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2002 repeat power steering pump issue

I just received a 2002 from a relative who purchased the truck new. It had a power steering issues since I got it about 1 month ago. You could feel issue in steering wheel, especially as you turned hard in either direction. I took it to my mechanic and he suspected two things; the serpentine belt tensioner and or the power steering pump. He replace tensoner but wasn't happy and replaced pump. Well I ran ...
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03-06 Questions: 1.) center console drawing and 2.) bose amp

Hi Folks,

My first post. Thanks in advance. Looks like a great forum and I'm glad I found you!!

I have a 2004 SLT Ext Cab with the non lux bose system with OnStar and satellite radio. I'm replacing the entire bose system and I've removed the center console and dissembled it along with many other things and I'm left with a bunch of different sized screws now that I'm trying to reassemble. HAHa ...
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Female Seat Belt Receiver

I have a 2014 Sierra and I only see 2 female seat belt receivers in the rear seat; middle and right. No left seat female receiver. There are 3 shoulder straps there, but did I get a defective truck?
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Key Fob 2014 Sierra

I just purchased a 2014 Sierra. I cannot find help in the owners manual. I am needing to program the key fobs to my seat/pedal/mirror memory settings. This is possible isn't it?
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Drive side door panel

Hello everyone, I have a 2004 gmc sierra black, and my driver side window panel has cracked and comes. In and out on its own does anyone know of a easy fix for this?
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What's my best route on lifting my truck??

Okay guys to get to point I got a 04 silverado single cab with a 3" body lift I'm wanting to lift the front end for two reasons. To fit 315s 20x10 and to have it setting higher in the front then the back. I'm leaning towards either a 4" suspension lift or 2" aftermarket keys and cranking them all the way up. Of course the lift kit will be the best route but is ...
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American Racing Headers Installed

Long time stalker, first time poster.
Just installed ARH last week, what a great setup. I kept my single 3' with Gm performance muffler. Nice mellow tone at idle, very little drone overall. Sounds incredible when you open it up. I'll post some videos along with some mileage reports soon. Just filled up with my first full tank today, also have an annual 2000 mile hunting trip I drive every year in Sept. Should have ...
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Pag Oil For Accumulator

Need to know how many ounce(s) of PAG oil for a new a/c accumulator. Replacing a bad high side service port for a 99 5.3L 1500
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A/c Belt gone A/c Belt gone

Sup guys, im struggling with my trucks a/c again, first the blower motor went out (fixed it). now the a/c belt snaped off somewhere, i want your guys opinion should i put a new belt on, or just leave it. i feel like this truck refuses to work with the a/c on. i say this because the trans jumps or pushes a little while its on. anyone else have this issue? or know what it ...
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Bilstein 5100s on non-lifted trucks?

I'm looking at replacing the shocks on my bone stock 2003. The specs on the Bilstein 5100's say they're for lifted trucks with 0-2.5 inch lifts. Will they be a direct bolt on fit for my truck or do I have to with a different shock? I'm looking for something with a smooth ride, I do some hauling and a bit of off road driving but I mostly want something that will handle the crappy ...
Read more : Bilstein 5100s on non-lifted trucks? | Views : 416 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Suspension


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