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Tow Hook Attachment.

Hey guys,

After having to pull a couple people out with my recovery strap this winter I had some questions. I normally choke the strap on to the loops on the front of my 2013 Sierra 1/2 ton. Its a tight squeeze to get the loop in there without damaging the plastic trim around the loop. I was wondering what some of you guys use to attach your strap to the loops on the front ...
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I'm an idot--bent door backwards

So as I was loading up some friends to go to the game tonight, my buddy left the passenger door open to go mail a letter quick and I was backing up to go get him and the door caught on a snow drift and bent backwards to perpendicular to the truck. Now it won't even close.

I haven't looked too close yet but it appears the hinges are just bent out of whack. Anyone ...
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Looking for ideas rims and tires

Any ideas are welcome just looking to make my truck look a little more aggressive right now stock 17s and 265 michs

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Traded in the 2012 for a '14 Traded in the 2012 for a '14

Traded in my 2012 SLT on a 2014 SLT, love it so far. Only mod so is a BakFlip HD. Prob put my subs and amp from the old truck in come spring. And swap the rubber out, the Wrangler SR-A's are pretty lame for the so called off road option tire.

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6x9 door speakers ??

any body put 6x9's in there 99 silverado's front doors ? whats involved and any pics/videos of your work ? thanks !!
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Cragar Soft 8's - 16x8 on Stock 2000 GMC Sierra 4x4

I've been searching and searching but I haven't found anyone who has these rims on a stock 2000 Sierra 4x4 Ext Cab. I just bought the truck yesterday, it's my first full size. Eventually when the money is right I'll do at least a leveling kit minimum. nothing more than 3 or 4" lift at most.

I'm hoping to find out if I can fit these wheels on my truck wrapped in the largest AT's ...
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what size tire

3 inch lift in front 2 inch lift in rear. 22 inch wheels whats a good mud style tire? may end up adding a 1.5 or 3inch body lift. I am new to the lifting stuff. always owned bagged trucks so new to this.
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Paint Chipping on wheel wells

Hey there,
Ive got some paint chipping on the rear wheel wells of my truck and on one side the paint chipping is starting to make its way up the side of the truck about 3 inches.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good way to deal with this?
I was thinking of putting some POR-15 along the wheel well Lip and maybe just doing the paint over top of it.
And just ...
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clamp on / bolt on exhaust tips

Hey guys,

I am adding a tip to my exhaust tip to my truck. My question is does a person need to trim the stock exhaust pipe to fit the new tip? I dont want it just sticking out there, I am wanting a nice clean look with the tip still under the truck body like stock. Any opinions, comments and suggestions are welcome.
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Questions about gears?!?!?!

I'm new to gears and looking to put some in my 08 Silverado. Ive got a 2.5" level, 34's on it, and its 4x4. I'm eventually gonna go with a 6" lift and 35's. When I do put the lift on I don't want to have to do gears again, so I want something that when I put it in I can be done. Mostly highway driving, usually don't get it over 65mph. A little ...
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