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Brakes 101 - Class is in!

Re: Brakes 101 - Class is in!

Postby 2000VeradoZ71 » Feb 15 2019, 4:11am

What would be high quality rotors, calipers and brakes please?
I need to replace rear brakes so will do all of them at once but not sure which! I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3L Z71 LS
Firing on 1 cylinder [L1]
Firing on 1 cylinder [L1]
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Re: Brakes 101 - Class is in!

Postby Smitty Smithsonite » Aug 14 2019, 3:33am

Fantastic writeup by the OP! Best I've seen on the net, and I've been wrenching for as long as I can remember.

Just a little info from my past brake experiences with my '07 Silverado 1500 4x4, starting from day 1:

I had constant brake pulsation issues with this truck right off the showroom floor. Dealer did 5 brake "bandaids" (some including all new rotors, drums, pads, and shoes) under warranty. Once out of warranty, I installed a set of Wagner Thermoquiet shoes and pads and had the drums and rotors turned at a local garage (since I don't own a lathe). The stopping power decreased at least 60%, and that's no exaggeration. I figured they just needed to bed in more. After 11k miles, I couldn't take it anymore, and tossed the front pads in the trash (still looked brand new), and installed a fresh set of EBC solid rotors with EBC Yellowstuff pads. HUGE increase in stopping power, but still not up to the performance of the stock setup, due to the weak rears. A little further down the road, I tossed the Thermoquiet shoes, installed AC Delco OE shoes with turned Delco OE drums I had bought previously (in an attempt to stop the pulsation myself), and the stopping power was back! Better than stock at this point, even with the shoes only contacting 70% of their friction surface. This has got better with miles (they're about due to be replaced now). Back in the day everyone had equipment to match new shoes to the curvature of new drums for a perfect match. Not sure anyone does that anymore these days. I certainly don't!

Anyway, hope that helps someone. This is the ideal combination for me. Aggressive MA driving, and frequent towing. I got 34k miles out of the last set of Yellowstuff pads, which is exactly what I got out of the OE GM pads.
Smitty Smithsonite
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