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Cabin Electrical Issues - 2010 Silverado

Cabin Electrical Issues - 2010 Silverado

Postby dasort [OP] » May 22 2020, 6:43pm

So I believe this is an electrical issue I am having and was hoping someone here might have some experience with it. Lately a lot of things have stopped working and acting funny. I also recently swapped out the stereo for an aftermarket one, but I believe these were occuring before that. I don't want to rule it out though.

So far the things that aren't working correctly are the following:
    *Tow Mode button doesn't work most of the time
    *Manual shifting doesn't work
    *Rear backup camera doesn't work
    *Rear proximity works some times, throws error other times
    *Humming in speakers

The humming in the speakers leads me to believe it may be a ground issue, but wondering if I may have a pinched wire harness or something too. Camera and sensors have been acting up for a while and I was originally thinking something may be up with the wire bundle that goes to the tailgate/rear end, but I haven't seen anything visible that is off. Not sure when tow mode and manual shift issues cropped up because I don't use those often enough to notice. Not sure where to start with this one.

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