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ECM / TDM / Key sync help

ECM / TDM / Key sync help

Postby vilord [OP] » Oct 10 2019, 12:53am

So from my other thread, I replaced and reprogrammed a whole pile of modules.
Still a few that aren't talking, but I'll get there.

I need to get rid of the security light and get the ECM/TDM talking.

So, what do?

Do I need a brand new master key before I can start this process, or will the existing key work?
Do I sync the TDM to the key first, or the TDM to the ECM first?

With tech 2 and/or SPS, what is the procedure for syncing TDM and ECM, and for syncing TDM and Key? I read something about a 10 minute procedure, but haven't figured out what it is. The 30 minute procedure of turn to on, wait 10 minutes, turn off and back on wait 10 minutes, etc... that doesn't work, the security light never turns off.

aah. pulling my hair out, and i'm already running low on hair :)
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