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Total tune up preferences

What brands of oil, oil filters, gas filter, spark plugs, distrubitor cap...etc.....

Total tune up preferences

Postby jjackson082604 [OP] » May 11 2012, 11:01pm

Hey everyone,

I just purchased a 2003 GMC Sierra ext. cab with 116k miles on it from a guy on craigslist. And I am going to do a complete tune up on the truck. This is my first truck that I have owned and want to take care of it. So I am asking for your opinion in which products are the best for the truck. And I am talking about tune up wise, Motor Oil, Oil Filter, Gas Filter, Spark plugs, etc..

Some people say Royal Purple is the best others say Mobil 1.
Some say MSD ignition system others say Accell.

Let me know what you think.
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Re: Total tune up preferences

Postby Bostonmaniac781 » May 11 2012, 11:35pm

Motor oil- id say you cant go wrong with either Mobil 1 or Royal Purple. RP is a little more expensive i think.
Oil filter- I know a lot of people that swear by purolater and say their the best by far.
Spark plugs- Definetly go with AC Delco iridium. I think everyone on this forum would agree with that.
Cap and rotor- if you live near an autozone id recommend their duralst brand. good price and really good warrenty. i think the duralast gold cap and rotor have a lifetime warrenty.
spark plug wires- again id say duralast for the same reason.

this is just my opinion...
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Re: Total tune up preferences

Postby gasguzzler6.0 » May 11 2012, 11:43pm

honestly the best maintenance is the stuff thats maintained regularly. i have a 4.3 in a 97 c1500 that has almost 300k miles on nothing but 5k oil changes with whatever conventional oil was on sale that day, and either fram or purolator oil filters. as far as ignition parts its hard to beat the oem ac delco parts. (plugs, wires, cap and rotor). ive always had good luck with either wix or fram air filters. dont forget the transmission fluid and filter every 30k.its always a good idea to go ahead and drain and fill the differentials with a good quality synthetic 75w140 such as royal purple, (this stuff will last 100k miles as long as the diffs arent submerged in water) and dont forget about the transfer case (if its a 4x4). use dex 6 in the transmission and transfer case unless its a push button 4x4 then it takes the gm auto trak fluid.
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Firing on 3 cylinders [L1]
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Re: Total tune up preferences

Postby HolyCityMadman » Jul 28 2012, 2:17am

I have been really impressed with MOBIL 1 10W30 motoroil, 3 quarts (thicker oil in the summer,5w20 in the winter) 10 months out of 12 it's HOOOOT down south (Charleston SC.aka the lowcountry) but anyways, I add a quart of LUCAS PURE SYNTHETIC OIL STABILIZER. It cranks easier,boosts oil pressure about 3 to 5 psi and to me it's the best on the market. I have run this in all my cars and trucks and no matter the millage or make it has never failed. It cost's a little more about 7 bucks a quart for the oil and about 18 bucks for the LUCAS. (quart) I will never run anything else. Oh yeah did I mention, I only change my oil 1 time a year( 6 to 8 THOUSAND MILES) GOOD STUFF MAN !!!
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Re: Total tune up preferences

Postby EKinMN » Jul 30 2012, 4:10am

Pretty simple....
Original AC Delco plugs and ignition parts.
Amsoil everything else.
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