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Going through brakes Going through brakes

Hi All,

I am having issues with the brakes on my 2007 1500 NBS Silverado. I have disc's up front and drums on the rear. I mostly use the truck for driving around town and light hauling.

I got 5 years and 80k out of the OE brakes and ever since I have been going through front brakes left and right. In the last 2 years and 20k miles I have gone through 4 sets ...
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Fisher plow lights

I bought a used plow and the lights are rusted in place and cannot be adjusted and they are very poorly aimed. I cannot safely drive with them down the road. I'm going to work on getting them free but it looks like the threads are severely rusted and im thinking they are done for. My first question is can the mounting bolt and bracket be replaced? If not ill need new lights completely. They ...
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NNBS Cloth Seats

Anyone have some advice on how to remove dog hair from the cloth seats?? It's a 2013 and the outside of the seats is made of a different type of cloth than the center... This outside cloth is literally a magnet for dog hair and the vacuum and lint roller still wont do the trick!
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Adding an Aux inport to a stock silverado radio Adding an Aux inport to a stock silverado radio

I have a 2006 chevy silverado LT with the Bose system, and steering wheel controls but not XM radio. I have a nice Pioneer touch screen I put in but some "donkey" busted a window out and stole it. Seeing as I am a college student and do not have a ton of money and also HATE the radio channel cigarette plug in ipod adapters I wanted to hard wire an auxilary import to my ...
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Changing front and rear pinion & ring gear Changing front and rear pinion & ring gear

I'm in the process of ordering a set of gears for my truck( '10 Silverado 4.8 quad cab).

I've decided on going with the Yukon 4.56 . My truck currently has a 6" BDS lift with 35" Toyo MT's.

I'm also ordering the bearing kits for the front and rear and im looking at the shim kits.

The bearing kit comes with a crush sleeve, therefore do I need the crush sleeve kit? Or can ...
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Cree LED Flood Lghts Installed

Got my 2 new floodlights delivered midweek and decided to install them today with the help of some warmer weather. The Strobes N More EFlood 2500 Lumen Flood Lights with 2520 lumen drawing 2.5A apiece were pretty straight forward doing the install.

http://www.strobesnmore.com/Strobes-N-M ... Light.html
Finally got thru the firewall and the rest was a piece of cake. Used a button toggle to power up from the cab and ...
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4x4 operation

2006 1500 Z71 with push button. All stock. Been trying to analyze a driveline noise and do not understand the 4x4 operation. Here is what I know from my truck when not running and in 2WD.

1) jack up front wheels individually and they spin. Do not spin very free in my opinion. I spin the wheel hard and maybe get a half to full spin after.
2) Try to turn front CV joints when ...
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The 2015 Silverado/Sierra, buy?

Yes I am new here, never knew this forum existed, I own an awesome heavily customized absolutely no problem 2002 Silverado 3500 dually AWD with the 8.1 at over 100,000 on the clock.
But at 12 years now I "may" be interested in the 2015 or 2016 models, went to my local Chev dealer just before Thanksgiving to inquire about a new SUV for my wife as her 2005 Aztek lost its head gaskets. So ...
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Painting Chevy Bowtie on Center Cap Painting Chevy Bowtie on Center Cap

I need some advice on how to paint the inside of the Chevy bowties on my wheel center caps. Not sure of the prep work needed for the paint to adhere to the plastic chrome. I have a rustoleum gold metallic paint & primer in-one that matches perfectly. The can says good for plastic, metal, etc... and to just scuff area to be painted. Will this work?
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Upgraded to a HD!!! :) Upgraded to a HD!!! :)

Hi there,

Haven't been posting much on here since I joined but I think that will change now.

Friday I traded in my 2007 Silverado Z71 1500 for a 2010 Silverado 2500HD (v8 GAS) I have been swooning over the HD's since I got into trucks shortly after my first Silverado in 2011. Back then I didn't even know what an HD even meant...I just knew I wanted a Chevrolet pick up truck as it ...
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