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1500 pressure regulator clip/ring

Replaced fuel pressure regulator.

New one comes with a retaining ring in addition to the clamp. My old one doesn't have this ring nor does my Haynes guide mention it.

What is this ring?

I didn't install it, what am I missing?
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Tire pressure

What air pressure have you guys found is the best for ride and mpg? I have about 32 psi in my 09 with the factory 265/65r18 tire size. That seems a little low. Thanks.

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front bumper mods?

Has anyone out there modified the stock plastic bit on the front bumper that hangs on bottom? My truck didn't come with fog lights and I dislike the grey plastic. Removing it isn't really an option as it would look worse, plus I believe this would leave the rad exposed (I occasionally like to get it muddy). Is there something I can do with this on a budget?
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Regearing from 3.08s

Couple months ago i lifted my extended cab 2010 silverado z71 and threw some 33's on it.. I had no idea the power loss I would take doing this because I had no idea about gears or what gears the truck even had! So after some research I found that gm made this truck worthless from the assembly line by putting the 3.08s in...

I just dropped the truck off at 4wheelparts in Parma Ohio ...
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No tach after motor/trans swap

2005 gmc sierra. I just did an L33 to LQ9 swap and a built trans. After hooking everything back up, I have no tach. I am wondering if it could just be the stepper motor. Before the swap I had no speedo and it has sat since november. Where do these computers get the tach signal from?
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Gibson metal mulisha

hey all. If anyone has a Gibson mm catback, let me know what you think of it. My only hesitation is possible loud highway drone. Not much info out there on em, thanks!
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A/C System PAG Oil

Replacing the A/C compressor, condensor, dryer, hoses, etc. I know the new compressor comes filled with PAG oil but is it enough for the whole system? How much oil should be in the total system? Also what weight PAG oil?

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K&N Purchases Airaid

I'm sorry if this has been posted already. But apparently a couple of months ago K&N Engineering Purchased Airaid.


I thought this was very interesting seeing as a lot of guys on this site like to run the Airaid MIT and a K&N drop in filter. This is the setup that i plan on going with aswell.
Could be some interesting products developing here in the future.
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'05 Sierra wiring harness - airbag sensor

I have a 2005 Sierra 1500 SLE that was a previous theft recovery. I'm not sure why the idiots that stole it did this, but they cut the pigtail off the wiring harness where the airbag sensors in the seats plug in. (Idiots because the DIDN'T take the seats!) It has a split bench seat, non-power on the passenger seat.

The pigtail from the harness was still plugged into the drivers side. Just had to ...
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4l60e must do's

2005 Silverado 4x4 4l60e must do's?
So.. Started pulling my transmission out because it's time for a rebuild. It's got 175k. It started acting up randomly, heading home from work and got on the interstate and gave it some gas to get up to speed and it all of a sudden acted like it was in neutral, let off and it did fine, didn't worry about it, checked fluids and everything was fine. So it ...
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