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Make sure you stop by Vendor's Row while you're in the Marketplace. A place for vendors who have items they sell and for would-be consumers of those products to come to shop. Think of it as a gathering where each vendor can set up his/her own sales booth.
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AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil


AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil offers the convenience of a twice-a-year oil change program combined with the peace of mind of outstanding engine protection and performance. Its extended-drain boost technology delivers guaranteed oil change intervals of 10,000 miles/6 months, or longer when recommended in owner’s manuals or indicated by oil life monitoring systems. XL not only saves you time and money, it reduces waste oil due to fewer oil changes performed each year and ...
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AMSOIL Truck/Auto Product Lookup Guide

:arrow: AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide

Find recommend products, filters, specifications and capacities for vehicles 1980 - present.
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How Do I Switch from Conventional to Synthetic Oil?

There is still some confusion about changing to a different type of oil in vehicles, particularly older models that have accumulated many miles. A small group of ill-informed individuals in garages and on blogs still cling to old beliefs that synthetic motor oils cause roller followers to “slip or skid,” or that switching to Synthetic Motor Oil, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil causes issues in older engines, particularly oil leaks.

Facts have since replaced these outdated ...
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F/S Polished Climate and Control Knobs $99 shipped!

Hello Everyone,

I’m new vendor to this forum so I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Steve and I own a small machine shop in Massachusetts. Last November I picked up a new 2014 Silverado High Country. I absolutely love my truck

One thing that caught my attention was the rubber control knobs on the dash. Such a beautiful interior surely deserves better looking knobs! So, off to my CAD program to design some ...
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My New AMSOIL Dealer Website

Read more : My New AMSOIL Dealer Website | Views : 114 | Replies : 2

New Anti-Freeze and Engine Coolant


NEW Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze & Engine Coolant. We have a formulation for passenger cars/light trucks and another for heavy-duty applications. These coolants provide excellent protection against metallic corrosion and erosion pitting, even in extreme temperatures and operating conditions.

AMSOIL Propylene Glycol Antifreeze & Engine Coolant has been reformulated and offers many of the same benefits as the EG formulation and is a safer option around children, pets, and the environment.

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Can I Mix Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Information you can use; from AMSOIL Blog

Can I Mix Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

John Baker |Apr 13, 2015 3:58:45 PM

Some things simply don’t mix. Oil and water, for example. Alcohol and firearms. Around these parts, Green Bay Packers fans and Minnesota Vikings fans.

With synthetic lubricants continuing to grow in popularity, the question of whether synthetics and conventional oils can be safely mixed often arises. I’m guilty of having mixed different types ...
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How to Order AMSOIL Products


Create a Free Online Account and Buy Direct | A free online account allows you to buy AMSOIL products direct from the factory and have them shipped right to your doorstep. There are two ways to purchase directly from AMSOIL.

* Pay suggested retail, free shipping on orders exceeding $100 in product.

* Become a Preferred Customer.

Buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices, which is approximately 25 percent less than suggested retail.
Receive a ...
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AMSOIL Product Lookup Guides

Find products and filters for trucks & suvs, atv, utv, motorcycle, marine outboard, snowmobile, personal watercraft, small engine.

:arrow: AMSOIL Product Lookup Guides

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