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ls6 intake swap

ls6 intake swap

Postby JRsilveradoL33 [OP] » Mar 05 2012, 1:23am

Hello there bowtie fans new member here

i have a 2006 silverado with the L33 5.3, love the engine never missed a beat with 90k, ive been hearing that your able to swap on an intake manafold from the ls6?????? is there any real benifit from it. power? milage? and can the pcm suport the zo6 intake, injectores, throttle body??? with out a tune?????? just debating on wht i should go with, without hurting the back pocket.

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Re: ls6 intake swap

Postby MGMTF » Mar 11 2012, 7:43pm

I don't know about the tuning part but I do know that the high-rise intakes were put on the truck engines (Vortec) because with the low-profile intakes from the LS car engines the trottle body and intake would not fit with the mechanical fan. So I don't think it would work because of that unless you switched to an electric fan.
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