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Electrical Issues-Reverse Light+Interior Lighting (BCM?)

Electrical Issues-Reverse Light+Interior Lighting (BCM?)

Postby rbrooker95 [OP] » Apr 22 2015, 7:34am

The 3157 reverse lights on my 2002 2WD GMC Sierra regular cab 4.3l do not work. The reverse switch on the manual transmission has been replaced a few months ago, as well as the bulbs and the fuses this past week. There is one fuse that will blow every time it is replaced as the truck shifts into reverse. Also, i have replaced the interior dome led with a different color led, and for some reason this seemed to damage the circuitry and now the dome light, the under hood light, courtesy step light, and the cargo lights will not come on or be affected at all by the dimmer/cargo switch. When the door is open, the cargo light bulb will actually shine dimly = i have absolutely no idea why all of these lights went out on me at once, but I really need some idea of what is going on with the electrical system before i try to dig into the wiring of my truck with no mechanical background of electricity, thanks for reading, hoping to hear any advice at all.
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