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03' Silverado 5.3 intake manifold and vacuum line problems

03' Silverado 5.3 intake manifold and vacuum line problems

Postby mcbride68camaro [OP] » Nov 10 2012, 12:18pm

I have a 2003 chevrolet silverado with 135,000 miles. The truck is a 5.3L vortec.

First off, I will explain the issues I have been having. A couple of weeks ago I noticed the truck running rough on cold starts-it would surge at idle, almost acting like it would die but wouldn't. I pulled the throttle body off and cleaned it and went ahead and replaced the plugs and plug wires. This seem to fix my problems.

This week I drove the truck home and ran inside and came back out a few minutes later, turned the key and black smoke came from under the hood. I looked it over and couldnt figure out where it was coming from so I decided to turn the key again. The RPM's shot up, the brakes felt firm and it was running rough. I called a tow and had it shipped to the Chevy dealer. They called me the next day and said the port on the back of the intake was broken and the hose disconnected. They said $1400 for a new intake and gaskets. I opted to ship it home and replace them myself. They ended up sticking the hose back on and told me it wouldn't hold but was running. I pulled the intake off today and I cannot see any cracks or issues. The push connect is on there and seems to work just as it should. I even yanked on it to try and get it to come off. I disconnected it and looked the hose and hose connector over and they seem to be ok. I would like to think they were being honest but I cannot find any issues with the intake. I did notice the top of the heads, valley cover were dirty and I cleaned them up. I also cleaned up the injector and fuel rails. I bought a set of fel-pro gaskets today but I wanted to ask here before dropping $360 on a new intake. Do you think I need a new intake based on what I am stating here? I would like to think the dealership was shooting me straight but I cannot see any issues with the intake or the vacuum connection.

Any help would be appreciated! I just wanted to see if anyone has heard of the line blowing off and if this is common or something that you have seen personally?
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03' Silverado 5.3 intake manifold and vacuum line problems

Postby Machster69 » Nov 10 2012, 7:39pm

Never heard of it, doesnt mean it cant happen. I also cant say ive heard of the intake going bad either. Maybe
Opt for a new gasket and see what happens...
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Re: 03' Silverado 5.3 intake manifold and vacuum line proble

Postby ASTE25 » Nov 10 2012, 8:18pm

Well, it is possible. Those intakes are plastic and all the heat cycles can make them brittle and crack. I would probably replace the intake while it was off. You may be missing (not able to see it) the repair they made and it is holdng better than they thought it would.
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