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Ok so about to pull the trigger on some CCFL HALO projector headlights. I have black/smoked tail lights, so I'm wondering should I go ahead and get the black/smoked headlights to match or just get black interior casing with a clear lense. Don't want to mess up and get a smoked lense and then not be able to see or notice the halo's.
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2011 Silverado frame rust covered under warranty???

My truck currently has 89k on it and is under warranty till April 2016. I knew previously that I had frame rust where the wax has came off the frame. Is this covered under warranty? I think my dealer is beginning to really like me. Lol. I figured next summer I could fix it myself, but there is quite a bit of it to do. What do you guys think? I read on another website ...
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New to me 16' trailer

Actually posted a couple of pics earlier in a different thread, but a few weeks ago I traded a 14' single axle w/ gate for this 16' tandem axle. Neither was exactly "show room fresh", but I think I did okay on the trade.

3 of the tires were pretty useless, worn and dry rotted.

The deck was "well weathered", shall we say...
Old deck.jpg

Found ...
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Glue for crack/hole in clear coat

So i was putting on a bug shield on the hood of my truck and while the hood was open i noticed in the corner on the bottom of it there was a small round ball of what looks like the clear coat paint as it dripped down to the corners and dried. So stupid me i push on it with my finger nail and it shatters like glass. Not a big deal, and its ...
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Biggest size tire with Motofab leveling kit.

Recently put a 2" Motofab Front End Leveling Kit on my '15 Silverado. Looking for the biggest size tire I can put on the factory 17" rim.
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Kicker factory upgrade option? Kicker factory upgrade option?

Ok so I love my new Silverado. But I do not love the audio system.

Don't get me wrong, for stock it is not bad at all. Even tho I do not have the Bose system in my truck.
But I want better.

To me its missing the lows, and the stock speakers seam to need more power sent to them.

So the factory kicker upgrade kit looks like a good option to me.

So ...
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Searching for 3rd Door Handles Searching for 3rd Door Handles

Hey all,

I have a 2007 silverado classic extended cab and the darn 3rd door handles keep snapping on me, especially when it gets cold outside and the plastic starts getting brittle. I'm pretty tired of replacing the handles continuously (once a year or so), and have been on the search for something made with a little more quality. Does anyone else know of 3rd door handles that are made of metal instead of plastic? ...
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Knock sensor fault codes

I had both knock sensors (and the wiring) replaced on my 2001 2500HD 6.0. Both codes still come up, but only when decelerating on the highway. If the engine speed stays steady the problem never happens. Anybody else have this problem?
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Exhaust Cutouts Exhaust Cutouts

Hey guys, I've been looking around at some electric exhaust cutouts on amazon, and was if anyone is running them.
I know QTP is the best, but they cost twice as much as most of the brands on amazon. I'm looking for something affordable, that wont leak or break. My plan is to hook up two 3" cutouts straight from pacesetters ceramic coated 1 7/8" long tube headers.

Thanks y'all
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New Muffler

I was planning on replacing my dumped Flowmaster with a 24 inch Magnaflow, keeping the dump.
I went to a local shop and after much discussion, the shop person says, "It sounds like you want to return to a stock sound"...
They had a Magnaflow 24 that was single in, dual out...but I wanted single out...so they ordered one that was gonna take an hour and a half to get there...In the meantime,
they put ...
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