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FNG questions that my Google-Fu can't seem to answer. FNG questions that my Google-Fu can't seem to answer.

OK bear with the newbie please. I've only owned my first Chevy truck for a week now. I swear I've been doing Google searches and reading topics for the last week and haven't been able to find an answer to, what should be, a couple of simple questions. Hell, I can't even find the questions in my search. It's either such common knowledge that my living under a rock has me flummoxed or it's such ...
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New addition! Double din!

Well. Went to the cabin the other day and decided to take a trip to Taco Bell. Great lunch. Enjoyed it with a friend. $20. Then I decided "hey let's go get free stuff from harbor freight!" Well we got a free led headlamp and a multimeter. Then paid for 2 sets of jack stands. A off-road jack. A bottle jack. A floor jack and a bunch of "heavy duty" sockets. Spent about 300. We'll ...
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2.5" Level and -12mm offset wheel

Looking at a set of used wheels and tires. They are 305/60/18 on an 18x9 wheel with a -12mm offset. With a 2.5" level does anyone know how badly I will rub? Has anyone run this setup? I know I will have to trim a little bit but I don't want to completely hack my fender well out
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anybody know these rims and tires? anybody know these rims and tires?

Anybody know these rims and tires?
Read more : anybody know these rims and tires? | Views : 159 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Wheels/Tires

lift tires rims  I'm not asking for much!!! lift tires rims I'm not asking for much!!!

Brand new member here and have searched several post. I have to admit I like this forum better than my car's forum ( BMW 545i)

I want the best look for my 2013 4x4 LTZ. I want to lift 4" but want it level. Have been told to do suspension lift and no body lift. I do not want very aggressive tires but something that will wear good and have no extreme noise on the ...
Read more : lift tires rims I'm not asking for much!!! | Views : 124 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Wheels/Tires

Super 44 Muffler

For anyone who wants to know what it sounds like

Its on a 5.3 V8 4 Speed

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To Halo or not to Halo ?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/FITS-07-13-SILV ... b8&vxp=mtr

what do you all think they look just like the spyder lights just $50 cheaper on ebay
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Headlight Help

hey all, looking to throw on some new smoked headlights and tail lights. ill be throwing them on a 2013 silverado blacked out. I'm leaning towards the Recons but they are a little pricy. I wouldnt mind paying the price if they are great quality. But i need some input on these if anybody has had them. any problems with them? HID's, Xenons or Halos? brightness? leaks? durability? appearance?
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3" body lift vs stock

I'm looking to get a body lift for my 05 silverado so I can clear my tires. I was wondering what a 3" body lift looks like compared to stock, I've tried the search but I didn't see anything come up
Read more : 3" body lift vs stock | Views : 319 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Suspension


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