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Christmas ideas for the gearhead?

Need Christmas ideas and a good laugh?
Ask Professor Clint Ep.4 - Christmas Gifts for Ge…: http://youtu.be/KSJAmhImq_w
Read more : Christmas ideas for the gearhead? | Views : 17 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Uncategorized Truck Topics

2014 Headlight Adjustment (Keep Getting High-Beamed)

2014 Silverado Double Cab
Level Lift just in the front & 285/70/R17's

I've only put about 700 miles on the truck and I have been high-beam-flashed probably 5 times now by other drivers.
Also when pulling behind a car with a lower back windshield they shine right in very bright on the person ahead of me.

The dealership installed the leveling kit. Should they have re-aimed the head lights for free as a part of ...
Read more : 2014 Headlight Adjustment (Keep Getting High-Beamed) | Views : 49 | Replies : 5 | Forum : Exterior

2003 Silverado HD 2500 Horn problem

The horn on my truck will only work when the steering wheel is in certain positions, and straight ahead is not one of them. I pulled he air bag module, and steering wheel, then pulled the spring and contact, that makes contact in the clock spring. I polished the contact, but it did not help anything. I do not understand why the horn works, when the steering wheel is in certain positions, but not others. ...
Read more : 2003 Silverado HD 2500 Horn problem | Views : 31 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Electrical

2013 Silverado Lift Options

Hey All,

About a year and a half ago i had a Readylift 2.25' level kit installed on my 2013 Silverado 1500 4WD. I am currently tossing around the idea of actually lifting my truck by trying to gather as much info as i can on all the option available to me. I don't think i want to go any higher than a 4 inch lift. I know there are a bit of options out ...
Read more : 2013 Silverado Lift Options | Views : 67 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Suspension

HID question

ok this may be a dumb question but i need a little info. i would like to install some HIDs but I'm confused with the ballast, do i need a ballast for low beam and high beam for a total of 4 ballast for both side or can i hook up the two bulbs to one ballast per side.
Read more : HID question | Views : 96 | Replies : 7 | Forum : Exterior

how to get to 400hp without killing a 350 block

1992 chevy 1500 extended cab with a fuel injected 350 is what I have. Ideas on how to get to 400hp? Could this block handle that or would I have to go with a carbureted 4 bolt main seal engine block? What's your thoughts, any help is appreciated!
Read more : how to get to 400hp without killing a 350 block | Views : 114 | Replies : 7 | Forum : Engine

High beam question?

I have an 09 silverado, when I turn my highbeams on my low beams stay on. I have noticed other silverado's (same body style etc) where the low beam turns off when the high comes on... Which is correct?
Read more : High beam question? | Views : 112 | Replies : 8 | Forum : Electrical

1998 Chevy heater fan issues

Hi there I am wondering if anyone has an idea for me. My heater fan only runs on high. I have changed the resistor, heater switch and blower motor and still only works on high? Any ideas what might cause this? Thanks
Read more : 1998 Chevy heater fan issues | Views : 33 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Climate Control

broken shift cable

Hello, I had trouble getting my truck to go into park yesterday. I noticed that the shift cable is loose in the bracket that is by the transmission pan. When I inspected it some small broken plastic pieces and a metal clip came off in my hand. I have been told that you can not fix it you have to replace the cable. I have a ac delco cable on the way, but I was ...
Read more : broken shift cable | Views : 36 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Transmission/Drivetrain


Is there a way to make the gas & brake pedal not go up and down on a 2011 sierra 4x4.
Read more : gas&pedal | Views : 84 | Replies : 5 | Forum : Electrical


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