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help with tire pressure 35x12.50R22 help with tire pressure 35x12.50R22

hey i am new to this so help me out i have a 2007 silverado and i need to know what tire pressure to run in them 35X12.50R22LT, Open Country M/T
Read more : help with tire pressure 35x12.50R22 | Views : 308 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Wheels/Tires

Help with purchase decision Help with purchase decision

Last night I went and looked at a immaculate 2000 silverado with 113,000 miles. 5.3L, Z71, all the options and everything I wanted in a truck. The body was absolutely PERFECT! I went ahead and made a deposit on it and I plan to transfer the funds tomorrow afternoon.
The only red flag to me about this truck was the guy said he never did any transmission fluid changes. I couldn't believe it because of ...
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HOW can I tell if I have a rear USB jack?

without pulling my radio?

2013 LS radio is single cd with XM and bluetooth, aux input, and of course no usb port on the dash.

However if it is back there all I sahould need is the micro to USB cable

I see an EBAY offering of a pull that looks just like my radio, but it has the USB..
Read more : HOW can I tell if I have a rear USB jack? | Views : 485 | Replies : 5 | Forum : Mobile Electronics

rough country 3.5 lift????? rough country 3.5 lift?????

Hey guys, my brother is dreaming about a lift for his 2009 ext cab silverado z71. He sent me this via text a bit ago asking what I thought. I am skeptical, number one, what are the pros and cons of this lift? does anyone have it that can give a good solid review on it? number 2, seems like a lot of spacers. Im not a fan of spacers any larger than a leveling ...
Read more : rough country 3.5 lift????? | Views : 623 | Replies : 7 | Forum : Suspension

2007.5 truck, what to look for

i am looking at getting a 2007.5 silverado LTZ with some where between 70K-100K miles. what are some common things to find while looking for a used truck. i understand it will have your basic wear n tear, but what are some common things. (btw i am a mechanic and i will get it inspected, shake down the front end,) but i dont get the oppertunity to work on many newer chevy vehicles thanks for ...
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Intermitant hard shift from 1 to 2

Bought a 91 Chevy Silverado 2500 with the extended cab, long bed, 4L60E and 454 engine. In the mornings it shifts really smooth but once the oil gets warm it occasionally has a hard, jolting shift from 1st to 2nd. Gonna drop the pan and change the oil anyway so whats up? Reading through the forum I'm leaning toward the 1-2 accumulator, or should I change out the solenoids while I'm in there too. Thanks ...
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Who has chrome vent visors for the windows?

Was looking at Putco's in channel chrome vent visors. Anybody have these, or should I just go with the smoke. I do like the in channel style better...
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How many joyrides do you go for a week? How many joyrides do you go for a week?

So my truck is for my own personal use. I work construction but usually have a company work van or truck when I'm in town, currently working in a remote location so she's parked for 2 weeks at a time.

My wife and I love to go for cruises, usually hit the countryside and cruise and find new backroads and such. These trucks handle and drive like a cadillac. We both like to just cruise ...
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New chevy commercials

Man, just saw the new chevy commercial for the first time. Don't watch much tv. I own a sierra but its all the same. The new chevy commercial really kind of makes me proud to drive one of these. I don't have the new body style but something about these commercials makes you kind of warm and fuzzy haha.


GM marketers think nailed this one.
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ANZO Headlights


so i seen these headlights on the auto anything website. does anyone out there have these installed? i have pm Aj but havent heard anything back yet. they seem like they would fit but not really sure if they do since i havent seen them on a truck. also havent read any review on the item.
Read more : ANZO Headlights | Views : 305 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Uncategorized Truck Topics


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