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z71 g20 swap

Hi folks
I have a opportunity to buy a z71 locking diff for my 2002 Silverado open rear end.I get caught in snow a few times a year.
my question is for mechanics or someone who has done this already.
should I just get a pro to do this .I have some auto experience but im no pro .
or should I just throw a shovel and salt in the back ?
I'm weighing out ...
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Tuner and shift kit questions

Just bought a hypertech max energy tuner for my 5.3 vortec. And the guy that had the truck before me put some kind of corvette part in the tranny to make it shift firmer. And the tuner says not to adjust shift firmness if you have an aftermarket shift kit. I was wondering if I shouldn't adjust the firmness or does it not matter. And does anyone know what the corvette part is he put ...
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thinking of getting my first new chevy

Alright Guys and Gals, I'm new here and I need some input...

I'm 19 and in the Navy. I just got a pre-approved loan through Navy Federal CU and I am moving to Whidbey Island, WA next week. I plan on buying a truck when I get there and I've narrowed it down to a 00-06 Tundra 4x4 Access cab with a 4.7 or a 99-06 Chevy 4x4, preferably ECSB with a 5.3. This is ...
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Tow mirror power fold mod

alright guys, im thinking of designing a mod to allow for tow mirrors to be power folded, anyone like the idea? any ideas on how to do it?

my current plan is to put a small high torque dc motor in the spot where the mirrors already pivot, the bottom arm will be the driven one, the top will be left alone to allow for the mirrors to "lock" in place. the control will be ...
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Door panel rip fixes

Anyone ever have success fixing a small rip ( 2" ) in the vinyl type of material in a door panel?
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E85 in 2012 gmc sierra

Just wondering what you guys think about running e85? In my area it is $2.29 and E10 gas is $3.29 so it is $1 a gallon cheaper. Im kinda worried about it freezing and stuff like that cause in Michigan it is very cold now.
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New Chevy Reaper, 550HP Supercharged

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet. I bet this thing is crazy fast, also has a military suspension


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What's the best looking black wheel

What's the best looking black wheel for lifted black silverado post some pics of your trucks
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Seeking advice on auxiliary trans cooler

Bought a 2007 Silverado Ext Cab, V6, which already had a factory installed hitch. This is good because about 4 times each summer I will be pulling a 1500lb popup, about 400lbs of gear, and about 500lbs of people. That's about 2500lbs for a truck that has a tow rating of 4700lbs, so I am just over 1/2 the trucks tow capacity. The camp grounds are pretty close (within 40 miles) and mostly flat lands, ...
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2WD to 4WD

I have a 2003 Silverado 4.8 2WD RCSB that is probably the most dependable trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. It was a fleetside when I bought it, now a stepside. I have installed leather interior from a Intimidator with a console. I absolutely love this truck and will never sell it.The only thing I would wish is that it was 4WD. My question is can the 2WD frame be altered to 4WD or ...
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