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mysterious dents appearing on brand new Sierra. WEIRD!

hello, i've got an issue with my brand new 2014 sierra that I can't figure out. Truck is 2014 Sierra SLT, my dream truck, and I don't have 1000 miles on her yet. I'm pretty particular and looked it up and down, left and right before I bought it. Two days ago I noticed a small, dime sized dent around the roof top brake light. Right along the curvature of the sheet metal, so a ...
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AC light always on 2014

Hey guys. I noticed that when I turn on the climate control no matter what the temp is set at, the air light comes on. Im just wondering if this is normal cuz I don't like the idea of my air kickin on every time I turn the controls on. Seems like it would be hard on it turnin on so often in the dead of winter. This morning when I started my truck, everything ...
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Good day for some truck pictures

Havent posted in a while, just thought ide post up some random pictures of my truck, feeling proud of it today for some reason lol

Check them out!
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Rear end

Wondering what my rear end would be on my 05 quadrasteer 5.3 tried looking in the glove box and the owners manual cant figure it out read something online about it being Dana 60 but i dont know much about rear ends really any help would be great
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DIC buttons on Steering wheel

Hi Guys,
I have a question , I recently purchased a Used 2006 Silverado, (70,000 miles).I noticed that all but one of the lower 4 buttons on the steering wheel didnt work, the only one that did was the Fuel button, as of yesterday that one quit working also. So now none of them work, they dont light up at night either. My first question is there a fix for this, and then will it ...
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need help ! regearing or tuning need help ! regearing or tuning

I need help with figuring out what I need to regearing my truck and what tuner I need or how to tune it? I currently have a 2013 1500 Silverado a 5.3L 4x4 z71 with 3.08 gearing. And have a full throttle 7"lift with 35"wheels on 18" method rims . I need to change the gears cause I'm towing a new boat that's 5k dry and the trailer is around 1500 I think , plus ...
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2500HD 4X4 LS 6.0L auto

OK... so while driving home at 65mph I had ABS and Brake light on dash go off with some loud noise. After slowing down there was an audible noise and nothing I could see was wrong.
I have inspected rotors, pads, lines, etc. and the rotors and pads are essentially new. I replaced CV axles because I noticed noise was worse when turning, especially in 4wd.
I have replaced the output vehicle speed sensor (located ...
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Herculiner AND a drop-in?

I have had a drop-in bedliner since day 1, and I noticed how it has rubbed a couple places on the sides down to the bare metal. Can't imagine what the bottom looks like. I don't really want to pay 700 bucks for line-x, so if I got a do-it-yourself kit, like a herculiner, and put my drop-in over top of that, would anybody see anything wrong with that? I still wanted to keep my ...
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Elastomeric Spring

My truck is lifted in the front about 1/4" higher than the rear. I have the 2.25" torsion keys with extended shocks. Truck obviously rides very rough. I was under the truck when I noticed the Elastomeric Springs are about 1/2" from the LCA. I know they are suppose to be touching and act as a damper. Do they make replacement ones for trucks with lifted front ends? The truck is extremely bouncy in the ...
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Herculiner on a 2010

Put Herculiner in the bed of my 2010.

Takes some elbow grease but it's worth if it one is willing to take a few hours out of their day. Note to anyone who wants to DIY line their bed like this: do not wait more than a few hours to put a second coat on. If you do, well let's just say it's a b*tch putting the second coat on. ...
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