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14 Bolt FF from 08 2500hd

Bit the bullet and bought a 14 bolt from a 2008 GMC 2500HD, complete with disc brakes. What's needed to swap into my 2012 1500 silverado? I plan on leaving it 8 lug and just ordering matching 8 lug wheels and a 6 to 8 lug adapter to carry in the truck with a 8 lug spare just in case. Is it a straight swap minus the u-joint adapter?
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2015 weak paint

Has anyone else noticed that the paint on 2014+ silverados chip and scratch very easily?
Seems like every time I wash my 2015 I find new chips or scratches.
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Need some advice from the vets Need some advice from the vets

Ok, so of course my rockers and cab corners are rust ion out a bit. But i plan on taking bed liner from the body line down. The question is should i totally replace the old rockers or me new metal down and try. To blend it as best as possible since its getting bed liner anyways....but any ways, what do y'all think? I also noticed my exhaust broke of the cadillac converter somehow...
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Part number lower dash piece

Was wondering if anyone knows the part number for the lower dash piece that is under the steering wheel. Goes from drivers side to about the coin tray. It's for a 2011 Silverado 1500 lt. Thanks in advance
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Toyo Open Country A/T 2

I narrowed my decision down to the Toyo Open Country a/t 2 and the Cooper a/t 3. The manager at Mavis Tire talked me out of the Toyo because he said they wear unevenly and inconsistent. I have not come across any reviews our comments like that. This forum is the place to get the facts and was wondering if anyone has any wear issues with the Toyos before I totally eliminate them as my ...
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Headlights Headlights

I have a 2014 Silverado and its in need of headlights. I had a job when I bought it that required a strobe light. I opted for the strobes in my headlights so I didn't have to drive around with a light are on my roof. Hindsight being 20/20, that was a dumb choice as now my lights fog up. Have tried numerous ways to keep them clear but unless I run with the back ...
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Safe limited slip additive for rear/transmission?

Is there a safe limited slip additive for the rear transfer case and/or transmission on a 1999 Chevy Silverado Z 71 5.3 Vortec? And what is the capacity for oil in the transmission and rear transfer case? I do not have an owners manual.
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Seat Track Grease

So i'm a dummy.

I was shampooing/extracting my carpets to install those new floorliners I bought. You're not supposed to spray Folex near the tracks of the powered seat it doesn't play well. So now my seat makes an awful noise because i'm guessing it needs greased.

So what type of grease/lubricant should I use? Does anyone know what Chevrolet uses in there powered seat tracks?

Thank you
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Oem navigation into '05 Sierra without it?

Hey everyone. I'm new here and new to the NBS trucks as well. I recently bought an '05 Sierra CC and I love it. As I've looked around online, I found some trucks had a factory navigation/stereo/dvd (?) and I'd love to have that in my truck. My truck doesn't have the DIC controls on the wheel so I know the cluster doesn't have the programming for that in it. Would this fact correlate to ...
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Mod shout out

Just wanted to say thanx to Vince (onlyina_chevy) for coming down from the next county with more then enough needed tools and getting his hands dirty to help me change out a 1/2 shaft.
I'm sure he's a little miffed seeing from out tool roll out to tool roll up took less then an hour on my NBS, apparently not so on a NNBS, some times you just gotta love a T bar suspension ...
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