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Info for Lowered trucks !! Info for Lowered trucks !!

So I was thinking about different ways of tuning my suspension and doing some research. Well what I started taking a look at was my factory front sway bar and the end links. When looking at them with the truck on the ground as if it was driving the front sway bar was not level with the ground the way it should be.

So I picked up some Energy Suspension adjustable sway bar end links ...
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Need Install Instructions and tips

Needing Install Instructions for PRO-COMP ADD-A-LEAFS. There are going on a 2006 Chevy 1500 (z71) has 6" rxc lift and 5.5" Block.
Bought new but they didnt come with instructions. Ive added flip kits to lower a truck but never add-a-leafs.
Thanks for all the info and help in advance. FEEL FREE TO PM ME IF RATHER SEND INSTRUCTIONS THAT WAY
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Converting Drum to Disc

I have a 2006 Chevy 1500 (z71) has Disc on Front but Drums on back.
Whats all needed to convert back from Drum to Disc?
Can I just add Rotors, Calipers, Pads? Are all the lines run that ill need?
Do they make a Conversion Kit? Just Curious If Worth all the Trouble and Money to convert it over.
Fixing to be doing brake job on truck and was gonna do it then if doesnt ...
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Another power drain troubleshooting question

I have some kind of draw on my electrical system that kills the battery in about a month.
Is there an easy way to test each circuit without removing the fuses? I'm thinking not, but I am hoping anyway.

2001 Silverado 2500HD

There are a few other electrical issues I am having that I haven't had time to look into that may be related.
1: I lost low speed on the blower assy. I have ...
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De-molded my truck find this problem....

So a few weeks back I decided to de-mold and black out my truck. Besides taking a lifetime to remove the devils glue also know as 3m double sided tape :evil: everything was going well-ish. However when I got to the passenger door and took off the molding I noticed that the molding left a mark the same size as the molding. At closer ...
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2014 Tranny Temp

Is the tranny temp displayed anywhere? I'm not seeing it.
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Need a suggestion

Hey guys, I need to buy new tires for my 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500, Base model V6. The rims are original 16".
What would be your recommendations besides going with stock size tires?
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help! tranny won't come loose...

I have a 05 ccsb 4x4 with 5.3 and auto tranny of course. I have transfer case, bell housing bolts and torque converter bolts out but seems like something is holding it on still. Didn't see any brackets or anything holding tranny to motor. Also disconnected cooler lines. Only thing I can think is its hung up on the 2 steel towels on motor? Any suggestions?
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Upgrade Suggestions

Hey guys, need some help deciding what to do next to my 2005 silverado. I want to do something within the $100-300 price range. Some of my ideas so far have been; window tint, air intake, or possibly even adding a little more cash for a performance chip. Any suggestions, whether it be looks or performance?
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tire size help

I have a 2000 silverado and I want to put bigger tires and wheels on. I would like to with 18 inch wheels and 35inch tires. From the measuring I did, as the truck sits, the 35s most likely wound not fit. I also plan on putting a 2.5 inch level on it. If I level my truck would that put me in the clear for 35s? Also, will the 18 inch wheels fit without ...
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