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Re: Log book

Postby jake2250 » Jan 11 2017, 6:59pm

I use the back of the Owners Manual, or I use the inside of the front cover of the OM. I also keep all receipts of work and service.
I'll pass this literature on when I sell the vehicle or trade it in.
Never had an issue with the dealer and service that I have performed but you just never know.

I bought a new GMC Jimmy in 1990 and kept a log book of all fuel,service and mileage. Didn't really prove anything and I just wound up throwing it out when I sold the truck.
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Re: Log book

Postby GBSierraSLE » Jan 13 2017, 4:38am

I keep all my records in an Excel spreadsheet. Everything I do to my truck is logged; maintenance, mods, gas, car washes, etc. Date, location, receipt/invoice number, what was done, cost, and odometer reading. I keep one for my wife's car, too. I also scan records and receipts and keep the hard copy in a filing cabinet. I'm a little anal about it all. :lol:
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Re: Log book

Postby kashmir » Jan 13 2017, 5:48am

Excel spreadsheet as well for me.
Been using a spreadsheet since Windows 3.1 was introduced in '92 or so.
I also scan all receipts and attach to the spreadsheet.
Before that I had paper spreadsheets in binders with receipts since my first car in 1981.
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