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Service 4WD Diagnosing

So recently the Service 4WD message has intermittently been popping up on the display in my truck. I am trying to figure out the cause. It simply seems to pop up the message, it does not, at least according to the indicator lights switch to any of the other settings from 2Hi.

So far I have taken the switch out and hooked up my multi-meter. I tested each button and they seem within spec, although, ...
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Truck Differences - 2007 vs 2008

Are there any major differences in the factory tune between 2007 and 2008? I know this is like comparing apples and oranges but they should be similar. My dad has a 2007 Avalanche and I have a 2008 Silverado CC.

Both are very similar in configuration. Both are 4wd, 4-door, 5.3L Aluminum block with AFM (Avalanche is flexfuel though), 4L60E, 3.73 rear end.

Dad’s seems like it has a lot more pep and power, especially ...
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How to add factory backup camera?

Hello all,

Making this post for my father. He recently received a 2016 Silverado as a work truck. His boss messed up and did not order one with a backup camera or keyfobs. He would like to add both, factory. He took it to the local Chevy house and they said it was impossible. This does not sound correct? I believe all the wiring harnesses would be the same. He has the big screen display, ...
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Headers, cats, muffler. Doing it all need some advice.

Okay guys, I've sold my old truck and looking to do work on my Sierra. I will have a tune and maybe intake. I'm trying to do all this on a budget. I think I want long tubes, no cats, all 3 in pipe, to a borla exhaust, with dual exit. What do I do? Take it to local muffler shop and tell him what I want and let him have it? Or buy all ...
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Looking for a specific look

Looking to see if anyone has a set of -19 rims on a 265/70r17 with a 2" front level. Tia

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Steering Wheel audio controls issue

My 2008 GMC Sierra Crew Cab with factory stereo and speakers needed new front door speakers. I replaced them a few weeks ago and was so happy with the results I decided to change out the rear, also. I just finished putting everything back together (except the door panels) and tested the system. Wow. Great sound. Then I checked all the steering wheel mounted controls and now the volume up and down controls only increase ...
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Best way to remove residue from balance weights

What is the best way to remove the residue from the balance weights on rims. I have black semi gloss rims so I don't want to use anything abrasive or any chemicals that can damage the coating.

Thanks guys!
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Temp for separating headlights

I am going to be painting my headlights this weekend so I'll need to bake them to separate (I don't want to cut them). What is a good temp and time? I've read anywhere from 175* to 225* for 7-10 min. I know I'll probably have to do this two or three time a piece too.

I was thinking that around 180* for about 8 min would be good. Thoughts?
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Today on "Will it work" Today on "Will it work"

I've been wanting a more aggressive sounding exhaust for awhile now, but haven't pulled the trigger because I use the truck for hunting and really value the quiet stock exhaust for sneaking in the woods to my treestand. My question is, would it be possible to install a performance muffler (most likely an Aero AT3030), then a manual exhaust cutout with the plate that bolts on, both ahead of the stock muffler. This way I ...
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Haven't posted in a while Haven't posted in a while

So I haven't posted on here for a while, and my truck has gone through changes to make it more me. I added a 2inch level kit from Rough Country and 33inch Cooper Discoverer tires. I added a light bar in the bumper, 40inch across the front bumper, and 2 rear pods. Also added a nice tool box in the bed.
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