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pros and cons of

putting a auxiliary fuel tank in
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pros and cons of

Postby doubled08 [OP] » Dec 09 2011, 8:34am

I have a 2500hd. 6.0 crew cab long wheel base and I was wondering the pros and cons of putting a fuel tank in the bed just for personal and emergency use . thanks for your time
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Re: pros and cons of

Postby EKinMN » Dec 09 2011, 1:39pm

What are you trying to acheive, and what do you need that much gas for?

For me, I would not want the added risk of fire in an accident. I am not worried about trying to buy a little more gas when prices are low (hedging). And, I cannot sit long enough to go non-stop on the existing tank anyway (gotta take a pee break a lot more when ya get older, ya know!). :D

So for me....all cons, I believe.
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Re: pros and cons of

Postby LEO » Dec 09 2011, 1:51pm

my guess
-more miles between fill-ups
-the ability to take longer trips and not have to worry about finding a gas station

-cost to fill-up both tanks

that's all i can think of at the moment.
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Firing on 7 cylinders [L1]
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Re: pros and cons of

Postby whynott » Dec 09 2011, 2:13pm

If you did it I would do the replacement aftermarket tank that's almost twice the size of the stock one. I wouldn't do one in the bed. You lose the space in the bed, it becomes a missile hazard if you get into an accident, and that's my 2 cents.
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Combustion on 1 piston [L2]
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