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Chemical guys polisher kit Chemical guys polisher kit

Chemical guys started selling items on ebay and amazon. So every now and again they have sponsored sales. I couldn't pass this deal up for $114. Its on sale on their main site and amazon for $160, regularly $250.

The ebay sales normally last a couple days. I usually stock up on rags when they go on sale.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/TORQX-Random-Or ... SwX~dWq478

https://www.chemicalguys.com/TORQ_TORQX ... uf503x.htm ...
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Researching for upcoming truck purchase ('12-'13 Silverados)

Hey guys, Fog here. Although I'm new to the site, I've browsed it on occasion in the past, and it has always proven to be a helpful bunch of folks!

Anyways, as I mentioned in my introduction post the other day, the time has come for me to upgrade out of my single cab '06 Chevy 1500 with the 4.3 v6 and into a 'Dad' truck. My wife and I have our first son (turned ...
Read more : Researching for upcoming truck purchase ('12-'13 Silverados) | Views : 124 | Replies : 9

Flying flags from truck bed??

Hey y'all, I'm looking to rig up a 5x3 don't tread on me flag from the bed and want to know the best setup/tips. It needs to be able to withstand highway speeds, both the flag material itself and the pole it's on. I don't want the flag to rip or the pole to snap. I was thinking about putting a metal pole into one of the tiedowns and bolting it in place and attaching ...
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Help with information on a used truck

Hello all.

I am looking at a Silverado 2007 K1500 Z1 'Off Road' with the 5.3 L V8 'Classic' with 105k miles. Decal said built 6/06.
As I have been doing some research, there seems to be some issues but I cannot nail it down if it pertains to THIS model so:

Does this engine have the fuel management (cuts from 8 cylinders to 4) system?
IF yes have you had the problems noted on ...
Read more : Help with information on a used truck | Views : 292 | Replies : 15

Acronyms for body styles and why I find them confusing

I've seen this list both ways on this site for 1500s (2500 & 3500 tend to change in the 2nd year of a body design):
OBS 99 - 02
NBS 03 - <07.5
NNBS >07.5 - 13
K2xx 14 - present

but the true version is:
OBS 98 and below
NBS 99 - <07.5
NNBS >07.5 - 13
K2xx 14 - present

and there needs to be clarity in the terminology.

First we'll look at ...
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Question on truck bed use

Just curious to those of you who use your truck for everything......

When you go to get groceries......how do you store them when you load them into truck

1) into truck bed ......if so how do you keep them from sliding to front (cargo bar).... or what method do you use like a storage bin

2) or do you just put them behind the seat in extended cab...only pain is when you get groceries out ...
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Get $100 worth of free accesories

copied this from a member on another gm website. If you are purchasing a new truck, or recently purchased one, try this to get some free accessories. I purchased my truck 5 months ago, and they still honored the coupon.

Bring up your dealer's web site.

Click on ANY vehicle in their inventory.

Click on "Ship-Click-Drive"

Click "Continue" - the coupon application form will pop up.

You can start at the Chevy site search inventory ...
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Owners Manual Binder

I was going to put this in the manuals forum, but I figured this section probably gets more attention. I'm not sure what year GM started getting terribly cheap, but in 2004, my brand new Silverado had a decent little binder thing to hold the owners manual. Now, my 2016 has the owners manual and all the other literature shoved in a zip lock bag. Seriously? For what this truck cost, it should have been ...
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'05/3500, how many built?

I have an '05/3500 4X4 std. cab/dwl/CC/flatbed with 8.1 L, 6 speed man., locking diff. dual tanks. Bought in '08 with less than 5k miles on it. I have been trying to find out how many were built with this package. This is a great truck for use in the mountains. I grew up driving 4 speeds, cars then trucks and this trans has them beat. any help is greatly appreciated,GK
Read more : '05/3500, how many built? | Views : 85 | Replies : 2

What do you keep in the tool box?

Hey everyone,

I was wanting to get some ideas of tools/stuff you keep in the tool box. Does anyone keep a floor jack in the tool box, if so what kind?

Read more : What do you keep in the tool box? | Views : 128 | Replies : 5


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