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Enough is Enough

I am fed up with my RCX lift. In the last 5 months I have had 4 ball joints go bad and truck constantly making front end creaking noises. I bought the truck with RCX 7.5" lift already on it. The first time I replaced the upper control arms and lower ball joints was because they were bad. I was thinking they were bad because of the age of the truck and the miles put ...
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need help

2008 gmc sierra 25oohd looking to bring it up a bit . think i have room 285/70R17 put the plow on and now rubs a lot side to side .. if i can get an 11/2 out of it will the shocks be ok and i know need an a lineament any answersImage

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What is the part # for clips that hold wiper sprayers?

Hello, Newbe here.
just got a 2010 silverado and has damaged wiper hoses and the clips that hold sprayers are all broken. Have searched this site and others but cannot get a part #. Does anyone know where i can get them?
I'm talking about the little clips that hold the sprayer against the wiper blade.

Thank you
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Another OEM powerstep thread

Just wanted to throw up a picture of my truck with the new steps on. I was led here by "bobbybats" thread about doing the same thing to a 07-13 sierra. I guess I got lucky in that in his thread he got the shorter version of the steps and had to modify the mounting brackets/locations. The steps I got came from either a suburban or avalanche platform so they were the longer boards and ...
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another wheel spacer question

question,and please no side comment about how dangerous,what they will wear out etc.Just straight forward answer to what im asking,not opinions on spacers or if u should or shouldn't

Ill be adding a lift but I am referring to now....I am currently running 20x10 -24 wheels with 33x12.5 federals.I have done the Norcal mod and front plastic trimming to wheel wells and have a 3/2 lift level AND HAVE NO RUB ISSUES AT ALL even ...
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Sway Bar options for lifted trucks

I have a Rough country lift on my truck and have been experiencing what I would describe as a clicking and a occasional pop from the driver side from what I can tell. Ive checked ball joints and hubs etc, truck only has 44k on it. I believe I narrowed it down to the swaybar endlinks being at a akward angle due to rough country requiring to drill holes into the a arm. Are there ...
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2014 aftermarket front end look to match 2016

Yeah, I know. This seems really odd and most likely many reasons why it's not possible but I thought I would ask. I love the new look silverados. I could not justify the 'new' truck price so I opted for a 2014 crew which was a great deal. However, whenever I see one of the trucks that's what I want. Sure I could wait a few years and look to update but I thought if ...
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Removing Gasoline Smell

Been awhile since I have been on and cant say that I am a big fan of this new page setup...

Anyway, So my generator leaked fuel all over the bed of my truck the other night and onto my garage floor (with my windows down). My interior has absorbed a lot of the smell and even airing it out has not gotten the smell completely gone after almost 5 days. Any suggestions? Don't really ...
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18" oem Chevy Rims w/ Goodyear SR-A on a 2001 Silverado Ext

Does anyone have an opinion or experience with Goodyear Wrangler SR-A All Terrain Radial Tire - 265/65R18 for a 2001 Silverado 1500 ext cab....Also how would these rims look on the truck?

Local guy is selling the 4 rims / tires for $700 - he says they are excellent condition
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Need some opinions on buying a "built Duramax"

I am currently looking to upgrade my 2004 Silverado 1500 5.3l to this 2005 Silverado 2500 6.6 Duramax. I have been looking at the parts list and wondering if it would be worth the investment. The truck would be a Winter daily driver and would pull a 30+ft fith wheel camper and would pull my 20 foot enclosed trailer. I like what the truck has to offer but am Iffy on buying a "built vehicle" ...
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