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Passenger brake light

Passenger brake light

Postby BWheeler968 [OP] » Jan 13 2021, 5:57am

So I installed aftermarket housing and have been constantly been replacing blown bulbs. I have checked the harness and ohmed everything which checked out. I even replaced the socket but I'm still blowing bulbs. The lens inside the housing is loose and touching the bulb which is also burned from bulb getting hot and blowing. The driver side is the same way except I'm not going through bulbs as I am on the passenger side. Any insight on what may be causing the issue or what I may be doing wrong? I don't think that it would be a fuse since one is working and the passenger side works when a new bulb is put in
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Re: Passenger brake light

Postby Chevy-SS » Jan 13 2021, 1:56pm

So here are my suggestions:
* The socket itself may not be in the best shape from that much heat.
* Heat problems are generally caused by a bad connection.
* I would check the ground connections very closely, clean them like new.
* A dirty ground can allow the lights to illuminate but at the same time cause it to heat up.
* Use di-electric grease on the ground connection to keep the ground point dry and clean.
* Use di-electric grease on the bulb connections prior to install of new bulb.
* Make 100% sure it's the correct bulb that's called for.
* Do not touch the glass on the bulb; skin oil will create a hot spot that greatly reduces the life of the bulb (this is mainly for headlight bulbs, but wipe yours off after install).
* Try buying the very best quality bulb.
* Can be due to poor contacts due to rust, loose fittings/wires or present of water.
* Maybe a voltage spike, check battery voltage while engine running, should be ~14.2v, if higher, then something wrong.
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