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trucks with lift installed

So I have been looking around for a thread that has lifted trucks with pics, is there one? What I am looking for is how a 14/15 would look with a kit installed. Tire size/lift size info is needed so I can make a call on how high to go.

If there isn't a thread on this, lets start one with the info on your truck. I'm looking for 2014/15 trucks but don't mind if ...
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2005 tranny problem

My tranny went on my truck that also has minor problems like brakes rotors and ****. Do I fix tranny or let someone else deal with it
Read more : 2005 tranny problem | Views : 157 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Transmission/Drivetrain

LED bulbs, one resistor per side to rule them all?


I want to run LED bulbs for turn signals in both the front and the back of my 2012 1500. The most recommended resistor is a 50w 6ohm and everyone recommends installing one per LED bulb.

What I want to know is if I were to replace all 4 blinker bulbs on each side of the truck with LEDs, could I just run a single 200 watt resistor per side in place of four ...
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Gear alloy big block

I'm starting to shop for new wheels to run come spring. I came across a great deal on the Gear Alloy Big Blocks in 20x12 -44 offset. I'm currently running a 20x9 18 offset wheel and want an aggressive stance. My truck has the Rancho 4" lift on it which gave me about 5.5" of lift over stock. I plan to stick with 33s but it doesn't seem like very many people have this lift ...
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AFM VVT Delete complete BUT Still getting codes.

Recently did a complete AFM delete on 2010 5.3 Silverado, ie new standard lifters, mild performance cam, pushrods, upgraded valve springs, refreshed the heads. Changed the valley pan under the intake in addition to different timing chain cover since I also changed the cam sprocket to the three bolt to accomodate the new cam. A complete re tune was done by Chris Tueten in Columbia, SC, and was told AFM was deleted. Ran well for ...
Read more : AFM VVT Delete complete BUT Still getting codes. | Views : 91 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Engine

Battery gauge question

I never noticed where the battery guage sits at when the key is in the "on" position so I uploaded the pics to see if its normal. It seems low to me idk. It was in the 30's this morning and when I started it it was a tad bit weaker than when its warm but not really noticeable. Its a 2013
First pic with the key in the "on" position
1.jpeg ...
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Stock radio swapped to Galaxy Note 3 Stock radio swapped to Galaxy Note 3

OK guys-

So I've been thinking this one over for a while (quantity of thoughts vs quality :lol:), and I think I'm ready to dive in and do this, or at least try until I completely dead end, at which point I'll throw things for a while, and then just order a nice $150 setup off Crutchfield and call it a day.

So here's the setup: I ...
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Stuck in 4 wheel drive low

Truck shifted to 4 wheel low, but now is stuck there. No lights on the shift selector. Have tried seval ways to get back to 2 wheel with no success. What are the chances that the shift selector is bad?
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4" instead of 6.5" in front or other options? 4" instead of 6.5" in front or other options?

Hi everyone! New to the forum. I've searched the site and Google. Didn't find anything specifically addressing this, so hopefully someone here will be knowledgeable and able to lend some suggestions.

2000 GMC Sierra 3 door ext cab. Previous owner removed the factory speakers with no replacements. I had a 99 suburban running 6.5 component Infinity Primus in the front and 6.5 2-way Infinity Primus in the back doors. I removed those to put in ...
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32" dump stock exhaust 32" dump stock exhaust

Anyone cut the last 32" off their exhaust? Was the sound different? Just trying to decide if I should hack it off tonite. Thanks
Read more : 32" dump stock exhaust | Views : 662 | Replies : 11 | Forum : Exhaust


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