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Power steering fluid color red or yellow color type

2005 Silverado 2500HD crewcab 6.0 wanted to ask what color /type is my power steering fluid I have the hydro boost electric brake type don't know if that matters but wanted to change my fluid but want to know if its the normal red color or does my truck used the yellowish color p/s fluid vin number 1GCHK23U65F922090 thanks
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K2XX (2014-2016) Accessory Power for CB

I searched the forums and everything I found was for NNBS and before. I'm looking for the best place to wire up my CB radio pre-fuse since I have one inline. I was wondering if anyone found somewhere under the dash on the driver's side that delivers power only when the truck is on? If you know of any existing topics that cover this, please link me, everything I have found doesn't apply to my ...
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Random Rocker Switch? Random Rocker Switch?

I brought my 2005 Sierra into the shop at school today and while my buddy and I were looking at the interior, he noticed a small rocker switch next to my hood release latch. We both looked at each other confused because neither of us had a clue what it does. It looks damn close to factory it's placed very well, but it's also very out of the way. I haven't had anything installed that ...
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2006 Silverado 2500HD 6.0 Diablew Tuning

Ended up pulling the trigger on upgrading my truck, will post pictures/updates here.

Decided to order:

Pacesetter Headers (Part Pace Setter 72C2265) to replace the stock intake manifolds
Dual Flowmaster 10 Series Mufflers with 3 inch straight pipes straight back from the headers
AIRAID 201-712 to replace the factory intake resonator pipe
Trinity T1000 + Tuning Package from Lewis Eaton (Diablew)

Hoping to get this big crew cab fat turd moving faster.
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Cab Lights 2015 2500HD

Does anyone know if the 2015 Silverado 2500HD has wiring in the roof liner for cab lights? My truck does not have cab lights but I would like to add them. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
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noise on 2nd to 3rd shift

Back in September I purchase a 2013 Silverado CC, 4x4, 4.8L with 21,000 miles. Since I bought it I've notice a slight noise during the 2nd to 3rd shift while the RPMs are 1700 and lower. It's hard to describe the noise it makes it sounds like a "vrrrump" during the shift :D .

This only happens when I'm going slow in traffic or putting around ...
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Service Brakes Soon Mystery

I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ 4WD.

I bought this truck brand new. At around 8,000 miles I got a "Service Brakes Soon" alert. I cleared the alert as I was on a road trip and it didn't come back. I brought it into the dealership and they said that there weren't any codes stored on it and to bring it back if it happened again. I now have 83,000 miles on the ...
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Newer Door Moldings Older pickup

I'm wondering if anyone has put any of the newer style door mouldings on their 05 era crew cab? I'm needing to replace my door moldings and I'm having one hell of a time finding black oem trim for the door. I can find black newer oem door moldings EVERYWHERE. Please post any pictures if you have them.

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Just installed Speed Performance's 1 7/8 stainless steel headers and true dual pipes with X configuration. The system comes with glasspacks that dump at cab/bed area. Deleted cats. As of right now, its louder than hell and i do love it as well as the performance gain. I do wanna run pipes over axle and dump to the rear with 45's and long as tips. Should this quiet it down a tad? or will i ...
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Motofab Lifts Motofab Lifts

I just bought a Motofab 3" front and 2" back leveling kit for my 1500. I think its a relatively new line of leveling kits but they have a lifetime warranty and looked decent so I'm giving it a try. The instructions are relatively bare and I don't have a lot experience with leveling kits. Has anyone installed or seen Motofab kits before and has any advice? It appears to be a top strut spacer ...
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