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4.3 v6 programmer

4.3 v6 programmer

Postby Tmac90 [OP] » Aug 10 2011, 6:18am

Is the hypertech power programmer good for 4.3 v6? Been lookin for reviews all night and haven't found any!
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Firing on 1 cylinder [L1]
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Re: 4.3 v6 programmer

Postby SierraSpeed » Nov 17 2011, 5:40am

to be honest with you i just baught and installed one today, and i have a 4.3 as well and it made no difference what so ever....
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Re: 4.3 v6 programmer

Postby zacharyh687 » Nov 17 2011, 5:50am

another option is wait4me performance they are very popular on the s10 forum and i bought one for my step dads 2000 gmc sierra with the 5.3l and it really woke up his truck. i on the other hand was going to buy one for my 96 blazer but i wrecked the blazer so i can not report first hand for a 4.3l but it really helped the 5.3l. and plus a mail order tune where you get another ECM custom tuned for my step dads 2000 was $163 shipped.. and free life time retunes.

There is also black bear performance they do the same thing and sell hand held's and i have also heard great things about them.
pcm's4less same deal as well
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