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NNBS CTSY circuit wiring schematic

Can anyone please give me the NNBS CTSY circuit wiring diagram? I looked in the electrical manual and i cant find it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Does anyone know exactly what it controls? I know it controls the right turn signal and interior dome light, but what else?
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will my spare fit

hello all

i am going to uprgrading my spare tire to the same size as my set that i have on the truck right now. just wondering will it fit under the box? the tire size is 285/70/17. i have a factory hitch and stock exhaust. any help will be greatly appreciated. oh and my truck is an 08 sierra with a 3.5 RC.
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2"-2.5" aftermarket torsion key lift 2"-2.5" aftermarket torsion key lift

HI, I have a 1999 NBS sierra 2500 and I want to run 285s I was looking at torsion keys and blocks for rear. I read alot about purple and green keys from GM. I've been online for a few days and havn't been able to fond the info I'm looking for. I just want 2-2.5 inches I know 3" is outragous unless its full suspension lift. But if theres any keys tat wont mess ...
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Before and after the rhino lining

This is before and after the rhino lining on my pickup turned it back to the gray that was underneath it tell me what you think and if you can tell the difference.
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Anybody know what to do? Or what to get?

I want to put a lime green piece of plexi glass behind my rcx logo on my front cross member. Any body know what to get and how to attach it? Thanks.
Read more : Anybody know what to do? Or what to get? | Views : 151 | Replies : 4 | Forum : Exterior

Noobie, Wheel offset question

Getting ready to install my 6 inch rcx lift on my 04 silverado 1500 which already has a 1.5 BL. I wanna run a set of 35x12.50x18 trail grapplers with 18x10 -24mm fuel throttles. Can someone please tell me how far my tires will stick out, I really want them to be out 3 inches or so. Will I clear them or am I going to need a 3 inch BL?
Also, sorry in advance, ...
Read more : Noobie, Wheel offset question | Views : 149 | Replies : 4 | Forum : Wheels/Tires

New Shocks and Tires

So I finally got myself something. I upgraded to the Pro Comp Pro Runner adjustable shocks all the way around and holy wow. There is a big difference between stock and these. I had them crank it up so I got my level out of it, too. I drive over some caddywompus rail road tracks at least four times a day and I was shaking and moving around all over the place. Now, when I ...
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Will This Rim and Offset fit my Truck? Will This Rim and Offset fit my Truck?

Hey guys, I have a 01 Silverado, 3 inch body and 6 inch suspension with 35s and moto metal 17 inch rims, too small so I am upgrading to 37 inch tires. Heres the problem, I found 17x9 Rims with a -12mm offset and want to know how far or if they will stick out past my wheel wells and fender flares. I want them to stick out but curious as to if they will ...
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Borla GMPP. Touring muffler

I was gonna order another borla GMPP. Muffler for my brothers truck, but i dont see it on there site anywhere, is it not being sold anymore ?
Read more : Borla GMPP. Touring muffler | Views : 271 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Exhaust

Need advice on a new to us truck.

On 2/22/14 we purchased a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD from Duncan Automotive in Rocky Mount, VA with 138,728mi. on the odo. Before purchasing it we were told the vehicle had just been inspected and was good to go. Upon test driving we noticed a vibration in the wheels, my grandfather who owns the same truck noted it and said it feels like an out of balance tire. We purchased it on the condition they checked ...
Read more : Need advice on a new to us truck. | Views : 270 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Uncategorized Truck Topics


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