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Smell Gas

2012 Gmc Serria

Smell Gas

Postby Bill Brasky [OP] » Jul 15 2018, 7:53pm

I have smelled gas whenever I walk up to my truck, but there is nothing on the ground. I took it to the parts store and the code came back p0455, purge control valve. I was talking to a guy at work and he tells me 9 times out of 10 its not that, something in the fuel line thats loose? To add to this, Whenever I first start my truck after its been sitting for awhile, it takes it about 5-10 seconds before it starts but once ive driven it and shut it down to go into a store, it starts right back up. Would that be an issue with the purge valve and not keeping the fuel line pressured?
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Re: Smell Gas

Postby esox07 » Jul 15 2018, 8:41pm

Hey Bill:

You have a leak in the fuel line/system. It probably isn't a big leak and winds up drying up before hitting the ground, but what is happening when you let it set for a long time is that it is slowly loosing the fuel pressure that it had when you shut it down. So, it takes time for the fuel pump to get the pressure back up when you turn the key to start the truck. If you shut it off for just a few minutes, the pressure doesn't drop enough to make it slow to start.

An easy way to test this is to let the truck sit over night. Then come out, turn the key to ON, but not all the way to START. Let it sit there for a few seconds and then turn it to START. My guess is that the truck will start right up just like if you had just been driving. That is because the fuel pump kicks on as soon as you turn the key to run and it has time to build up fuel pressure before you actually try to start it.
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