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Topics regarding exhaust systems beginning at the headers down the pipes and through the catalytic converter and the mufflers and exhaust tips. We can also discuss emissions, performance cat back exhausts, or any exhaust related topics.
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Exhaust Synopsis

The exhaust is the mechanism that conveys the burnt gases from an internal combustion engine and it will typically include a collection of pipes. During the exhaust stroke, a good way for an engine to lose power is through back pressure. So basically, the exhaust system will just vent waste gases from the engine. The exhaust valve opens at the beginning of the exhaust stroke, and then the piston pushes the exhaust gases out of the cylinder. If there is any amount of resistance that the piston has to push against to force the exhaust gases out, power is wasted. Common search terms: exhaust topics performance emissions discuss back related exhausts mufflers beginning systems regarding headers converter catalytic pipes tips

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Mufflers use some pretty neat technology to cancel out the noise. If you've ever heard a car engine running without a muffler or exhaust system, you know what a huge difference a muffler can make to the noise level. Inside a muffler, you'll find a deceptively simple set of tubes with some holes in them. These exhaust tubes and chambers are actually as finely tuned as a musical instrument. They are designed to reflect the sound waves produced by the engine and down the exhaust pipes in such a way that they partially cancel themselves out.
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