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cammed 5.3 chevy colorado

cammed 5.3 chevy colorado

Postby colorado [OP] » May 22 2013, 3:03pm

Hey guys
Ok so first of all I dont have a silverdado or a sierra. Ive got a chevy colorado buts it has the 5.3
Ok so Im having some troubles trying to figure out which would be the best cam to put in my truck.
Im going to be putting in true duels, headers, efan, tranny cooler, and getting a tune when I get the cam put in.
As well as a full valve train swap with the cam.
So my engine is the 5.3 (lh8) i do believe. What im looking for is a good daily driver cam. Im not putting a stall in so thats another thing to consider. I was going to go with a 212/212 low lift cam but apparently thats old technology and wont work. Then I was going with a 206/218 i think but that wont work either apparently. Now i talked to the people the shop im getting to put it in and he said a comp 146-456-11 cam would work. I was also thinking about a 220/220 cam which a couple of people with 5.3 colorados have put in. Does anyone have any suggestions what a good daily driver cam would be? I do a mix of city driving and alot of highway driving in the summer.
thanks guys
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Re: cammed 5.3 chevy colorado

Postby griff364 » May 23 2013, 2:56am

lh8 is a 4 cylinder engine rpo code:


What year is your truck? Use the above RPO list and let us know exactly what engine you have...
Just in case... Your RPO codes are in your glovebox.
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