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Climate Control

Climate Control

Topics regarding the climate control in the cabin. Discuss things like air conditioning, refrigerant recharging, and dual climate controls, a/c vents, accumulator or defrosters, heater core, or fan inside the truck.
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Climate Control Synopsis

The heart of an air conditioning or heat pump system. The large part in the condenser that pumps refrigerant. The pump of a refrigerating mechanism which draws a low pressure on cooling side of refrigerant cycle and squeezes or compresses the gas into the high pressure or condensing side of the cycle. The compressor maintains adequate pressure to cause refrigerant to flow in sufficient quantities to meet the cooling requirements of the system. Common search terms: climate control accumulator defrosters vents heater truck inside core dual cabin regarding topics discuss things recharging refrigerant conditioning controls

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Climate Control
Devices used to control temperature, humidity, cleanliness and movement of air in a confined space within the cab of your full-size truck. Distribution of the air in a space, called the treated space, by means of devices, called air terminal devices, in a manner so as to meet certain specified conditions, such as air change rate, pressure, cleanliness, temperature, humidity, air velocity and noise level.
Common phrases: climate control, heater core, air conditioning, accumulator, thermostat, refrigerant, recharge, fan, drier, compressor, A/C, controls, heating, defrost, recharging, cooler, refrigeration, blower, blows, heat exchange, heating, panel, variable, adjustment
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