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ready lift vs rough country

So whats the difference between these level kits other than that one is $250 and the other is $65??
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front brake chatter

I replaced both front rotors and pads........had chatter still,,,,,,,,then replaced the front calipers,,,,,,,noise much better not every time I stop,,,,,,,,it seems to be on the drivers side,,,,,,,,,,,what do I next???????????
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Clutch pedal squeaking

I have a 95 silverado 6cyl 5speed, when I push the clutch in it squeaks real bad and does the same when releasing it. It does this whether the motor is running or not. I can also feel resistance in the pedal that I havent noticed before (I also never looked for it) the trucl does need a new slave cylinder. I had a friend push the clutch and release it and it feels like ...
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Tow mirror glass interchangeability

Anyone know if the glass is the same size for all years 99-14 and it's just the mount at the door that's different?

The top and bottom glass on my RH mirror are both broken and buying the glass costs more than getting a whole mirror off ebay and taking it from that so I'm just wondering if I have to get the same mirror to get the right glass.

But maybe it'll still be ...
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DiabloSport Trinity or inTune DiabloSport Trinity or inTune

New to the site and the gas world formerly from the diesel world I have a 2014 Silverado with 5.3 and do not know what way to go have looked at all brands and looks like Diablo is not a bad choice. I just don't know and cant decide on the Trinity or inTune? Just looking for some help. Thanks
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Looking for a little more lift

Well I've had my truck leveled with the RC Torsion Key kit for a while now and it just ain't cutting it anymore. Part of the problem is my best friend got the leveling kit with the rear blocks in his Silverado and now his sits up higher than mine :shock:

I'm probably going to get a little bit beefier tires this summer and go two sizes ...
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6.5 TD in 1500 trucks

In the 1988-98 Silverados and Sierras (more specifically C/K 1500s) you could get the 6.5 in a 1500 correct?
Does anyone know anyone with one of these in their truck?
Why did they decide to do it? Why did they not put them in more of them?
Seems like it would get pretty decent fuel mileage wouldn't it? We're just now seeing 1500 trucks with diesels again. Why?
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buying advice for my first Silverado

Hey guys i'm looking to buy my first silverado this week. i'm wondering what a fair price would be for this 2007 extended cab ltz z71 with 130,228 miles? http://mikecarpinoford.com/Pittsburg/Fo ... /23503706/
Also what should i look for when test driving it?
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Squeek sound from drive train

I have a squeek sound that happens only at low speed in drive only. I think its coming from my transfer case. has anyone had this issue?
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DIN size (replacing stereo 2002 Silverado 1500)?

Crutchfields says the stereo is a SINGLE DIN, but it is about twice the size of the single DIN I put in my 98 Honda Civic. What gives?

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Read more : DIN size (replacing stereo 2002 Silverado 1500)? | Views : 385 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Mobile Electronics


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