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Torsion bar adjustment bolt length

So I noticed my truck seemed to be leaning to the passenger side. I measured both sides and sure enough the front passenger side sits about 1/2" lower than the driver side. I decided to take a look at the torsion bar adjustment bolts for any signs that the previous owner may have messed with them. The passenger side bolt is back out a good 3 or 4 threads further than the driver side. Does ...
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Exhaust options?

I have a 2011 crew cab Silverado with the 5.3. I've heard that removing the cats on these trucks can cause lots of issues. Is there any truth to this and if so is there anyway around it? I'm wanting a pretty loud aggressive sound and I'm wondering what the best kit would be to go with. I'm not against doing a catback exhaust as long as I can get the sound I'm looking for. ...
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Is my alternator going bad?

I went to the local Autozone to have the battery tested on my 2011 5.3 liter. I bought it used about 6 months ago and assumed the battery was stock so I figured it may be time to swap it out. During the test I was told the battery is good but my alternator is charging at 15 amps and should only be charging around 13-14. Sure enough, looking at my ...
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GM VIN decoder

Found this online today when I was looking for some info on my motorhome chassis.

GM VIN cards: https://service.gm.com/dealerworld/vincards/
Read more : GM VIN decoder | Views : 41 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Uncategorized Truck Topics

lifted with stock 22's? anyone

I'm wanting to lift my truck and thinking about keeping the stock 22's was hoping someone had some pics.
Read more : lifted with stock 22's? anyone | Views : 46 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Suspension

Silverado rim and tire help

So i posted a lil while ago on purchasing new rims and tires for my 1997 silverado 4x4

here is what i decided on ...

American Racing AR901 Bright PVD Wheel (17x8.5"/6x139.7mm, 00mm offset)

http://www.amazon.com/American-Racing-B ... o_pC_S_ttl

think i will have any issues with these ? ( Fitment ) and any suggestions on tire size was thinking 275/70 r17 currently im running 275 / 75 r 16 so i ...
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Replacement drivers seat

Hello im new here. I was wondering if i cant find a decent seat from a junkyard which other seats will fit my 2000 GMC Sierra?
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Caliper carrier torque? Caliper carrier torque?

Getting ready to do the front discs on my '10 Sierra. When reinstalling the caliper carrier does anyone know if there's a torque value specified for the 2 bolts. Locktite?
Read more : Caliper carrier torque? | Views : 43 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Brakes

5.3 true dual straights

2.25" true dual with stock cats. 4" tips. My favorite setup so far.
A couple short revs up to 3k. She was warm already.
Read more : 5.3 true dual straights | Views : 29 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Exhaust

Bilstein 5100's

Ok, so I have a 2012 Z71 Crew Cab. I want to, well, kind of level it out up front. From what it sounds like, the 5100's will put me almost level up front? What setting do they need to be at? My truck is a Z71, but I don't think I have any special shocks, they look plain (Not Bilstein, etc). How much is it typically to install? I will probably upgrade the front ...
Read more : Bilstein 5100's | Views : 175 | Replies : 11 | Forum : Suspension


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