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Lets talk about brakes and brake performance. Disc, drum, anti-lock brakes(abs). Discuss brake components like the pads, rotors, calipers, shoes. Pads can be ceramic, metallic, or other. Rotors can be standard, cross-drilled, or slotted.
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Brakes Synopsis

Discuss brake repair for disc brakes and drum brake calipers and rotors. Change brake pads if they are grinding or need bleeding. If your brakes are squealing or making noise make sure you use a good aftermarket brand like Raybestos, Brembo, or ceramic pads. Common search terms: brakes pads rotors brake drilled slotted shoes cross calipers metallic ceramic standard components performance talk lets disc drum lock anti discuss

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Changing the front and rear brakes on trucks requires addition of fluid to the brake master cylinder because it will be replaced when you bleed them. Brake noise is caused by worn brake pads, most newer chevy and gmc trucks have disc brakes instead of drum brakes. Brake hoses are easy to replace with stainless steel brake lines for the hydraulic fluid. Squeaking brakes means you used a low budget aftermarket pad that wears unevenly or your caliper piston need replaced. Upgrade your brakes at a repair shop or do it yourself with some of our how-to articles.
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Common phrases: disc, drum, pads, anti-lock brakes, rotors, calipers, ceramic, metallic, cross-drilled, slotted, shoes, abs, performance, brembo, raybestos, disk, changing, bendix, front, rear, brake job, repair, grinding, replace, bleeding, service, fluid, line, noise
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