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Need Some Input... DIC (Service Trailer Brake System)??

Need Some In Put... DIC (Service Trailer Brake System)??

Re: Need Some Input... DIC (Service Trailer Brake System)??

Postby tmorley01 » May 09 2019, 9:23pm

Mine has been alarming off and on over the past year. got to the point it would alarm 6 or 7 times in a row every other day or so.

Here is my fix.

I took the relay off the the truck (top of mounting bracket just above spare tire on driver side), unplugged the connector. The connector was very clean inside (i did spray with electrical contact cleaner from wd40) . The mounting bolts of the relay had heavy rust / corrosion on them. I sprayed them with lithium grease and cleaned them and the mountings up as good as i could. Problem is gone. I suspect the ground connection through the rusted bolts was intermittent. Hopefully this helps!!! Cost of repair :$0 and 30 mins of my time...

Damn salt from up north winters!

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Re: Need Some Input... DIC (Service Trailer Brake System)??

Postby TJLSnoPro » May 23 2019, 1:23pm

Having the same issue, except can not find any steps or tests to do next. All fuses good, new relay, no broken or corroded wires, no abs or any other dash lights...still displays service trailer brake system. Since yours works now...with key on, what do you get at the 5 o'clock pin?
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