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chevy silverado 6L gas mileage

Has anyone used Hypertech and new cat back for better mileage

chevy silverado 6L gas mileage

Postby 2tall [OP] » Aug 31 2012, 6:40pm

Hi Guys
Has anyone used Hypertech and a new cat back system to increase gas mileage on the 6L vortex truck, I am thinking about buying a 2004 - 2007 crew cab, short bed for more power for trailer towing and room for grand kids.
What kind of city mileage and HWY are you getting.
Thanks Ron
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Re: chevy silverado 6L gas mileage

Postby 1500VHO » Sep 16 2012, 6:39am

Hi 2tall,

I have used the Hypertech Max and Corsa dB cat back exhaust system on my 2005 Silverado VHO. I also installed a Volant CAI. I did all of this for performance. Gas mileage was a little better. My usual combination of 80% city and 20% highway, got me about 0.2 - 0.5 mpg improvement.

Not much I know. Where I really saw improvement was with a Diablew tune... You can purchase a InTune or Trinity programmer from him or elsewhere. Either way, getting a tune from Lew got me 2.0mpg more than before. Same type of driving. I just recently got 15.6mpg with my normal city/highway driving. I don't know about all highway driving, just yet. I have not made any long trips recently...

I hope this helped, :D
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Re: chevy silverado 6L gas mileage

Postby gasguzzler6.0 » Sep 18 2012, 12:57am

on my 2500hd i have a k&n fipk, flo pro muffler and a jet 25% reduction underdrive crank pulley and while it did have a noticable difference in performance at WOT, it did NOTHING for inproving my fuel economy. i also bought a superchips flashpaq and that made a big difference in performance on the 87 octane tune but it only increased my mileage about .6 mpg

as far as economy i cant get more than 10.6mpg in the city, and 13.5 hwy.
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