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Please help me with HID questions Please help me with HID questions

Hey everyone, I have a 2004 Chevy silverado and I am interested in installing HID'S, and I have spent the last few hours reading online and searching for items but I've come to a dead end, basically here is what I am trying to do. I read that buying HID'S and installing them in a regular halogen housing is what just makes the HID'S obnoxious and just not put off light as they should, I ...
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spline count help

I need some help, I've been searching for 2 days now trying to figure out how many splines my axle has. How do I figure out the spline count so I can order new gears and a diff?!
2004 2wd silverado, 5.3l gu6/g80 option and has disc brakes.
I believe it's a 8.5" 10 bolt axle with 3.42s.
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2500 9.5" 14-bolt into 2010 1500...

If I can get my hands on a 2000+ 9.5" 14-bolt from a 2500 truck what needs to be changed besides the axles?? I know there are 6 lug 9.5" 14-bolt axles from the 1500HD but are they the right length? And is there any difference in axles for disc vs. drum rears?

Anyone know if the driveshaft would have to be changed??

Thanks for any advice.
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LTZ vs Original Grill LTZ vs Original Grill

Hey guys this is my first post to the forum, I've seen a lot of awesome trucks here and I need a little help here. I was messing with photoshop this morning because I was curious as to how an LTZ grill would look on my 1500 and I actually like it very much but the cheapest LTZ grill I can find is on Ebay and it is going for $334. If I was to ...
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Shaky Steering Shaky Steering

My 98' c1500 steering is a little shaky. When on a straight road, the truck will sort of sway to the left or right a tad. Its not a safety hazard, It just bugs me. What could it be? Tie rod? Steering shaft? Stabilizer? Ball joints? Please help.
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Installing foglights on 2014 Silverado 1500

I've looked everywhere on the Internet & this website, and can't seem to find how to install foglights on my Silverado. I purchased the truck without foglights and without the foglight bumper. In order to do this, would I need to purchase a new front bumper that has the foglight inserts as well as purchase the switch for my dash? I read another thread on here that mentioned I could order the foglight switch via ...
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What do you carry?

Title says it all. What is your 'must have' gear you carry in your truck/toolbox


I'm trying to get ideas for my truck gear.

(Mods please move if this isn't the place for this topic)
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Would a vette servo and a lewtune be redundant?

Will be a getting an intune and a custom tune from lew soon, but want to know if a corvette servo install would be a good mod before the tune or if the tune will accomish the same things and the servo would be unneeded or redundant.

I already have an aux trans cooler and just want to extend the life of the 4L60E while adding performance and driveability.
I prefer manual transmissions myself but ...
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05 level kit question. RCX 05 level kit question. RCX

Taxes return is coming in soon and i am wanting a level kit for my 2005 1500 4x4 crew cab.

I am looking into getting a RCX level kit. But my question is should i get the full kit(u-bolts, shocks, etc.) for the extra $100 or just the torsion keys?
Any help is great, and thank you.

links to the kits i am talking about
full kit
http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-leveling ... 283n2.html ...
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GM1210-US Factory USB

Good Morning
I am ordering the Rosen GM1210 for my truck today, I also want the factory USB port in my 2007 Sierra. Will the factory cable p/n 22829189 plug into the back of the radio or do I need something else? I have a buddy that works at a Chevrolet dealer and really can't beat the pricing that I get. TIA
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