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Question about engine type (Differences) Question about engine type (Differences)

Just bought a 2015 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 Crew cab and I noticed on the window sticker/info notes say that I have a 5.3L, V8 SIDI 16V GDI OHV Active Fuel Mgt engine. I noticed other Sierra's have the EcoTec3...

Whats the difference in the 2? Are are they the same? Can someone give me some info on this...? Did i buy the right truck?
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Rear End Ratio Rear End Ratio

I have a recently-bought 1998 Chevy c1500 Standard Cab Standard Bed with a 4.3L/4spd Auto trans. What is the rear end ratio of my axle? I dont' have a necessary reason to know this, it just bugs me I don't know. I'm thinking 3.0-something......but I am not for ure. Please help.
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2015 2500 mylink 8" not working

We just picked up a 2015 Chevy 2500 duramax high country. With only 200 miles on the ODO the touch screen stopped working. Wouldn't recognize any touch at all. What's going? Really frustrating for a $65k+ truck.
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Time For an Overdue Bath

With the extreme cold temperatures that we have had around these parts lately, I was out tonight and decided to treat "Chaos"with a nice bath. I went to our local carwash and gave her the Supreme treatment. She got an undrcarriage blast along with a nice soapy soak, spot-free rinse and a clearcoat wax application. ;) Boy how she shines now!!! ...
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Oil pressure and alternator gauges on 2009


I'm looking at getting a 2009 Silverado 1500 LS with the 5.3L v8 tomorrow and was very surprised that this truck did not have an alternator and oil pressure gauge. I thought that all of the Silverado's came factory with the four gauges (oil pressure, voltage, coolant temp, and fuel level).

On a truck I absolutely want oil pressure and voltage so I was wondering if it's possible to swap gauge clusters (and what ...
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2015 bumper cover

Not 100% sure "bumper cover" is the correct term for the part, but that's what I have seen it called, so that's that. Anyway, so my 2015 has a plastic "bumper cover". (The black piece below the grill in the pic) This is the molding that is attached to the bottom of the front grill and runs across the front of the truck directly on top of the bumper. So here is my issue, and ...
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Well guys, this girl is pretty pissed off. I was out in the fields yesterday and I opened my door to stand up and look over the truck for a better view of something and what do I find? A good chunk of my clear coat on the roof is gone! Big spots in the middle and worse above the doors. It was there just a couple weeks ago! Where did it go?!
There are ...
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What Truck Do You Have? What Truck Do You Have?

What truck do you have? You can select more than one, but please ONLY select the truck(s) you actually have now. Not what you had or wish to get. I'm curious which versions we actually have.

I wish we could have more than 10 options in the poll, but it is what it is.
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Nice touch for the guys running EFILive

Got my hood emblem replacements on today. White lettering on a black badge, exact same dimensions as the factory one. It's small but definitely looks good!
ImageUploadedByAG Free1425093217.488458.jpg

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questions for a solid axle swap on a 2004 chevy silverado

Hi everybody i have recently purchased a 2004 silverado 1500 4x4 and am going to do a solid axle swap on it. My question is what parts will i need to make it a 10" to 12" lift? i already have the front and rear axle but i dont know exactly what other parts to get. Any information would be great thankyou
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