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4" lift with 35/12.5/R17 ??? 4" lift with 35/12.5/R17 ???

Hey guys. Just bought myself a 2008 Silverado 1500 LT. Absolutely love it! So here's my question!

I'm looking to lift the truck and put wheels and tires on it. I've been looking at the Tuff Country 4" lift kit. Looking at Tuff Country because I'm on a bit of a budget since I'm a student and this isn't my only vehicle. I'm not really looking to lift it any higher than 4-4.75". That being ...
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Need some answers about a lift

Hey guys, I'm new here and have a quick question. I'm currently running the RC 2" level kit on my 2012 Sierra and was wondering if you could add the adjustable Bilstein 5100's to get lift to about 3.5-4" without running into any other problems or would I have to purchase a whole 3.5-4" lift? Thanks!
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Better mpg after oil change Better mpg after oil change

So I just bought a new 2014 Silverado back in December and I'm coming due on my first oil change and I was wondering if any had gotten better gas mileage after their first oil change. Right now I'm getting about 18 mpg but I'm hopping that will go up after this first oil change.
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Aux plugin

I have a 2006 Sierra SLE and I have a CD/Aux button on my radio with nowhere to plug in the Aux cord, do I not have one or is it on the backside of the radio?
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Stabiltrack ?? do all trucks have it ??

does my 2008 Silverado have stabiltrack ?? there are no buttons on the dash for it ,where the book says it should be ?? is there a code in the glove box that would show weather it has it or not ??
Read more : Stabiltrack ?? do all trucks have it ?? | Views : 197 | Replies : 4 | Forum : Transmission/Drivetrain

Custom tune Custom tune

Ok I have been on this forum a day now and I had read lots of custom tune story's about Diablo and bear tunes were just the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I was just thinking has any one here ever tried their own custom tune. What software did you use and did it work the way you had hoped it to or did you go home crying cause you just blew up your ...
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tpms tpms

i am having issues with the tpms system and i was wondering if anyone out there knows the radio frequency that these sensors emit to the ecm. i was thinking of getting a small transmitter and leave it in the truck to fool the computer into thinking all is good.
i have read here that some people take out the sensors and put them in a pressured box. i hate these options tpms and afm, ...
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ecm change ecm change

hi guys, i was wondering if i got a ecm from a vehicle without afm and had all the other options programed in it would this work to omit the afm system from activating and keep the engine light off.
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36/15.50R20 Fit?

So basicly I have a 2014 Silverado and right now I have a 6 inch lift running 35/12.50R20 and I know there's still room for a little more tire so I'm wondering if you all think I can fit a 36/15.50R20 with my current set up I have been thinking I want to raise the truck another inch in the front if that helps and the reason I ask is cuz I can get a ...
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Helper leaf spring

So next on my list for my truck is the dual exhaust and a leveling kit. When I do the leveling kit I am looking at adding a helper leaf spring. Anyone have any recommendations on this? I don't want to spend the money that airbags would cost
Read more : Helper leaf spring | Views : 115 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Suspension


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