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TPMS service light ( NEW TIRES/ WHEELS)

Hey y'all, since installing the new tires/wheels I have a service TPMS message in the DIC. The tires are 305/55 r20 nitto trail grapplers set at 35 psi. Should I increase the tire pressure. The combo did come with new sensors pre installed. It was fine driving to the dealership, but once getting the alignment done, I have the message. Any help is appreciated.

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AUX Input

Hey yall. I have an 06 extended cab without XM or tape player. Is there anyway to wire in an AUX input? Thanks.
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List of upgradable features?

There needs to be a list of upgrades for our silverados that are easily done. ( swaps from higher end models to ours that direct fit) Heres what i've done to mine so far that either has been a factory kit or direct swap

GM Fog lamp kit
Auto dim rear view mirror
Dl3 Exterior mirrors (fits most other models and retains features)
GM Heated seat kit
2012 LTZ Front grille (personally my favorite vs ...
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Retrax One or Pro...

I'm planning to move forward with a Retrax One or Pro for my Duramax. Both look like great pieces and I've bee sitting on this purchase for too long now...time to pull the trigger.

With that I am curious to know whether folks feel the Pro is worth the additional $500 or not. I know the difference in materials, locking, and warranty. Since my truck is in my garage at home, and in a parking ...
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Hey guys ive looked around on here but havent been able to find a how-to on clearing the stock headlights one a 2001 sierra. I think this year is referred to as the nbs? Am i right? If someone could either let me know how or post a link they know of on a how to for this style that would be great thnak you guys!
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Defective OGM1

Looks like my OGM1 needs to be replaced. For whatever reason at times when the passenger door gets opened while the truck is running and the OGM1 is playing (so far only when playing an iPod) the sound will shut OFF but the OGM1 remains powered up. I told Walt about the problem a few weeks ago and he recommended re-installing the OGM1's firmware and to see if there is still 12V on the remote ...
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Headphone replacement

Hey guys, I tried searching through the sure and through google so don't bash me if it's been brought up. I actually couldn't believe I couldn't find anything. But anyway, 2013 silverado ltz with the rear entertainment center...SOMEHOW, my kids have lost one set of headphone within the 5 months I've had it. Figures. I've been looking on eBay and found the GM ones that came with the truck and a different set that is ...
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Smallest lift to get 35x12.5 Smallest lift to get 35x12.5

I have a 2000 sierra 2500, these are non HD and i can't tell if there is a difference between this and 01-06 2500 HDs. I can fit 265/75/R16 at stock, I know ill have to trim the bumper and do at least this small fender mod (http://www.duramaxforum.com/forum/nor-c ... -pics.html). i recently purchased a 2.5" torsion key leveling kit and assume ill be able to fit 33s. I was ...
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Stiffer Suspension/Smooth Ride? Stiffer Suspension/Smooth Ride?

So just recently I had some body work done to my 2001 GMC Sierra Stepside. I was given a 2013 Ford F-150 rental. Wasn't a big fan of the truck other then the fuel consumption and the smooth ride. I expected the fuel consumption to be good because it was the ecoboost one but I was really impressed on how smooth it was on the road.

My question is how could I make my truck ...
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Plasti dip

Anyone know a whole a lot about plastic dipping rims? Im good with painting and etc just never worked with plasti dip.
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