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Suspention lift kit advise Suspention lift kit advise

Hey guys and gals im wanting to do a lift kit on my truck in the next few months. Im wanting a 4inch lift with all new coil overs and shocks. Pro comp has this set up in 6inch but i dont want to go that big. Is there a lift kit out there that comes with what i want? Will i have to change gears or do any wheel spacers ? I will be ...
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Question on adding 2" top strut spacer to fabtech 6" lift Question on adding 2" top strut spacer to fabtech 6" lift

Ok so I have a 2010 silverado 1500 4x4 LTZ 6.2L with a fabtech 6" lift and I would like to add-a-leaf and a 2" top strut spacer like maybe tuff country's but the truck shop I asked if that would mess anything up if I did that and all they said was it's not recommended, I just don't want to mess anything up but I've seen many people add the 2" top strut spacer ...
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Dome lights

Have had my 2008 Silverado for a year now and finally figured out how to get them to come on with the doors.Who would have thought the switch was a flat one made into the dash :shock:
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Planning on upgrading speakers

I'm looking into upgrading my stock speakers to something with great sound. I drive a '10 Crew Cab Rado and upgraded my radio to the Pioneer AVH-8500.

I've been looking at the SPR-60C for the front and the SPR-60 two ways for the back. I also am either going with a Pioneer amp that kicks 600w rms or the ALpine MRX-F65 also kicking about the same but it's more expensive.

WHat do you guys suggest ...
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2014 1500 timbren+leveling kit


New to site, just got a 2014 1500 reg. cab short bed z71. I installed a western mid-weight plow, the weight of the plow squats the truck a little more than i would like, and the front of the truck is too low to begin with. I just installed a rough country 2 inch leveling kit and planned on installing timbren's at the same time. My question is about the sway bar, the sway ...
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what design is best for 3inch front lift/leveling

I am new to the lifting/ leveling. so after searching ebay and around I have found a few different style front kit for a 2wd truck. my question is which would be the best. to me the top attachment looks to be. but then again I have no back ground in the lifting area.....
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Rear end repair on a 2002 GMC 1500 4x4 Rear end repair on a 2002 GMC 1500 4x4

I am trying to pull the axles on my 2002 GMC 1500 4x4 and I have run into a issue getting the center pin out so I can push the axles in to remove the retaining clips. I have pulled the retaining bolt for the center pin and it shows wear. I am thinking this is not good. My experience with older rear ends the retaining bolt went thru the center pin to hold it ...
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2WD Lift ??'s

Have a 04 ECSB 2wd. Thinking of putting a 3" RC lift with out coil spacers. Stock tires are 255 16's. Would like to go to 265's. Would this set up hurt my mpg's and power by a lot? I have 5.3 w/242 gear.
Thanks Wayne
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NNBS build

I got tired of stock bose so decided to build a new systems. I've been running subs with stock hu but sound quality is not very good. I currently have 2 type s 10s powered by a MRX-M55 sealed in a sub thump box. So for the upgrade I have on order and hopefully here by the end of the week is type s components for front and rear doors 4 channel mrx-f35, appradio3 hu ...
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Not sure about these wheels Not sure about these wheels

So these wheels where already on the truck when I bought it. Pretty sure they came off of a Chevy however I am positive they weren't offered on 2012's!
Any idea what year and what model they did come off of?
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