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Need some advice on auxillary back up lighting

Hey folks, I've decided that with the new tint on the truck, my back up lighting leaves much to be desired. So I'm looking at adding some extra lighting under the bumper and tying them into the stock back up light circuit. What are some good options? Any brands/types to stay away from? How hard is it to tie into the existing circuit? (I'm not that experienced with electrical issues.) Thanks for your responses.
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Leaking front axle. What to replace? Pics.


Do I just need to replace the CV shaft to stop that leak? Anything else?
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A/C low pressure switch

Hi, I have a 2010 silverado that is out of freon. I'm trying to figure out which wires to jump on the low pressure switch. Thier is 3 wires going in the connector. Also it is not on the accumulater.
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Snyc Android to stock radio

I was on a business trip last week and had a 2015 Suburban as a rental. I noticed that when we had an android phone synched to the Suburban it notified the driver of incoming text messages with the option to read them. My 2014 doesn't seem to do this as far as I know but I'm curious if its possible.
I can sync my phone (Samsung S5) to my 2014 and send or receive ...
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HELP, want lift

I have 08 GMC Sierra V-MAX Z71, 4x4 , crewcab , w/6.0 . looking to buy a 2.5" rear and a 4" front to fit my 33,s . I dont want to cut splash gauard and right rubs . I also want the brand that dosent screw up other suspension parts as well ...????? anybody try yet with good results [ have catco stainless highflow Y w/new cats , o2,s ,borla catback dual outs , ...
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2012 2500HD - How Many Zerk Fittings?

OK - so a bit of history. I used to drive a 2003 GMC Safari van; those things were know for eating up the front end, especially ball joints and idler arms, if you didn't keep them well greased. I knew that it had 14 Zerk fittings on the front end and I made sure to grease each and every one every 3-4 months. Was a PITA getting to some of them but I never ...
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2008 silverado v6 automatic trans

i have a 2008 chevy silverado ex cab v6 i been having problems with transmission im thinking it works fine only between 50mph and 60mph it wont stay in gear or rpms go up and down other than that works perfect any ideas of what it could be would really help thanks in advance...
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question about storage question about storage

Hey yall,

I'm deploying to the Middle East soon and I am putting my Sierra in a storage unit for six months, just wanted a few tips if some of you have ever dealt with this before. Should I disconnect the battery? Also how would you prevent mice/spiders from entering the vehicle?

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A/C blowing HOT air on driver side.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3 New body style.

So my driver side started blowing outside temperature air while the passenger air was blowing cold. I added a can of Freon without a gauge and it started blowing cold! the truck was parked 5 days while I was out of town. When I got back its blowing regular air again out the driver side. So I bought a gauge and it was showing 40 on the low ...
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Leveled with AT3s!

2'' Rough Country kit. Looks great! Garage door clearance, not great.
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