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Can mal-adjusted transmission linkage cause play in shifter

Hi guys,

My shift lever has a LOT of play in it. I have been doing some research and I actually removed the steering column bezel to do an inspection but only got so far.

In my research i found that its highly possible that two problems in the linear shift assembly could be the cause, one is a Torx bolt size T25 or so (the bolt is pictured below where the mans two fingers ...

Tire Pressure

I have 34" BFG Mud Terrain T/A 2's on my 04 Silverado 1500. Right now they have 35 PSI in each tire but it just doesn't look and seem to be enough. Any suggestions on what I should be running in them?
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What level lift is on this truck?

Was trolling a local Chevy lot today and saw a NNBS with a stance I really liked. It had stock Z71 18"s and stock 265/65 R18s. I measured (truck was on relatively level ground) and the front measured 39.5" and the back 40". Am I correct in assuming this truck has some sort of 2.5" level on it, including blocks in the back?
Read more : What level lift is on this truck? | Views : 313 | Replies : 10 | Forum : Suspension

Sierra All Terrain Stock Wheels with Level and 33" Tires

Hi, looking for pics of a leveled 2014-2016 Sierra All Terrain edition with stock 20" Machined / Painted wheels and new tires (either P275/60/r20 or preferably LT275/65/r20)

Know any members running that set-up?

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2016 Door Speakers

Hi...want to replace the door speakers. They sound like dirt. Crutchfield doesn't have the 2016s yet. Is the 2015 the same thing relative to the doors and speaker sizes?
Read more : 2016 Door Speakers | Views : 314 | Replies : 10 | Forum : Interior

New 2016 Sierra 2500 crew cab seat rattle

I first heard the rattle the first night I picked the truck up when driving alone. It took hitting pretty good bumps and potholes to make the rattling sound but now, 3 weeks later i can hit the smallest bump and watch the passenger seat vibrate. I push up against it hard while driving and I'm able to get it to stop. Its not bad when theres a passenger in the seat but driving alone ...
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Exterior Upgrades to 2013 Crew cab Exterior Upgrades to 2013 Crew cab

Instead of doing a bunch of posts I decided to compile all my recent exterior mods to the pickup. In the future I will be doing a lift/wheels/tires and will post those when complete.
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Issues with RC 2.5 level

I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 4x4 LT with a 2.5 level from Rough Country and after getting some miles on the kit I got under to check things out and re torque everything. I found witness marks on my steel UCA's indicating contact with the welded on stop below them. I have a coat of Ziebart undercoat so it was very noticeable to see the marks from contact. I had no idea it was ...
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Interior LED swap Interior LED swap

Before and after for a 2013 Red silverado LTZ. Went from the stock yellow/amber to a white, it really brightened everything up.
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brake release park from transmion

I just changed front brakes and calipers and master cylinder as well rear shoes and wheel cylinders. Bleed all from right rear to front left, went to test drive and pressed on brakes to shift transmitionand shifter will not move. Disconnected battery to reset system and still not move ment in shifter. Whats next can I do now ?
Read more : brake release park from transmion | Views : 150 | Replies : 3 | Forum : Brakes


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