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2012 Defrost issues

Only half of windshield is de-fogging?

Re: 2012 Defrost issues

Postby Kojack007 » Aug 29 2020, 5:59pm

I was having a similar issue where the defrost was hot, but not blowing on the passenger side. Dealer said they scoped the vents and found the passenger defrost door was not working and would need an actuator replacement. (For about $1000 CAD) I went and purchased my own scope to verify what the dealer found, but I found a piece of foam that is taped to the inside of the airflow path had fallen down over the passenger side door. There are 2 of these pieces of foam, one over each of the defrost doors. I popped the defrost trim panel off and was able to reach in and pull the foam out. Now it seems I have lots of airflow to the passenger side. Will test it out when the snow starts flying.
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