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Towing with a lift kit?

Towing with a lift kit?

Postby J34saints [OP] » Dec 18 2013, 7:26pm

I am just a bout to lift my 2011 gmc sierra 6.2 (with the tow package) and i am worried I won't be able to tow my boat. I am going with a 7.5inch rc suspension lift, a 3inch body lift, and hopefully 37's. The boat weighs 6,000 pounds with the trailer and I don't really think power will be the issue (with the 6.2) but rather the truck saging a lot in he back. Can somebody please inform me of what will happen, and will I be able to tow?
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Re: Towing with a lift kit?

Postby yelton720 » Dec 18 2013, 7:31pm

As long as you get a good WD (weight distribution) hitch you should not have any trouble. I have 7.5" rcx lift with 35's and I am pulling a 30' Travel Trailer with a dry weight of close to 6k and my truck sits practically level maybe 1" high in the front. I have an equalizer hitch.
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Re: Towing with a lift kit?

Postby deathphoenix99 » Dec 18 2013, 7:46pm

You should be able to tow it, you'll have to get a decent drop hitch though, I know my 82 Ram that's lifted about 5" on 36's needs a 11" drop hitch to pull my car trailer. I'd suggest air bags or helper springs in the rear if you are going to level it out, otherwise it'll sag quite a bit.

One thing to keep in mind, lifting a vehicle raises the center of gravity, and bigger tires doesn't help any, so you will need to be more cautious when towing, otherwise you could get into a roll over or lose control situation. Plenty of lifted vehicles tow, but you need to keep in mind your limits and it won't handle the same or as agile as when it was stock height.
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