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This is an all-purpose area for Silverado/Sierra truck related discussion. These forums typically contain truck related but ill-assorted topics unfit for any other category.
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Truck bed opening isn't square???

I just installed my new OEM bed cap protectors yesterday. I inadvertently didn't get both ends next to the cab flush with the inside of the rail. I wanted to make sure both rails were flush to the inside of the rail due to a later reinstall of my hard fold up tonneau cover. I was about 3/16" off next to the cab on both sides. I grabbed my tape measure to see what kind ...
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Just ordered a 2017 1500 Sierra ???

I was told 6-8 weeks. Does anyone know if this is true? I've been reading more like 8-12...Anyone order one lately?
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Service Department Not Taking Care. Service Department Not Taking Care.

I live in Hawaii, our Chevrolet dealer on my side of the Island closed down, so I bought my truck at a dealer on the other side of my particular Island. This dealership has a service deal with Toyota on our Island, Chevrolet gets to use Toyotas service bays. (small island, small family operated dealerships). Anyhow I had my first oil change at 2500 (shorted two full quarts, showed 6 units oil on the paperwork ...
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Can't pump fuel fast!

This is the most annoying thing ever, it takes 30 minutes to fill up my 2008 Vortec max. I have already replaced the vent solenoid and vent canister and still no luck...any help would be awesome!
Read more : Can't pump fuel fast! | Views : 99 | Replies : 6

2017 Silverado 1500

Thinking of getting into a 2017 Silverado 1500 in a couple weeks. Just curious if anyone has any pros/cons about them? I test drove an LTZ standard box with the 6.2 liter and basically fell in love with it. Also wondering if anyone has one that has a leveling kit in it? And what size tires they stuffed under it.

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1994 chevy silverado question

Hey guys i found a 1994 chevy silverado for 950$ on craigslist says it runs fine but wont go past 30mph what could be wrong with it?
Read more : 1994 chevy silverado question | Views : 69 | Replies : 4

used truck pricing help

Looking for your help again. I am looking at a new truck and will be trading/selling my current truck. I have done some online searching but want to know what you guys think it is worth honestly. I am especially interested in pricing from the Michigan, Ohio upper New York state areas. I am in Ontario but could do a cross border deal if the dealer tries to low ball me.

Picture is a ...
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Denali help

Hello everyone. I am hoping I can get some inspiration. Looking for some real life 2016 or 2017 Denali photos. I am currently looking at buying and I am having a hard time deciding on colour. I am considering stone blue metallic, onyx black, mineral metallic and dark slate metallic. I am sticking with 20 inch wheels ( I like the ride better) so if you have that configuration even better but will appreciate all ...
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Buying a truck form Canada Gauges Help!!! ( in the US) Buying a truck form Canada Gauges Help!!! ( in the US)

I am currently looking at buying a truck at my local dealership, the trucks carfax says the truck was original sold in Canada and lived there for 5-6 years. now my question is it looks to have a skin on the gauges. Now i am no expert here but would the original cluster be in KMH instead of mph ? and would that be why the truck has a aftermarket gauges?? I am just worried ...
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JamHandle Test and Review JamHandle Test and Review

First off I would like to thank jamhandle for sending me their newest product for me to test out.


At first I thought this product was a little ridiculous but the more and more I use them I love them. Let me explain to you what they are they are a piece of plastic that sticks in the inside of your door jam with little holes in it. ...
Read more : JamHandle Test and Review | Views : 197 | Replies : 9


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