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Getting C0223 and C0229 ABS codes

Getting C0223 and C0229 ABS codes

Postby roosclan [OP] » May 12 2021, 10:47pm

I have a few braking issues to take care of (pulsing when braking after the last brake job, spongy pedal since I've owned it, busted e-brake cable), but one that just recently popped up last week are C0223, and 3 days ago C0229 popped up once when my brake light came on one time when sitting at a light.

I have Garage Pro, and it saysv
Fault 1 : C0229 : Rear Right ABS channel in release too long
Fault 2 : C0223 : Front Left ABS channel motor free spins

However, everything I find online says C0223 is right side, not left.

I figure the C0223 means that I need a new speed sensor? But which side? And I can't find anything through Google or bing that says how to address C0229.

Some help would be appreciated! After I get this solved, I will tackle the spongy brakes (again), with yet another ABS bleed (I have the Foxwell NT630 tool that can do it).

Since I need to replace uppr and lower control arms/ball joints along with tie rods, I might do the sensors at the same time.

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