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Wheels & Tires Wheels & Tires

I just got a GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Crew cab 5.3, 4WD Z71, I got the RC leveling kit (2" Lower Strut Extensions combined with a set of strut spacers and rear blocks to achieve a total of 2.5" of lift) but not installed yet RC recommends 285/70/17 but I am planning to get Ballistic Jester 18x9 -12 Offset with BFG 185x65x18, can you give me your opinions before I get them, are these ...
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grant wheel

2000 model.

i know the wheel looks pink lol, but its just the pic. its red, matches my trim perfect. my airbag busted as you can see. ive looked a while, anyone know where i can get an adap to hook this wheek up? advanced and az told me no way, they dont do it anymore. its a standard 5 star bolt pattern grant. THANKS!
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Will this hurt

I have a 1996 k1500 5.7l. Bone stock, exhaust and all. My question is this. The stock system has dual cats into a dual in/single out muffler. Let's suppose I decided to do away with that muffler and put on 2 mufflers (Or not) and split the exhaust, run one out at the stock location and run the other to the drivers side and dump it. True dual pipes, completely isolated from each other. Would ...
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Help deciding exhaust tips

Alright guys I need some advice. I can't decide what to do with my tips. I really like the idea of being different from everyone else in the area, but I don't want it to look dumb. Should I try the dual exhaust tips? It will be true dual all the way back out the back to 2 dual tips. Here's the possible links for tips. http://m.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-OF-TWO-STAIN ... nav=SEARCH ...
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USB port dead in Center Console

Hey guys. I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab LTZ. It has Bose, Bluetooth, Nav, Rear DVD entertainment system, back-up camera, etc. Within the last couple of weeks I have noticed my USB port that's located in the center console will not play music off of my iPod. It has played it fine since I bought the truck. I removed the cupholders insert and checked to be sure the harness was still plugged in ...
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So just recently, the temp gauge on my 2012 4.8 silverado has started to climb at idle. Mainly when stuck in traffic heading home. It'll rise and rise until I kick on my AC and then it quickly climbs back down to 210. I've never had this issue before, even when towing the pontoon 4-5 hours to Arizona in the smack dab middle of summer (115+ temp outside)

Just curious what I should do? Should ...
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Trying to find out what tire would fit Trying to find out what tire would fit

Hello all! I have a 2011 Silverado with a 2.5 in leveling lift kit from rough country. It says that I am able to go up to a 285/70/17. But I am looking to go up to something a little bigger if I can and I am looking at upgrading to 20in wheels. I have tried to look and I am not able to find like the next size up or there are very few ...
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Question regarding jacking truck up with floor jack.

Is it OK to jack a truck up by placing the jack under the middle of the cross member between the two front wheels?
Before anyone flips out, NO, I will not be crawling under the truck. I need to rotate the wheels and I don't want to have to jack up each wheel seperately and then place a jack stand under each of them.

Likewise, is it OK to jack the back of the ...
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A/C Whistling Sound at High Fan Speeds

2013 Silverado LT with 5.3. Here is the problem, when I have my A/C set at the one of the three highest fan speeds when the A/C is on there is a whistling sound coming out of the vents. It does not happen every time but consistent enough that it is an annoyance. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the solution? Thank You.
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what shocks to buy?

My stock Sierra is too bouncy going over dips and I just want to put stronger struts. Happens with limited weight in bed. I am especially concerned because I tow a boat sometimes, about 3800 lbs, single axle trailer. I don't need to raise or lower anything, it rides level, it just bounces too much. What struts/shocks do you suggest? Thanks!
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