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Left Front end noise

Left Front end noise

Postby jscott [OP] » Apr 25 2011, 2:34am

When I make a slow left hand turn, Like into a parking spot, I get a creaking noise it sounds like the left front. Stabilizer bar bushings? I also have a noise in the left front that sounds like marbles in a pop can when Iam at 60mph or higher. this noise does not happen all the time, but is starting to happen more often. I have a 2007 5.3 Z71 Silverado. Can anyone help?
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Re: Left Front end noise

Postby koolz71 » Apr 25 2011, 3:26pm

I know on the 2003-2006 i believe..had issues with the intermediate steering shaft. The issue is the shaft will not stay lubricated causing pops and wierd noises like you describe at low speeds. I currently have this issue was told they can lube it for around 50 or replace it for 140 with the newer designed shaft. I hope this helps you, and welcome to the site
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