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2.5 in. Level kit 2.5 in. Level kit

2010 Silverado LT 1500
I'm torn between the CCM 2.5 with a .75 rear lift (included rear blocks) and the TGC 2.5 level kit then buying 2 inch blocks on top of that.
Basically I would love some input to what kit is better in terms of height and not so hard on the truck.
Also largest tires on this kit.
I've been told 285/65/R18 which is good, just need some help on the - ...
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LED Lights

15" round rings with LED s around the outside. What the heck are these things for and where do they go?
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G80's starting to go, leaning Detroit Locker.....

I have a 2000 Silverado, long-bed extra cab, 5.3L 4x4 with 119k miles. The rear end has an Eaton G80 locking diff that starting to act up. It's not locking sometimes and sticking others. I'm looking at having it replaced and am trying to figure out what to put in. I def want to go with a locker and have been thinking of going with a Detroit locker, a true locker not the tru trak. ...
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How To Replace the door latch cable on a NNBS

I suppose the process would be similar for most GM trucks, but don’t quote me on that. The part no. given in this process if for a 2009 Chevy Silverado LT2, Ext Cab, 5.3l. The door, as far as I think, is longer on this truck than a Crew Cab, so be sure you double check with your local auto parts store for the correct part as the cable itself may be a different length. ...
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Brush guard help

i have a 2000 gmc sierra and i found a new brushguard i want from Go Industries, the problem is its for an 03-07 silverado, but the price is to good to pass up if theres a chance i could get it to fit, i can do custom brackets and such if need be, any info guys?
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Chilton or Haynes?

I want a shop manual for my 2012 2500HD. Anyone have a strong preference for Chilton vs Haynes? I've always had Haynes manuals for my other vehicles and they were OK, but could have been better. The reviews on Amazon are split.

Thoughts? Are there other manuals I'm overlooking?
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Need help

Need some help. I have a brand new 2015 Sierra with 1200 miles. Today when i shifted into drive, my check engine light came on, all my gauges started going up an down, all the lights came on my dash, my screen stated to service the 4wd and stability track. it also shifted hard. any ideas before i try to get it back to the dealer?
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Extended warranty

I am picking up my new Sierra on Tuesday. I'm sure my dealer will not be willing to deal on the extended warranty. Is there a known dealer out there that had a good price on the extended warranty?
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body guys, rotted front fenders.. flares?

i just read a post somewhere where someone stated fender flares suck and it rots out your fenders...

i have a 99 nbs silverado i had a little fender damage and bought a used fender off a 2000 silverado..

my 99's under the fender flares are not rotted at all. the 2000 is rotted under the fender flare. upon further inspection i found on the 2000 that the inner fender had foam attached by the ...
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Need help finding LED pods for step rails

I'm looking for a specific type of light to illuminate the step rails on my 09 crew cab. The criteria are as follows:

1) Surface-mount (forward firing) May be bolted or mounted with 3M tape

2) Neutral white LEDs (Not cool white or warm white) All my interior lights are neutral white and i don't want them to conflict. This has been the most difficult criteria to meet.

3) Must have a rear-wire exit in ...
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