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New Headlights?

Hey guys, my headlights are not as bright nor do they go a far distance. I'd like to change this but do I need to get a new headlight or what? I don't want to get HID's due to them being illegal in my state. What do y'all recommend?
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Finally Diagnosed Rattling Noise from Windshield

For the last few months, as the weather has turned colder, I noticed a tapping noise coming from the right-hand side (passenger side) of the windshield on my 2013 Sierra. The colder the outside air or the faster the truck travels at highway speeds the louder and more rapid the tapping will become. After much experimentation, I discovered the noise is coming from the part listed below as it is somehow warped or misaligned.

"GM ...
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DIY hydro-dipping? Water transfer printing DIY hydro-dipping? Water transfer printing

I searched here and couldn't find anything related but if anyone has any a link from here please share.
Has anyone tried any DIY hydro dipping? Water transfer printing?
I've seen a few kits on line. There are several instructional videos on youtube. I'm all for trying something once, just wanted to know if anybody here has any personal experience.
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Switching plows Switching plows

I just purchased a 07 duramax silverado classic. It has a boss v plow with the rt3 undercaridge. I also have a 1995 gmc sierra. I if i got an undercaridge and wiring harness, would i be able to witch the plow and use on either truck. Thanks
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E3 spark plugs

Just curious if anybody has any insight on this brand?
or any other that works well.
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Wheelskins Steering wheel cover Wheelskins Steering wheel cover

So just ordered a Wheelskins steering wheel cover. Are they as hard as I've read to put on?
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2013 GM Chemicals Catalog 2013 GM Chemicals Catalog

Latest GM catalog for all types of lubes and chemicals. Includes part numbers.
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2012 Silverado Electrical "Spasm"

my 2012 silverado has about 44k miles on it and I recently updated the stereo system in it (nav, speakers, mini class-D 4-channel, yellow top optima battery) and about a week after the install had my first incident. In the beginning, all electronics on the truck reboot, door locks cycle, transmission disengages and then re-engages after electronic reboot. This as happened several times now and today was the worst incident where my truck actually died ...
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LEDs and HIDs Installed

Finally installed my LEDs and HIDs from HIDGuy. I got Lows and Fog HIDs and Interior Dome, Backup and License Plate LEDs. I am impressed on how everything turned out along with the plug and play wiring made it an easy install.
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Look what I found


Just thought I would share, Would love to have it but not sure about 37 inch tires and towing. Think it would kill MPG even on a diesel rig.
Was on the phone with the dealer and looks like I could get into the truck just shy of $50,000.
They also have stock trucks from the low 40's duramax/Allison 4x4

May be time to take a ride this afternoon.
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