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New tires and wheels

Finally got my new setup on went from 18/10 -12 with 35 inch coopers to 20/12 -44 hostile knuckles with 35 inch trail grapplers
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Looking for a solution to sticking door lock Looking for a solution to sticking door lock

My passenger side door lock has something wrong with it. I hear it working when I press the fob and many times it will operate fine,but now,it goes up and down slowly and sometimes sticks right in the middle of the lock or unlock process until I try again.So Is it corrosion or something keeping it from moving fluidly? Anyone solve this on a 09 Silverado? Any details about how to tackle this on my ...
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What aftermarket wire harness do i need for 2012 2500HD ?

What aftermarket wire harness do i need for 2012 2500HD ?

Lowest price?

i do NOT have steering wheel controls.
i do NOT have onstar.

Just basic work truck.

everyone i see online is over $100+/-

Is it cheaper to just buy a used OEM headunit just to get a aux cable/CD
vs buying a cheap $50 cd player?
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Towing acceleration video. '15 HD 6.0 13K lbs.

Finally got a chance to tow something large behind my new truck this weekend. The 5th wheel I pulled was 38' long and weighed approx. 13K lbs. with what we had loaded in it. I was really impressed with how the truck handled and pulled. The 6.0 surprised me with that much weight behind it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leJCOXn ... e=youtu.be

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Best brand for LED bulbs

What's the best, most reliable brand for LED light bulbs?
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New Truck... Odd Problems

hey guys. im new to this site, I just picked up a 05 Silverado crew cab 5.3L 2wd and having a few electrical problems I need to sort out asap.

I don't have rear running lights... all other rear lights work properly (brake, signal, reverse) but the running lights don't work at all... I checked all the fuses and they are good... I changed all the bulbs and still nothing. I checked the fuses with ...
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Transmission Service

I recently bought a 2013 Silverado 1500 4x4 5.3L w\6 speed automatic and 53K. It has seen some towing but I'm not sure how much. It has been fitted with a helper brake controller so presumably it towed a fairly heavy trailer. The trans fluid is a clear pinkish color but no service records indicating it's ever been changed. My question is this: Should I get the transmission serviced and if so should I have ...
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Custom Bumper

I started to make a new rear bumper for my HD after someone hit me in a parking lot. It is made out of 3/16 steel and is very solid. I started by making one out of cardboard to get the basic shape.

Then I started on the real thing.


Put some tow spots on

Not quite done yet. I ran out of welding wire so i have to wait for ...
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Helping a co-worker out figure what size tire he can run with a 2.5" leveling spacer kit infront.

the truck is a 2003 2wd 1500 gmc extended cab. he just installed a 2.5" spacer kit on the front and larger blocks in the back. seeing as i drive a 4x4 2008 silverado with a 2.5" leveling kit i figured hed be able to run the same size tire as me (285/70/17) but when i looked ...
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1500 09 headlights replacement

Time ago i got a crash, and one of the headlights was replaced by the insurance. some weeks ago i notice that the one that was replaced is getting yellow, also have some dirt inside and frequently it gets like fog or mist inside, also the low bean bulb gets burn at least once a month. I guess that i got of rip off by the insurance, probably they put me a low quality chinesse ...
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