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4.3 fuel spider problems

4.3 fuel spider problems

Postby JohnJonesInc [OP] » Oct 10 2019, 2:11pm

Ok, so I just created this account this morning, hoping I can get some answers here. I'm working on my roommates truck, she was told that she needs to replace the fuel spider. I ordered the part from rockauto, and no, she didn't want the ACDelco part because of the cost. I helped her choose the correct one that had a returnable core on it. The job itself seemed to go very smoothly, and I had the new one installed in about 3 hours. The truck is a 2005, and I don't believe there is a fuel return line on top of the spider. There was only one fuel line going to it, and the other port(im assuming its for fuel return) that is on the front of the unit is blocked off with a small plug and some o rings. The new part didn't come with this installed, so I took it from her old one and installed it the way it seemed to be installed in the new one. I must have done something wrong, because when I had her turn the key to on, the fuel system pressurized and that plug began to push out. Upon further inspection it doesn't seem like its going into the port deep enough to hold as tight as its supposed to, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it properly to make it stay. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Also, I feel I should say that I am no mechanic, and can't troubleshoot a vehicle for stuff. I'm a machinist, so if the shop tells me something needs to be replaced, chances are I'm capable of swapping out parts as long as it isn't internals. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! :cry:
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