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Battery light and the ABS light are on! Battery light and the ABS light are on!

Things just keep happening to this truck 03 Silverado 2500hd, Today the battery light came on and the ABS light is on. I have not had a chance to look at it yet. I have read there is a spot where a bunch of grounds are on the frame body. Could anyone tell me where they are located?
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tires and rims help tires and rims help

Have a week now 2014 1500 Silverado 4x4 with 20in rims.Im new so be patient lol I never had 20 in rims on my old silverado
my tires seem to read 43in all around 4 tires i see its supposed to be 32 PSI being there 20in rims does that change the pressure to higher or have the dealer just didnt check to see they are that high. Can someone direct me to proper pressure ...
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bose 95% gone

I got a new system for the truck
Head unit : Kenwood Execlon DNX891HD.
Backup camera: kenwood cmos 310.
Front door: kenwood 6 3/4 component speakers KFC-P709PS.
Rear door: kenwood 4x6 2 way speakers KFC-4675C.
In console: stock 8 inch sub (used for mid bass only).
Front pillars: stock tweeters.
Under rear seat two 12inch Fusion CP-120 subs in a bassworx enclosure.
Amp 1 kicker dx400.4.
Amp 2 Audison srx1.
I left the Bose amp ...
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U joint preference?

I would like to put a new u joint in the rear diff pinion/rear of drive shaft on my truck. Its a 2001 silvy 1500.

Is there a general consensus or preference as to which brand? I am looking at either Napa or autozone. Either brand would be the upper level ones ( like Napa gold or autozone gold).

Also, I would assume there is the 2 different types. I have the type with the ...
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Flow Tech Real-Seal Collector gasket

Has anyone used this gasket before? Any good or bad things to say about them? Specifically on the collector flange between the exhaust manifold and downpipe?

I've had a noisy exhaust since I bought my truck. I have replaced both manifolds, manifold to head gasket and all but one bolt that broke flush and can't be extracted without pulling the head.


The gaskets that were originally in the truck as well as the ones ...
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Fans Running Intermittantly

I know this has been discussed but wanted to hear from others that may have experienced this. Trying to get the problem cornered. Recently started having the dreaded cooling fans running with motor off problem with my 06 Silverado 4.8. I did discover moisture at the bottom of the blue pcm connector area due to a not properly seated connector gasket. I removed the pcm and cleaned the pins. Applied a light coating of dielectric ...
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Reciver Hitch

anyone have a hitch hidden better than this? my truck has 3" body lift on it trying to find one that touches up with the bumper better. thanks
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Repair leather on seat or recover the whole thing?

My local interior shop wants $175 to replace the cracked vinyl side panel and stretched leather top left panel of the driver's seat. The leather seat covers on ebay are $500. There's nothing wrong with the rest of the seats, so they don't need it, but completely new versus patched together seems nice. Thoughts?
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Issue with hard drive music in USB - 2014 Silverado

I have a hard drive connected to the USB, and music plays. BUT..... I'm not getting stereo. I just get one side of the recording, and it plays on both sides through the speakers. It's not a huge problem until you get to a song that has a lot of stuff panned to the side that I'm not getting.

What's the deal? I can't find any kind of setting on the truck's system that will ...
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My Corsa, Why I Love It, Some Possible Good News

First this not a Corsa bashing message. Just an FYI.

I would have any other exhaust system because it flows straight through, sounds awesome, and does NOT resonate in the cab and is lifetime warranted. I enjoy the comfort of my leather/satellite radio and the subtitle exhaust note heard at times, and knowing she is not restricting me. I have the Touring edition.

Some may have read how some times these mufflers get loose baffles ...
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