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-44 offset issues

So I'm looking at going with -44 offset. My friend did, and his wheel bearing literally exploded... How often do you replace your wheel bearing eat, running -44 offset? I will be running either -24 or -44 offset with 35x13.50R20... I'll be picking my rim sixe in 10 days. Hopefully I get some good info by then
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Rough Country "lifted struts"

Anybody tried these lifted struts? Looking to get a set of these for my 2015 Silverado with the RC 7.5".
P.S. sorry if I did this post wrong, very new member!
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Intermittent No Crank/No Start/No Blower

2004 Sierra 1500 SLE 4x4 5.3L vin:T

The symptoms:

It either fires up and run great or it does nothing. The dash lights, radio, all the other stuff in cab works except the AC/Heater blower doesn't come on. I replaced that pesky resistor about a year ago. When it starts there are no issues with the blower. When it no crank/no starts there is no sound except relays in the under the hood fuse box. ...
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Towing with wheel spacers

I've been thinking about adding 2 inch wheel spacers to my 2010 Sierra 2500, but not sure how safe it is to tow a 9,000 lb camper, the HD spacers say they are rated for a total weight of 20,000 lbs, any thoughts?
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2005 4l60e Manual Shift Only? Ideas? 2005 4l60e Manual Shift Only? Ideas?

2005 4l60e rebuilt about 5k ago, reputable rebuild. Manual shift fine, all gears with lock up. Attempting to start in D results in what feels like a 3rd gear start. No code. I'm thinking VSS or Ignition switch low voltage? Prior to issue the dash display would often show that the vehicle was in Neutral when it was in fact in D. Fairly certain It's electrical... Very confident in the mechanical rebuild. Any Ideas? Yes ...
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Best bolt on cat back for 6.2l? Best bolt on cat back for 6.2l?

Looking for advice/suggestions on the best sounding exhaust rumble for a 6.2l?
It's going to be bolted to a 2016 Chevy High Country.
Not looking to sound like NASCAR or anything or have it be annoying but a nice rumble (a little louder than stock) would be good.
Any factory bolt directly on catback systems out there :?:

Thanks in advance

Jeff B In Maine

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Alignment Specs Alignment Specs

I searched for the answer, but won't give me info.
Just had my RC 2" leveler installed today. Took it to an alignment shop to make an appt. Service guy asked me what the specs are suppose to be after the kit install. I honestly didn't know what to tell him. So I figured what better place to find out, but on here. I'm guessing it just gets put back to factory?????? Thanks in advance....
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1500HD BL

I cannot for the life of me find one for the 1500 HD. SEARCHED AND CALL EVERYWHERE.

My buddy can fab me one but the cost is unknown due to trial and error until we figure out the relocation brackets. Anyone fab up their own kit? Help please and thanks!
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ABS Activates while braking at 5-7mph.

As the title says, the abs is activating whole braking at 5-7mph every time I stop. It runs for 2 to 3 seconds then stops. Any ideas what to look for? I do have the BlueDriver adapter now so any suggestions using that are welcome too.

This is on a 00 Silverado 2wd. There was no fuse for the system - someone removed it before I bought it and now I know why, lol.

ETA: ...
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Wheel well trimming tips?

Hey guys, just like the title says I'm looking for some insight. I just ordered some +1 offset 18x9 and 275/70r18(33X11) for my '12 Sierra that will have a 2.5" level on the front. From doing much research I expect some rub, though I don't anticipate crazy amounts. I'm prepared to the the small NorCal fender mod if I have to. I was wondering what people were doing for the areas where it was just ...
Read more : Wheel well trimming tips? | Views : 152 | Replies : 10 | Forum : Wheels/Tires


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