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Daytime running lights troubleshooting

Grounding leg of relay makes lights come on

Daytime running lights troubleshooting

Postby GoodenuffTX [OP] » Sep 15 2020, 9:58pm

I've had this truck for a couple months and decided to get the daytime running lights working. Fuse, socket, and bulb are fine. Switched the DTR relay with the wiper relay to test. When I ground the "85" leg of the DTR relay, the lights come on.
See video I made for better explanation: https://streamable.com/f4cf6k

Any ideas?
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Re: Daytime running lights troubleshooting

Postby Larry-Cleveland » Sep 16 2020, 9:06pm

Are you saying the lights come on when the key is off? What happens with the key on?

My phone did not like your video....sorry
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Re: Daytime running lights troubleshooting

Postby nealinator » Sep 17 2020, 12:34am

Check the ambient light sensor in the dash. If it is not working...the truck will not know if it is dark or daylight which it needs to determine whether to run the DRL's or not. That would be my first guess.
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