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Manual Lumbar Fix

Does anyone have experience fixing the manual lumbar support?

On my way into work this morning the lumbar retracted all the way and the knob does nothing. I heard clicks as the lumbar pushed back into the seat. I'm hoping for a relatively easy fix.

Appreciate any assistance.


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2000 silverado tranny out 2 hrs from home 2000 silverado tranny out 2 hrs from home

Hello. I just lost reverse, second, and od. From what I found my sun gear shell broke. It shifts from 1st to 3rd without reving too high. I was just wondering if it would be ok to drive it home without causing internal damage/getting stranded. It's a 2000 silverado 1500 with 5.3 4l60e z71 with 197000 miles. I beleave it is the second tranny. thanks, Chris
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Z71 Decals

I drive a Silver Sierra and am in the process of blackening it out. So I ordered a set of Z71 decals off of amazon and I think they look so much better. Excuse the dirty truck we've had some nasty weather lately. Let me know what ya'll think.
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best shorty headers for 5.3

Im thinking bout putting headers on my 5.3 one thing im concerned about is beaking bolts off in the heads..its a 2011

are these bolt prone to breaking or will the back on outa there?
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Need some trans answers

Hi, I have a '91 1500 stepside shortbox 4x4, and I need a trans for it. Stock is the 700r4 and I can't find a used one and I can't afford a rebuild. My question is can I put a 4l60 in it(not the "E")?
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ABS issue

When I start my truck up and put it into drive and first take off the abs light turns on comes on then goes right back out (no parking brake light comes on). The abs has engaged twice on completely dry roads. I did notice tonight a slight noise coming from the drivers side front wheel. Both front wheel barrings and speed sensors have been replaced within the last 9 months. With all the snow ...
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2014 Silverado Power near bed?

I just bought a 2014 silverado crew cab. I have a couple golight magnet mount remote spot lights that I would like to power.

Here is the kicker.. I do not want them on the truck all the time. So, what I want to figure out is what the best way to get power back near the bed is (if I can). So, I can put them on the roof and plug them in to ...
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4x4 won't engage..need help

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and new to pick ups. I bought a 2010 Sierra 6.2 about 8 months ago to tow my trailer to get to the track. The truck had 29k miles on it and was in really good condition. Since I bought this first truck I've had a few problems already. I've had to replace the TPS sensor ($500), replace a TPMS sensor, and now it's telling me to service ...
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i got a vibration coming from my drive shaft i got a vibration coming from my drive shaft

i got a vibration coming from my drive shaft i got under my truck and i couldn't fine anything wrong the bearing was a little sloppy and there was some oil or grease at the end of the trans in front of the first u joint please help im about to move 678 mi and i need to fix it
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Stacks on a 5.3

I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but if I end up keeping my truck, ive been thinking of putting some 5 or 6" stacks on it for a couple of reasons: First of all, I like the way they look (and I'm too poor to afford a diesel and I don't want to part with my current truck anymore). Second, as I've been doing more and more plowing, i find ...
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