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Is a Tuner worth the money???

Just wondering if a tuner is really worth the money? I was thinking of getting a CTS Edge Tuner but for 400$ is it worth it?
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4" or 6" suspension Silverado

Searching for good enough height and came across 6" maxtrac suspension for 2wd Silverado but 2nd thinking about it BC I found a 4" around $730 and the 6 " is around $710 and just wondering why the 4" is more then the 6", and if anyone is running the 6" maxtrac for a 2wd Silverado if theirs any problem with maxtrac or if its legit. Thanks in advance
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RC 6 in lift question RC 6 in lift question

I'm in the middle of installing my 6 in lift. I replaced the uca's with some new moogs. My question is how tight do the bolts need to be on the uca? Just tight enough to allow it to move freely up and down? When I tighten I down the arm stays in one position and doesn't rotate up and down without some force.
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07 GMC Sierra Key FOB question

Newbie here. I have a 07 GMC Sierra Short Bed. I have an extra key, however, I need another KEY FOB.
1. Where is the best place to buy a KEY FOB where the price is reasonable?
2. Does the KEY FOB have to be programmed? If so, can I do it or does it have to be done by a "professional"?
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GM performance intake on my 06 sierra 1500 ????

OK so my truck has GM performance intake on my sierra.

The filter is dirty. Where can i buy a new one. I have no clue where to get one. Any help would be great !!
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Question for Vortec Max guys

I own a 2006 Silverado Vortec Max. When hunting for parts I am always uncertain as to whether it is considered a 1500 or a 1500HD. Can anyone tell me if my 1500 Vortec is considered a 1500HD or not?
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headlight replacement

has anyone out there tried replacing the headlights on a 2012 with the newer LED light housings on the 2015 or 2016 GMC sierra 1500. wonder if the newer ones will fit physically and if so will they wire directly into the 2012 harness. TD
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2015 Sierra video in motion help

Since getting my truck I keep finding new things about it. This week I found out that I can play videos and movies on my touch screen. Or in my case football games! 8-)

But the problem is that when I take the truck out of park the video goes away.
My question does anyone know a way to make it play ...
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Leveling lift kit Leveling lift kit

Hey guys, gotta quick question. Ive got a 2" leveling kit on my truck as of now but my 33's rub. I wanna put 2 more inches under it. I was thinking of buying a 3' upper strut spacer with a 1" lower strut spacer, new control arms, differential drop kit, skid plate, 3" steel blocks for the rear, and new rancho shocks. All steel components. Has anyone done this or have any tips?
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2000 Silverado Question

Can anyone tell me how to remove an aftermarket alarm? Bought the truck a couple months ago but every once in awhile it won't start. Battery voltage is good, radio and all lights turn on, it just wont crank. But after around 10 minutes or so it starts right up no problem. Someone was saying this could be because of the aftermarket alarm and me getting a new key(went to the dealer and got one ...
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