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Vibration at highway speeds

Vibration at highway speeds

Postby patriot78 [OP] » May 23 2013, 1:35am

Hey guys, Newbie here, I have a 2012 crew cab 4x4 LT. My problem is while traveling highway speeds in 6th gear truck is like butter but if I lay into the gas pedal to pass someone or climb a hill and the truck downshifts, it starts vibrating (steering wheel, seats...everything) as soon as I let off or it finds 6th gear again it smooths out. These symptoms are way more noticeable while towing Im guessing because the engine/drivetrain is under load more often, but it still only does it when it downshifts and smooths out once 6th gear is obtained...HELP!! I would like to hear some suggestions before I take it to dealership THANKS!
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Re: Vibration at highway speeds

Postby GM Customer Service » May 24 2013, 1:48am

Hello patriot78,

Welcome to the forums, there is a wealth of knowledge here on this forum. I would like to extend my assistance to you if you decide to take your Silverado to the dealership. If you could provide me with your name, contact info, VIN, mileage, and dealership you plan on taking it to in a private message, I can start to assist you in the process of working with the dealership. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Gregory W.
GM Customer Care
GM Customer Service
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