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Extra battery wires

Extra battery wires

Postby ScottyTX [OP] » Jun 09 2021, 9:28am

Someone took my battery out to take it to get tested when my alternator went out to figure out if it was the alternator or the battery and when we put it back in we had two extra wires that were on the battery that we couldn’t figure out where they go. They aren’t in the right area I don’t think because it has now melted the red, rubber terminal cover
I have no clue where they go. Now my truck doesn’t start sometimes but it starts up one I move the rubber bit.
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Re: Extra battery wires

Postby adriver » Jun 12 2021, 11:58pm

Looks like you connected one of the ground(/negative) cables to the wrong terminal.

That top cable going down across the negative terminal, looks like it wasn't supposed to go there. Your battery may be bad, explode, cause your truck to catch on fire. You may have damaged some major part of your vehicle's electrical system.

Looks like I can see enough of that cable that its black, that's a ground cable. You need to verify what cables those are, connect them correctly and see what happens.

To anyone else out there, trying to learn: A good habit when doing any new repair, is to take pictures of it before you start taking it apart so you have a reference of it just in case. Do it a couple times until you have it memorized.
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