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Dash mat pic request Dash mat pic request

Guys I'm thinking about getting a dash cover to hide that crack by the air bag. Since I've started using my sun shields , the cracking/ drying seems to have stopped. I don't want to try gluing or body working that crack so a dash mat it is.
Just wanting to see pics of any you may have to figure out what to order.

Carpet? Velour? Molded? :D ...
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lights below the tailgate

what is the light's below the tailgate called that is usually on dually's ? I have been wanting to find some but am not using the right term I guess, thank's........... :D
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Lifting a 2wd NBS

Been tossing up the idea of lifting my pickup and this is what I found. I've been reading up on it a lot and i want to keep the wheels and tires i have which are the NNBS Z71 wheels. So I don't plan on going big or anything just something small to make my truck more of a truck. I found this kit on rough country http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-232n2.html . I was planning on running this ...
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Skid plates Skid plates

Looking to upgrade to the z71 skid plates. Just wanna make sure I order the right ones. Not the plastic ones.
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Intellilink GPS Accuracy Off

Was trying out the GPS feature in by 2015 Sierra and the GPS does not show the correct location of where I am at. It shows the truck moving in all the right directions but tells me I am like 50 miles east of where I am actually at?

Anyone else come accross this?
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Greasigng U-Joints

Went to grease all the zerks in the front half of my '01 Sierra today. I got all 11 in the front end, but couldn't get to the one on the front u-joint. I could see the zerk, I just couldn't get the grease gun to it. Anybody know how I get to that zerk? I've searched the interwebs for a while but couldn't find too much info on it...
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First Battle Scar(s)

Today while I was sitting at a red light I checked my rear view mirror as I typically do and noticed a Cadillac car coming up quite fast on me. I soon realized that they were not going to stop rather run straight into me. Few seconds later it happened. Pictures don't do the best justice but it turned out quite well in my favor. Two new bumpers for me is about the extent of ...
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Thinking of rear wheel well covers Thinking of rear wheel well covers

I like look of the rear wheel well covers but I find it hard to believe that after they are installed there isn't a rust causing pocket for road grime to get into. I live where they salt the roads in the winter and I don't want to accelerate the rusting process at all. Has anyone had any problems with these or are the covered wells as easy to clean as they are with out ...
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Different Size Spare Tire

I just purchased a 2014 Silverado this past Saturday & so far have been very happy.
Only concern right now is that my spare is a different size though. I emailed the sales guy two questions on Sunday, got a response on one & not on this one. I followed up with him today on it & will see if he will respond.
My tires are 275/55/20 but my spare is a 265/65/17, it just ...
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Tip Sizing question

I'm getting ready to cut my exhaust pipe back the 32" to dump over the rear axle. My truck is a 2013 Sierra with the 5.3 . I measured the stock exhaust tip at 3". I would like to order a stainless polished tip to weld on where I cut it. Do I need a 3" inlet or 2.75 inlet? Any advice would be appreciated so I'm ordering the proper size.
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