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replace knock sensors on 2001 6L gmc 2500hd

replace knock sensors on 2001 6L gmc 2500hd

Postby wiggybits 14 [OP] » Apr 17 2012, 4:06pm

I'm looking for step by step directions to replace the knock sensors on my 2001 6L HD2500, any help?
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Re: replace knock sensors on 2001 6L gmc 2500hd

Postby velocanman » Apr 22 2012, 5:16pm

Hey, there. You probably figured this out, but this questions should be posted in the Engine help section not the How-To.

For what it is worth, I replaced the knock sensors on my 04 Suburban Z71 with the 5.3L. I think your 6L motor is similar. Check out the procedures documented over on the Z71Suburban-Tahoe forums at:

http://z71tahoe-suburban.com/iboard/ind ... owforum=12

Follow the 2-part instructions Pinned at the top for Intake gasket replacement. You have to take off the intake manfold to access the knock sensors, which are shown in the last few steps.

You could also check my photo how I sealed up the covers to minimize the potential for future flooding of the sensors:

http://z71tahoe-suburban.com/iboard/ind ... t&id=13217

Here is what the rear sensor looked like compared to new:

http://z71tahoe-suburban.com/iboard/ind ... t&id=13218
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