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Transmissions making a grinding sound

Hey everyone, so about a week ago when the mornings started getting cooler here in Oklahoma. My 2012 Chevy Silverado started making a grinding noise when I put it in drive, but only at low speeds once I get above 15 mph it goes away. Also after the truck warms up it goes away and doesn't come back until the next morning when it's cold again. It sounds like it is coming from the transmission ...
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Upgrading Radio to double din aftermarket. Adapters?

I have a 2011 Silverado z71 LT. Without Bose/Navigation.

Just bought a Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS

There are so many different adapters and kits, I'm sorry I'm not spending my time on the search button. As I want to make sure I get everything I need for this truck.

It seems like for the kits/adapters to buy, its another $150 on top of radio cost.

To basically keep everything in truck working the way it does right ...
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PIAA Fog Light Bulb, Bad Buy?

Just ordered these PIAA super white bulbs (4000k) for my fog lights that I recently put back on. My concern is that they'll get too hot and melt plastic or just burn themselves out after a week.
After I lifted the truck I need some extra light that low to the ground aimed out to the sides.
Also, can I rip out the reflector in the fog light? I've heard of some people doing ...
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will they rub?

thinking of trading my wheels/tires which are 275/55/20s for a set of 18" wheels with 285/65/18s.im putting on a 2" level kit too so keep that in mind..my truck is a 2011 silverado crewcab 2wd
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2011 sierra dic stock

It only has the black knob in the top right of the cluster with miles,trip and the trans. temp I noticed today that I had it on the trans temp but once I started driving it went back to the mileage on the truck Is that normal? I'm going to do the dic upgrade soon. I have only had a couple of weeks still getting used to all the functions. And btw this forum is ...
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Splatter or Wrap

Alot of people think "splatter painting" is ignorant, Some think its cool. My interior is splatter painted and Im digging it, but im contemplating wrapping it and going with another interior accent color. Whats yalls view on both of them, and what color would yall like to see? Imma let yall choose and run with it. Thats right, Imma let yall vote on what needs to be done and what color. 269818 sample of splatter ...
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Is it OK to run w/o the gauge cluster connected?

I have a 2000 V8 Silverado with a rattle that I'm convinced is coming from behind the instrument cluster. I removed the dash trim hoping to expose the rattle but I still can't find it.
That is why I need to drive the truck with the cluster removed. So, my question is: Will operating the engine without the cluster connected cause any problems?
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De-Badge Problem

Recently I de-baged, no problems on the tailgate at all, but on both sides where my 'Texas Edition' badges were, it looks foggy, you can really only notice if you shine light on it, the sun hits it just right, or it's really clean (which never happens). I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what y'all did to remedy it? Or if any of y'all have any suggestions for a fix?
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Tire Debate

So been shopping for tires. I have a hook up that can get me the tires at damn near cost. So which ones? I spend most of my time on road, very little offroad. BUT I do have a need to go tromping through some nasty stuff when I go hunting or to go to some 4 wheeling spots. I also need to have tires that will be good in the snow. I was TOTALLY ...
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Biggest tire for leveing kit, not a question, Answers!!!

So my buddy has a 2013 extended cab standard bed 4x4 6.2 that has Bilstein Shocks set at max lift setting (roughly 3"-3.25" on front lift). He works at discount tire and wanted to see what tire sizes fitt with out any trimming or with very minimal cutting of plastic with 17's or 18's. (18" rims were 18x9 +12 and 17'" were 17x9 +18).He spend about 6 hours with about 8 different sizes. Now for ...
Read more : Biggest tire for leveing kit, not a question, Answers!!! | Views : 169 | Replies : 7 | Forum : Wheels/Tires


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