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A quiet performance exhaust?

So I have a GMPP Sport muffler on my L33 5.3L. I also have a K&N CAI. The truck was tuned in person by Blackbear tuning. However I'm getting tired (and I'm getting old apparently) of the constant vroom vooom of my muffler. Sure it sounds nice for like 15 minutes, then it just annoys me. My question is, is there such thing as a "performance" muffler that sounds stock? I wouldn't mind just putting ...
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Y'all's truck mods Christmas wish list.

So recently I figured out my girlfriend went to another truck forum and asked some guys on there what to get for my truck this Christmas. (She didn't ask on here because she knows I'm always on here haha) But it got me wondering, what goodies are y'all wishing for this Christmas?

Btw my girlfriend is officially a keeper. :D
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Can someone please tell me where this goes?

Previous owner on my 07 sierra crew cab removed my tank and did not hook this line back up. It has a vent at the top of the filler on the back side. Any idea?

Thanks, David
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What gas do you run?

I have been putting 93 in my truck since I got it in June. My dad has a frd, sorry, and he has work done at the dealership, and they told him that he should be running 87, that is what it's made for. Same with my uncles 250. Is Chevy/gmc the same way?? Any thoughts

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Steering wheel light help Steering wheel light help

All but one of my steering wheel button lights are out. I'm replacing them. I took them apart last week to replace with LEDs (cheapest option; found a few posts around to guide me through it). It took me a few tries to get the polarity right, but I finished them. Plugged them into the truck...nothing. Functions still work, but no lights. I plugged the originals back in...still nothing (even from the one that was ...
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Front Parking Assist Front Parking Assist

Has anyone added a front parking assist to their truck?

I have the OEM system on the back and love it. I would like to add it to my front as well.

If I could integrate it with the OEM system that would be preferred but a simple non-OEM system would be ok too.
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Dash Cam

I have a 2012 silverado and was considering putting a dash cam. I am a beginning driver on the road, but have been driving on our trails since I could walk. My driving is great, but it is others that worry me, and is why i am considering a dash cam. I see people slam on brakes, fly through parking lots, and coast stop signs all the time, but my truck being hit while im ...
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Manual shift mod question

Can the manual shifter function be moved to the steering wheel volume buttons?

At this point don't worry about remote volume control. That can be solved separately. Schematics, wiring diagrams and some investigation should reveal the necessary wires to modify. But can the two separate momentary switches used for volume substitute for the single momentary rocker switch on the shifter? Is the shifter rocker switch simply neutral when not being pressed, and pressing + or ...
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center consol latch

Hi all, i recently picked up a 2010 silveraydo lt1 z71 4x4 1500 (i think thats right??). this is by far the nicest vehicle ive ever owned and i want it to stay that way so ive been looking at seat covers to start. It has westin bull bar, nerf bars, spray in liner and soft bed cover. the only issue in the interior is the broken latch on the center console. it looks fairly ...
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Suspension and body lift question?

Alright guys I would love some help. I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT and a 3.5 rough country suspensions and lift and I'm running 33s right now, is there any way I can add a RC 1.25 body lift to my truck with my lift that's already on?? Is there anyone out there with a suspension lift and body lift??
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