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17 radio power wire color

17 radio power wire color

Postby Stevetnewman [OP] » May 23 2020, 5:08pm

I have 2 2017 Silverado with the 8" screen (no bose) stock. I purchased the lc7i to replace all the door speakers and add subs. I have everything hooked up but can't find which color wire to tap into to send the remote signal to turn on all the amps and will keep them on when you shut off the truck until you open drivers door when the radio turns off. Just need to know which harness and color wire it is behind the deck or is it by the driver's floorboard.
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Re: 17 radio power wire color

Postby EaOutlaw1969 » Jun 09 2020, 11:42am

in the owners manual on page 395 it shows fuse 50 being the RAP circuit. which should get you a starting point to track down that circuit on the fused protected side.
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