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4X4 Front Differential Bearing Going Bad

I have been hearing a grinding sound over the last month or so from the front end of my truck which is a 2007 new body style Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 4x4 extended cab. I had my front driver's side axle replaced about 6 months ago when a u-joint broke inside the boot. I also replaced both front wheel hubs and upper control arms w/ ball joints about 6 months ago when one of my ...
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It's been three years.

Well it's been 3 years since I bought my 2009 Sierra sle 4x4. Never gave me trouble and fun to drive. But last week it went under for cylinder misfire. Started as a shorted ECM on the injectors. Then they started and heard the famous lifter tick. Now it sits at the dealer waiting on new cam and pistons. But I will never give up on my truck or GM. I'll post some pics from ...
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Leveling Kit Leveling Kit

I guys i have an important question regarding leveling my front end to match the rear. I measured the front and back and got...

BACK: 39 1/4"

FRONT: 36 1/4"

Now keep in mind I have an add-a-leaf leaf spring in back so my back is raised about 3 inches from my front.
My question is should I get a 2.25" or a 2.5" leveling kit? Im thinking of getting the brand readyLIFT when I ...
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Cabin filter access door/retainer

Does anyone have an idea where I can find a new one? Mine broke while I was trying to change out the filters a while back. So I just taped it on. Well now it's time to change them again and I wanted to get a replacement part. I have a pic of what I am talking about. In the pic, where the guys thumb is is where mine broke. Thanks a lot.

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please help. just bought, tranny shifts hard.

Hi, I have a 2007 sierra with 53,000 miles. I recently just bought it from an individual. When I start to drive it shifts kinda hard from 1st-2nd gear . 2nd-3rd not as bad and the rest are fine. If I go slow from 1st-2nd it doesn't do it. Just when u take off regular. My trasmission light also just came on. He installed a K&N air intake and said it was tuned. He said ...
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front bumper fitment

OK so o have a two a two part question.

1. Will the slotted bumper from a 2012 fit my 08?

2. How difficult is it to paint the bumper and end caps?

I found a killer deal on a complete front bumper from a 2012 with fogs! but I will have to repaint it. Never attempted a paint job but hey for this price if it fits I'm gonna give it a go
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2000 Silverado Z71

Manual transmission- 5speed, is there anything I can put in the transmission fluid (like Lucas stop slip for automatics) that is good for the tranny? Aren't manual transmissions longer lasting than automatics?
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Bumper Paint to Match

I've been real interested lately in color matching the top cap of my front bumper and lower valance... I went to the auto body shop in town last week and got a quote for ~$350 for prep and paint for the two pieces. But today I was talking to a member of the forum who said duplicolor makes paint that matches OEM paint? I was just curious if anyone has had any experience with this ...
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Rear pillar speakers standard equipment?

Just acquired a 2001 Silverado. The door speakers were shot so I ordered a new pair. Their is no sound coming from the rear pillar speakers (standard cab). Before I pop out the interior panels - can anyone confirm that if I have a factory radio - then there are rear pillar speakers?
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Calcium deposit looking stuff on hood and roof

Anyone with auto body paint experience or has had this happen to them tell me what's going on here and how do I stop it. I've seen other cars with this same issue around town.
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