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2009 All-terrain Leveling kit?

What levelling kit do the AT guys use?

2009 All-terrain Leveling kit?

Postby MKivSupra [OP] » Mar 26 2012, 6:12am

My 2009 Sierra All-terrain/SLT sits with a rake thats noticeable but it doesnt seem to measure out like anything ive seen on the leveling kit info threads.

I have a fair amount of tools in the back right now (200lbs at most) (**pics are without tools but it sits roughly the same) but i dont think that would effect it much, from ground to center of my fender the front is 36.5 " and the rear 37.5".
Is it possible there might already be some sort of a 1" leveling kit on it? or maybe the rears been lowered? I'm going to pull off the wheels and look tomorrow.
however upon looking at it, it looks like its much more then that. the truck has 285/60/18s on stock A/T rims, im not sure if thats the stock size of tire for this wheel as A/T info seems to be hard to come by.
I'm worries a 2" leveling kit will put my front at 38.5" and the rear at 37.5 giving me some ridiculous backwards rake

If anyone has info on how their All-terrain sits stock or if it should be the same as a non A/T it'd be very helpful. I wanted to get the stance i like before i started off a picture thread/show my bed lights write up


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Re: 2009 All-terrain Leveling kit?

Postby FuzzyB » Mar 26 2012, 12:17pm

Mine sat just under 2" stock...after a 2" leveling kit front and back are now the same (within an 1/8). Does yours measure out an inch difference with an empty bed? The pic you provided makes it look just shy of level...could just be the pic angle too.
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