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Magnaflow or Flowmasters Magnaflow or Flowmasters

Well I have a 2dr chevy silverado 1500 LT Z71 4x4 with a vortec 5.3L engine. I was just wondering what exhaust system would sound great on this truck? I also want to install a performance chip and what would be a good one?
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undecided? need some opinions!!

Well I have been put on a hold for spending any money on the truck since the wife went and picked up her new car so I have been sitting around just thinking of what I can do to my truck that cost almost nothing! The only thing I can think of is de badging the whole thing. My side piece has somewhat of a yellowish tint to it and I would like to get ...
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HELP BEDLINER Puckered small area front of bed not flush

My truck came with a plastic bed liner new from the dealer on the passender side the front top of the bedliner is puckers about a 5 - 6 ich wide area and does not sit flush against the front of the truck bed. Creates almost a pocket effect. I am worried that snow and ice will drop in there over the winter and was hoping to at least ride out the first winter before ...
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cant get driver side front caliper to bleed!! cant get driver side front caliper to bleed!!

ok - i'm at my wits end here...please help, if you can...my intention was to simply replace front rotors, pads and left front caliper..after bleeding left front many many times, we decided to bleed the other 3 calipers, in the specific order the manual dictates. No problems, all 100% fluid. Then we bled the master cylinder- everything was A-OK there.
We went back to bleed the left caliper with vacuum bleeder- we start to build ...
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Demolding suggestions

Been really really really contemplating this. I never did this to my last truck because I really didn't think I'd keep it for long. Well my new truck has almost everything I probably will ever need in a truck and the more I think about it, can't see me trading for awhile. Its a 2013 SLT and I really like the interior .The 2014 interiors really haven't grown on me yet, they look way too ...
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Wheel Bearing Question

I am not sure if this is the correct are to post this in but I am having an issue I want some advice on. My Silverado has front IFS, I noticed that when I am backing out of my driveway if feels like I am dragging my front end and the front passenger side tires will squeal. If I take hrad right turns I get all kinds of resistance and noise from the front ...
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guestion about leveling kit on newly purchased truck

So this is my first time posting on the site. I bought bought my first Truck 2 weeks ago!! Its a 08 Sierra and lets just say it was the worst purchase experience ever..I love the truck but the dealer is a complete joke and I'm going back to tear them a new one..I had a feeling that the truck had a leveling kit on it so I decided to check it out.I just was ...
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2014 vs NNBS 5.3 power

For those that have driven both does the new 5.3 drive and feel more powerful?
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Cleaning Tonneau cover

I have seen a few posts recently about cleaning the tonneau from normal wear and tear which i do. I bought my house about a year and a half ago and i didnt have many problems with the tree sap last year but this year i am getting it all over my truck. Its really really sticky and i have to use 3m adhesive remover to get it off my paint and then buff and ...
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Loading ramps or trailer

Before I got my new truck, I had always thought that if/when I got a PU, I would be able to get rid of the small (5x8) trailer that I own. It was always a hassle to have to hook/unhook it when I wanted to use it. Then I have to find a place to keep it when not in use. Before, I needed it to transport my lawn tractor and other payloads such as ...
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