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This is an all-purpose area for Silverado/Sierra truck related discussion. These forums typically contain truck related but ill-assorted topics unfit for any other category.
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Getting a duplicate key made, is there a chip?

I have never had to get a duplicate key made for my Sierra. I lost one of the keys i was given when i bought the car in 2009. Can i get a duplicate made anywhere, or is there a "chip" in the key?

2009 Sirerra WT V6 vortech 4.3 extended cab

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Service 4 wheel drive message

Hey guys, for the past few months ive been getting a "Service 4wheel drive" message on my dash of my 2008 silverado 1500. no lights pop on and the message disappears after i hit the button to change the display setting to trip/mileage. the message doesnt appear again for another few weeks or until after i engage 4 wheel drive - which ive only needed to use during the winter, i havent off roaded my ...
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Which diagnostic tool do you use?

Hello all. So far, I am able to do the vast majority of my mechanical repairs (at least until they pry the tools from my cold dead hands) but I am in a quandary regarding diagnostic tools. I have an ACTRON 9580 and it is good for the basics (reading, clearing and some freeze frame). I have been watching some diagnostic videos and they all seem to be using the Snap-On touchscreen diagnostic devices that ...
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Rain leaking into cab!!

Hey All, I picked up a 2004 HD CC from Texas this past spring, and am dealing with a very small leak coming in the top left pillar/corner of roof, to the left of driver sun visor. Nothing noticeable running a hose on it for a few minutes​, or even going through car wash. But let it sit in a slow rain for hours, and will have a wet spot as shown in the pic. ...
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Speedometer reading different than odb II reading Speedometer reading different than odb II reading

Just puck up an 01 Tahoe, 5.3l 4l60e, rpo code says 3.73 rear axle. It's a 2wd Tahoe. Tires are factory size, 265/70r16. I noticed the speedometer is reading slower than what I am actually going. I plugged my scanner in to vehicle and the scanner reads faster than speedometer. The speed difference increase the faster I go. At 15, by speedometer, the scanner says 20, at 37, the scanner reads 45, at 54 the ...
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New (to me) 2011 Sierra

Hey everyone. Over the weekend I traded in my 2011 Silverado w/t for a 2011 Sierra SLT All Terrain ext cab 4x4. It is quite the upgrade! Anyways, it has just under 50k on it. The carfax report shows no maintenance history, other than an oil change and front brakes being resurfaced from the dealer last month prior to sale. I do know that it has been registered in the northern British Columbia climes and ...
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Pseudo Carolina squat

Thinking about starting a new trend. I'm going to remove the 3" body lift on the bed of my truck. :lol:
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1500 HD Package

I have the HD package in my 2002 Silverado Extra Cab 2x4. What are the differences between the standard 1500 and having the 1500 HD?
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Decided to clean things up a bit. Looks clean now. The 27 letters weren't bad. The tailgate Chevy emblem was tough but diligence won.Image

Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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Standard-Extended-Crew cab. which is more popular? Standard-Extended-Crew cab. which is more popular?

Which is more popular in your area?
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