

Need some help. I am looking to trade in my 05 silverado and get a used 2011 to 2014. I understand Chevy had some issues with the engines pushing oil in these years. Is there anything I can look for to see if the truck is pushing oil? I really do not want to purchase a truck just to find out it has issues.

Are there years worse than others?
I really hate to go ...
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So Im back in a truck ( 14 crew cab sle) the dealer was trying to sell me a rocky ridge truck that cost more than I can get the lift and tires for. His remark was its covered by GM and it doesnt void the warranty. I asked him, dont they just pro comp lifts and and MT wheels. he didnt say anything or couldnt answer the question. So I guess the question is ...
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is putting long tube headers worth the trouble of putting them on 2009 silverado 5.3 crew cab z71 4wd!!! just be honest with me before i start spending money lol
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Which oil catch can?

My 5.3 has 105k on it and I just read through about the benefits of a catch can. I saw the RX cans, and the related $200-$300 price tag. Is there another good one that's cheaper? I saw Summit has some for under $100.
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Tuner Suggestions

hey guys i have a 2013 silverado 1500 5.3L. Currently wanting to get a tuner for my truck, I have now a Range AFM Disabler. I have a K&N CAI and a exhaust on my truck and am wanting to get the most out of my truck dealing with MPG and HP. I want a tuner thatll disable the AFM aswell. What all good options are there an what tuner do you have an what ...
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P0420 P0420

i have a 2002 GMC seirra 1500 4.8l
with a p0420 code, bad cataytic
i cut it off and you can see throught it.
you can blow air through it
everything looks fine. COULD SOME ONE Please help understand all this info thanks
Calc Load = 2.4 / 12.2
ECT = 192.2 / 186.8
STFT B1 0.8 / -3.1
LTFT B1 = -2.3 / 5.5
STFT B2 = 0 ...
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