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Smell anti freeze in truck  (Heater Core) Smell anti freeze in truck (Heater Core)

Hi all I have a 2001 chevy Silverado that I've owned for 3 years and the heater barely works every year and I remove the hoses and flush the core with water and a small amount of junk comes out and it works great for the winter each year. This year got to no heat and we had a warm day so I flushed the system 1 direction no water went through so I reversed ...
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Swapping out head unit in 04 sierra

Hey guys, i'm interested in swapping out stock head unit for an aftermarket unit that has a AUX input. I should mention that I have a BOSE system. I'm more interested in just changing the head unit for now. Can this be done? I've done other older vehicles before, but i'm unsure of the security this truck has. Also what kind of harnesses should I get to make the new deck work. I do have ...
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Replacing Trans Cooler Hard Line

Hey gang - this may be a dumb question, but it looks like I have a leak in the lower cooler line coming from the radiator to the trans. The tool required to pop that line off is different than a fuel/AC line removal tool correct?

Going to drop the pan and to the filter soon, figured I'd swap out this leaky line while I was at it.

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New Shoes!!

So the wifey let me order some new shoes for the truck. I went with Tuff wheel T01 20x9 -13 offset
I got them from http://www.bbwheelsonline.com with free shipping and new lug-nuts total was $804
I will be home in a week and will post pics once there mounted.
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Finished Our Road Trip

Well, we relocated from El Paso, TX (Fort Bliss) to Yelm, WA (Fort Lewis). 1,739 miles of road covered in my 2010 Sierra while my husband drove his 2010 Charger. I got an average of 18.4 mpg driving stock everything. What averages have anyone else gotten on such long trips? What did you do maintenance-wise after completing such a trip? Once income taxes are complete and in my pocket, I plan on levelling her, upgrading ...
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Will these tires fit?

I have a 2" leveling kit on my 09 crew cab and currently have 285/65/18 Nitto Trail Grapplers on it I have a friend needing to get some money quick and he is going to sale his tires they are 35 12.50 18 mud grapplers. What do yall think would they fit on my truck without rubbing?
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Should I Buy One Of These? Should I Buy One Of These?

I am casually shopping for new wheels and tires for my 2008 1500 Z71 with an RC 2" level up front. I have had a lot of luck buying items off of Craigslist at GREAT prices for other stuff so I have started to look at wheels and tires here too. This being said, I have never bought used wheels or tires and don't know if it is a good deal.

I have come accross ...
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whats the best replacement tranny whats the best replacement tranny

Im getting tot he point where ill need a tranny. i do a lot of pulling and plowing. what is your opinion and what is the best one or best price? thank
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OGM-1 Owners Step Inside

When switching from CD as my source to the FM tuner the volume of the tuner seems to be considerably higher than the CD player's. My old Pioneer HU had the ability to adjust the level of the tuner so that there wouldn't be such a discrepancy in loudness levels when you changed sources. Do any of you have this same issue and if so do you know if the OGM-1's tuner level can be ...
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Troubleshooting Driver side door

I have a 2007 silverado classic 2wd crew cab.
I Pulled off the driver side door panel to reconnect a speaker that came loose. When I reattached everything, the windows won't roll down, mirrors won't move, and locks wont unlock. I reinstalled multiple times just to make sure my connections were correct and tight.

Now on the other doors, the windows roll down, and the locks on the other doors lock when using the remote. ...
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